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Stalin Does Not Deserve Stalingrad.
Every once in a while the idea of restoring the name Stalingrad to the southern city of Volgograd gains currency and starts making the rounds. Now the region's Communist governor, Nikolai Maksyuta, has endorsed the idea, as has his party as a whole.

Russian Debt Who Profits?
So why is thee government ready to pay off debts that it never incurred. Because there are no profits to be made by Kremlin insiders. FULL STORY...
Stunting the Growth of Civil Society
Until fairly recently I enjoyed lecturing to students. However, lately I've discovered that something strange is happening to them. Universities are just now accepting the generation of students that went through the school system after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The names of the Party general secretaries mean about as much to them as do those of medieval kings or the heroes of ancient Greece. FULL STORY...

A Politically Correct Travellers Guide
Last fall at my friend's apartment in London I saw a poster urging democratically minded people not to spend their vacations in Turkey. The Turkish government violates human rights, persecutes the Kurds and we help it by spending our money in the country.     Such thoughts had never occurred to me before. But in planning this vacation, I could no longer justify myself by ignorance.

From Socialites to Scientists
In Naryshkin's veins ran the bluest of blood: He was a direct descendent of Natalya Naryshkina, the mother of Peter the Great.

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