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Need new sound sets to revitalize your music productions and reignite new spirit in your musical creativity and inspiration ?

Here you can find some links to sites selling voices and sounds on the Internet. For each vendor, we tried to give you a very short description (and evaluation) of the site along with a brief detail of the QS300 stuff available there. An indication of the prices is also given (without any commitment from our side !).

Check out the listing and have fun with all those links !

    Yamaha Germany: (1) Sound & Samples

(2) Public Domain

Official Yamaha site. Actually they have two different pages (see above) in which they offer disk sets of voices and styles/patters for the QS300
QS300 stuff in the Sounds & Samples Page:
5 banks of 128 voices each (Hit Factory, SFX, PowerGenerator, Dance Producer, Super Synth) and 4 style/pattern sets (Rythm Devine, Dancemachine II, Music Factory, Rave Style Vol.1).
voice disks: 33 EUR / Style disks: 28 EUR
QS300 stuff in the Public Domain Page:
5 sets (Info-Package, Techno Set, Synsations, Vintage Synth, Synth Zone)
between 10 - 40 DM (approx. 5-20 USD)

    Yamaha UK Super Store: Synthesizer Voice Data

Official Yamaha site. Recently renewed an teamed up with a private online retailer.
QS300 stuff:
3 banks of 128 voices each (Hit Factory, SFX, Synth Heaven).
30 USD

    Easy Sounds: Yamaha QS300:

German site. Very good site for synth sounds and voices.
QS300 stuff:
They have a lot of stuff for sale. In total they list 15 disk sets, each selling separately, including:  8 voice sets, 6 style/pattern sets and 2 sets of information /software /manuals / etc. Very interesting material.
from 6 to 29 EUR

    Sound Art Media:

German site. They have a lot of stuff music related.
QS300 stuff:
1 bank (Phatt Analog Filter Vol. 1 with 125 sounds).
Prices30.17 EUR

    Mig Music:

UK site. Interesting site for XG instruments.
QS300 stuff:
22 XG sound banks (154 layered sounds) in .MID format.
Prices14.99 GBP (approx. 22 USD).

    Heavenly Music:

UK site. Recently they expanded their biz.
QS300 stuff:
2 volumes of phrases, grooves and styles for the QS300. Each volume (on floppy disk) contains "no less than 99 phrases each".
Prices14.99 GBP (approx. 22 USD).

    Synthe' Diffusion - Yamaha sons

French site. Online music store with quite a large selection of voices and sounds for wide range of synths.
QS300 stuff: 6 voice sets (128 voices/each) (Techno Set, Hit Factory, SFX, Synth Heaven), 1 style set and 1 songs set (incl. in the Techno Set).

Pricesbetween 20 EUR for single disks and 30
EUR for Techno Set (4 disks).