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Here are some links of Sites that are dealing indirectly with the Yamaha QS300 or at least they are mentioning it. Some of those Sites are managed by musicians or music fans using this amazing synth and enjoying its powerful capabilities to produce their own music.

Pay them a visit, you will not regret it !

   Jeff Ahrenholz - Hear: An interesting use of Flash on the home page and a very nice page on music and the QS300 !

Tees Midi Home Page : Home page of "a midi maniac who spends most of his time working on a Yamaha QS300 and AN1x".

Lyra's Fantasyland : Lyra is the RingMaster of "The Yamaha XG MIDI ring" and he use for his original compositions the QS300 (plus other modules). He is living in PR of China: give a look to his mother tongue page ! For a list of MIDI XG (and GM) compositions check here. It's very interesting !

   Dreamscape: The website of a French composer using (amongst other instruments) the Yamaha QS300. a Russian site (in Russian) full of midi songs written with and for the QS300 (and other XG instruments). To be seen !

Synth-Corner: a German site dedicated to a huge number of synths. With a short paragraph dealing with our beautiful QS300 !