JUSTICE #27 - 'Dead End'
January, 1989
(28 Pages)

Cover Artist: Lee Weeks
Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Lee Weeks
Inker: Kim DeMulder
Letterer: James Novak
Colorist: Janet Jackson
Editor: Howard Mackie
Assistant Editor: David Wohl
Designer: Cindy Kruhm
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


Justice is frustrated and angry by Angela's kidnapping (see Justice #26) and blasts a mouse that moves across the floor while waiting with Updike and Chauncy for Quill to call. He does so, setting up a meeting for Tensen to attend at midnight at a specific train station, before hanging up so that his call cannot be traced.

Angela dreams about Hugo being killed and then her own death. Quill dials the number of NSC to get her to talk, letting Justice know she's alive, after which Quill talks about his childhood and teenage years. Boys always beat him up, he says, and girls made him nervous -- especially about his 17th year where he took a girl named Ann Hufnagel to a dance. Afterwards, he parked to "make out" like he thought you were supposed to, but she attacked him and ran from the car. He started the engine, slammed it into reverse, and was determined to catch up with her to make her pay when he backed over her body, killing her. When the light finally left her eyes, he felt ecstasy at her death. He ditched the body, left town and never looked back, having found his calling as an assassin. Angela asked if he felt the same about killing men and became insulted, finding the comment sickening.

Justice is at the hospital, asking Miriam if she found a psychic impression yet, and is disappointed when she responds in the negative. He then relays a memory of Angela's childhood, of how he protected her from "closet monsters" when she was six. Kleenex poses the question of the nature of Angela's paranormal ability, and furthermore the possibility of it getting her out of danger. Justice replies that he would rather not depend on that possibility.

Quill allows Angela to get her kitten, named Figaro, but she then is ordered to wear a gift he bought, a pink, sleeveless dress that shows a good amount of her bosom. He is prepared to rape her when she screams for help. The hotel security guard breaks in the door, and Quill responds by firing a bullet into his chest, felling him. After a few seconds, the guard gets back up, and takes three more shots before dying. Angela uses the fight to escape, running across a freeway before jumping into the roadside woods as Quill's limo comes speeding after her.

Angela makes her way to a cemetery, slipping through the bars a few moments before Quill's limo comes crashing through. Quill fires a shot, hitting her in the right leg, causing her to fall to the ground. He lines a killing shot with her head, but at that moment, her paranormal power manifests itself -- the ability to raise the dead. The cemetery is the same one where Hugo is buried, and so he and the rest of the dead rise up and attack Quill, who manages to get into the limo, only to be choked to death by Ralph, the chauffeur he killed (see Justice #25). To conclude the tableau, even as the dead fall limply to the ground, Angela slips into a severe state of catatonia from the shock of her desperate act.

Summary written by Rod Myers Jr.

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