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Here you will find some utilities specifically created for the Yamaha QS300.

You can download and test these utilities immediately on your music setup. Enjoy !

A. The manuals 

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) This is the User's Manual, by Yamaha. Acrobat Reader .pdf format.
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) This is the Sound List and Midi Data, by Yamaha. Acrobat Reader .pdf format.


B. Databases and voice utilities

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) This is a database of the freeware sounds you can find in this Site. It is an Excel file, very easy to use. The first worksheet contains a brief explanation on how to use the database. Created by Luca Bolatti Guzzo.
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)      This is a database of some freeware voices. It is an Excel file and includes sysex code for each voice. You can copy the sysex in your sequencer and load the voice in your QS300. Created by Pierre Hauger.


C. Sequencers utilities

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) Cubase Mixermaps for QS300, the MU series (10 / 50 / MU80), the DB-SW series (50 / 60) and the CBXK1-XG.  The mixermaps work with Cubase Score and Audio.
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) Cakewalk Instrument Definition for the QS300.
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)    Cubase Studio Module Drivers and a Cubase Patchname Script for the Yamaha QS300. The .zip file contains 2 .dev files and 1 script .txt. Written and submitted by Dave Carrol a.k.a. Euromancer.


D. Information on the QS300 and related topics

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) QS300 An overview A complete overview on the QS300 (in Italian only)
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) How to use XG synths and Cakewalk A very useful FAQ
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)               How to build QS300 sounds on the DB50XG. Ver. 2.5
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) Yamaha QS300 1 How to create your own songs using the pre-set phrases of QS300 (functions: "GET PHRASE", "EXPAND BACKING" and "SAVE SMF + MULTI"). An Acrobat Reader file, in Italian (only).
BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes) Yamaha QS300 2 How to play with the automatic pre-set accompaniments and how to recall the original Voice Mode effects in the Song Mode parts. An Acrobat Reader file, in Italian (only).


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