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Need software to control and tweak the Yamaha QS300 from a computer via MIDI ? Here you can find some suggestions about software available on the Internet, including the relevant links to the related home pages.

Most of the software described here below is commercial and requires the purchase of the license to fully use all the features. But a demo version is almost always available for trials.

Check out the listing and have fun with all those programs !

A. Editors

XG-goldLogo1.gif (12241 bytes)    XG-Gold - The official XG-Gold Support Page

The best editor in the market for the QS300, it can deal with all the 4 elements available on this synth. It offers the fastest and best access to all the parameters of the QS300. It's working also with other XG instruments and soundcards. Plenty of features and absolutely advisable. A must for using the QS300 with a computer. And it comes with a lot of new and fresh voices ! It provides playback of MIDI files and sysex handling.
Supported OS: Win 95/98
Actual version: 3.00
Released on: 18.02.2000  by Hans Joachim Stulgies
Size: 1.39 Mb.
Distribution: Shareware @ 20 USD

Synthedit3Logo.gif (9900 bytes)    XG-Edit95 - The XG-Edit page - G.Gregson

The (second) best editor in the market for all the XG instruments and soundcards. It's working fine also with the Yamaha QS300. Very intuitive control can be used in real time and it provides playback of MIDI files.
Supported OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP and MacOS
Actual version: 2.645 for Win and 2.08 for Mac
Released on: ??.??.??  by Greg Gregson
Size: 1.53 Mb (Win ver) 1.43 Mb (Mac ver).
Distribution: Shareware @ 25 GBP

     QSEdit - The Home Page of Micke

QSEdit is an editor and librarian (to some extent) to handle editing of the user voices on Yamaha DB50XG and SW60. These voices are accessible at Bank 63, Program 1-32. Not yet tested with the QS300. It can play QS300 voices with 4 elements on a DB50XG/SW60XG by splitting the voice into 2 voices on 2 MIDI channels. To use this feature check the "4 element mode" check box. Can capture QS300 Bulk dumps on incoming MIDI
Supported OS: Win 95
Actual version: 0.99 Beta 3
Released on: 04.08.1998  by Micke Persson
Size: 1.26 Mb .
Distribution: Shareware, but no fees for the beta version

     XG300 Editor - The Voltage Control Freaks Page

This software turns your XG soundcard into a classic analogue-style polysynth with 16 Parts/Midi Channels, 32 note polyphonic, 2 Oscillators per note. You can still use your sequencer and XG Edit simultaneously if you want to, because it edits the hidden QS300 bank! XG300 will produce much bigger, fatter and interesting sounds than you can get from the standard XG sound set
Supported OS: Win 95/98
Actual version: 2.3
Released on: ??.??.??  by VCF
Size: 2.00 Mb.
Distribution: Shareware @ 30 USD

    XG Controls - The Voltage Control Freaks Page

XG Control Software brings a traditional analogue interface to the XG range of soundcards and synthesizers. The main screen shows all the standard XG Level-1 controls. An Effects Editor and Drum Editor are also provided.
Voltage Control Freaks is offering also the XG Control Plus that also includes the XG300 Synth Editor.
Supported OS: Win 95/98
Actual version: 2.3
Released on: ??.??.??  by VCF
Size: 2.00 Mb (3.00 Mb for the Plus version)
Distribution: Shareware @ 15 USD (45 USD for the Plus version)

     Drum Flow from Virtual Waves

DrumFlow is powerful program that controls and edits XG MIDI Drum Setup parameters by using NRPN data. The DrumFlow is also a great drum sequencer. The DrumFlow allows you to create custom percussion parts with adjustable drums and then to export it in your MIDI editor (e.g. Cakewalk or Cubase) through the clipboard. MIDI export and import are enabled for registered users only.
Supported OS: Win 95/98/NT
Actual version: 1.70
Released on:  Oct 2000  by Nicholai Tikhonov
Size: 0.47 Mb .
Distribution: Freeware, but limited function. Full version is shareware @ 35 USD

     SW Edit - The Homepage

Software to create voices on the SW60XG and DB50XG soundcards and on the QS300 (only 2 elements).
Supported OS: Win 95
Actual version: 2.0
Released on: 24.04.98 by Miroslav Vacura
Size: 2.3 MB.
Distribution: Freeware

     XGPad - Homepage   

The XGPad software editor gives you total control over every aspect of the Yamaha SW1000XG sound card and most other XG sound cards like the DB50XG, MU10, MU50, MU80, MU90, MU100, MU128.
Supported OS: Win 95/98/2000/NT/XP
Actual version: 1.63 (April '02)
Released on: 07.08.01 by Michael Bray
Size: 1.95 Mb.
Distribution: Commercial @ 34.95 USD.

qs300_1.jpg (17492 bytes)    QSEditor - Download page

Editor for the DB50XG soundcard, able to edit up to 2 elements of the QS300.
Actual version: 1.0 Beta for Win 95
Released on: ??.??.?? by F.J.Albert aka Freon (from Spain ?)
Size:193 Kb.
Distribution: Freeware


B. Sequencers

Michael King`s Midi Environments

  Logic Audio Environment specifically designed for the Yamaha


  DBX50G, but due to the architectural similarities of this internal soundbord with the Yamaha QS300 it can be useful also for the QS300 users.
Released on: ??????? by Michael King (from UK)
Size: 561 Kb
Distribution: Freeware


C. Other programs

     Justonic - Pitch Palette   

Justonic is involved in the research and development of programmes dealing with the harmony and the intonation of music. They have in list Pitch Palette, compatible with all the XG modules and instruments including the QS300, which sports amazing features and promises wonderful improvement of your music production.
Actual version: 1.39
Released on: ??.??.??
Size: ????
Distribution: Commercial @ 79.00 USD (Home Studio version 119 USD, incl. PowerTracks and SoundCanvas Softsynth).