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Here you will find some files expressly created for the Yamaha QS300. This page is specifically dedicated to the voices, styles and patterns for the Ravers' Babe.

You can download and test the files immediately on your music setup. Enjoy !


A -    Files in QS300 proprietary format:



.q3a file from Yamaha Germany
2. BB2000          House, Trance and Tekno voices by Base Bumper 2000
3. Cheesy TR-909 Voices (and one song) by MATT:E
4. CK_VOICE Voices from Clemens Kurtz


.q3a file from Yamaha Germany
6. Gospel Funky voices by Dwane C. Woodward
7. Italian            Various styles and patterns
8. Latin              .q3a file from Yamaha Germany
9. Mj Remix Some other TR-909 voices (and one more song) by MATT:E
10. Modulo Voices by Marco Blumenthal
11. Night             This is a song file by Leonid Roujinsky that includes a set of 128 voices
12. PowerG   Voices and 1 demo song
13. qs300_1 Styles and 2 sample songs
14. qs300_2 PD Collection Voices
15. QS300dnc QS300 Dance Collection
16. QS300rtm QS300 Rhythm Devine: patterns, phrases and 2 demo songs
17. Time2qs         Includes a set of 128 voices from Clemens Kurtz
18. Willie 1          Exotic multi-layered textures. Set of 76 new voices (.q3v) created by Willie Davis.
19. Willie 2          Exotic multi-layered textures. Set of 55 new voices (.q3v) created by Willie Davis.
20. Xstasy Techno voice set


 B -    Files in MIDI (.mid) format:


From Nick Thompson QS300 Page (courtesy of Jaaf from Rio de Janeiro) a collection of MIDI files (.mid) that contain 1 bank of 32 voices each:


1. qs_c-k_1-4 4 banks from Clemens Kurtz
2. qs_dance_1-4 4 banks of Dance Collection
3. qs_factory_1-4 4 banks of Factory Presets
4. qs_syhv_1-4 4 banks of Synth Heaven
5. qs_vintage2VC_6-8 3 banks of Vintage 2 Collection
6. qs_xstasy_1-4 4 banks of Xtasy Collection
7. qs_others 5 banks of various voices



From another collection:

1. QS300VintageAnalogue 8 banks of Vintage Analogue Collection


C -      Files in sysex (.sys) format:


From Pierre Hauger a lot of sounds in an unconventional sysex format, disguised as an Excel worksheet:

1. Qs300Voices  This is a database of some freeware voices. It is an Excel file and includes sysex code for each voice. You can copy the sysex in your sequencer and load the voice in your QS300.


D -      Files in XG Gold (.qvb) format:


From Hemlyn three nice and interesting banks of voices for the QS300 and the MU family (and compatible modules) in the XG Gold proprietary .qvb format:

1. Orchestra & Rythms  Orchestral and rythmic voices. Complete bank of 128 voices.
2. Pads & Analogs  Pads and analog sounds. The bank includes 117 different voices.
3. World  Ethno voices from all over the world. The bank includes 107 different voices.


All the files in the four collections are zipped (i.e. in .zip format). Prior to use them, you must unzip/expand the zip files.

Each .zip file contains a ReadMe.txt file with a brief explanation how to use the voices/bank file included.


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