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Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts

Other SF Fonts section

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StarTrek Alien fonts

Babylon 5 Alien fonts

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StarWars New Aurabesh by Peter Schuster & the Aurek-besh series by Davide Canavero.
StarWars Yavin 4 by Tommy
StarWars Ewok by Mike H. Lee
StarWars Veknoid [Boonta] by Mike H. Lee
StarWars Droid by Mike H. Lee
StarWars Naboo by Mike H. Lee
StarWars Naboo Futhork by Mike H. Lee
StarWars Trade Huttese by Tommy
StarWars Nal-Huttese by Mike H. Lee
StarWars Trade Federation by Peter Schuster


Dune Guild by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon
Dune Fremen by Mike H. Lee, Josh Dixon & John Quijada
Dune Galach (Imperial) by Mike H. Lee, Josh Dixon
No additional fonts are planned.

Various SF

Dinotopian by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon
Enemy Mine Drac by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon
Twilight Zone Kanamit by Mike H. Lee
Wing Commander Kilrathi by Mike H. Lee
Forbidden Planet Krell by Mike H. Lee
Sliders Kromagg by Mike H. Lee
Kzinti by Daniel U. Thibault
Thomas More Utopian by Mike H. Lee
V Visitor by Tommy

StarGate SG-1

StarGate SG-1 Go-ald by Tommy
unes for StarGate SG-1 by Daniel S. Smith
Hieroglyphs & Cuniform for StarGate SG-1 by Reinhold Kainhofer

(For other SF fonts Go to Font links.)

All of Tommy's & Mike H. Lee's font collections come in Windows Truetype format, and include Microsoft Writer documentation containing keymappings and examples. These fonts are 'Charity-ware'. (Meaning: if you like the fonts and plan to use them, please give a little more than usual to your favorite charities such as the Salvation Army, United Way, or others the next time you have a chance.)

If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for me, you can email me at: b_debaan@hotmail.com. I especially would like source info, like screen captures of letters of other alien SF fonts, or in sources for making them. The V (Visitors) font was such a project, as was the SW Yavin 4. What would you like to see, and do you have source materiel for it?

ftp TTConverter Attention Mac Users! Here you can get a utility, called TTConverter, to convert PC Windows True Type Fonts into a Mac usable Post Script I format. TTConverter is compressed into SIT format, so you will need STUFFIT to decompress the program. For more information on how it is used, go to Mary Forrest's Page.

Starwars 1977, Empire strikes back 1980, Return of the Jedi 1983 are Copyright Lucasfilm LTD. The Forbidden Planet name, the photos and the sounds are copyright of MGM/UA. V is a trademark of Warner Bros. DUNE: c1984, 1998 Dino DeLaurentiis Corporation. New Material: c1988 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DUNE is a trademark of Dino DeLaurentiis Corporation. Licensed by Universal Studios Merchandising Corporation. All images, logos and material thus protected by c, r and TM are used without any commercial purpose. No infringement of existing legal rights is intended.

ftp aurabesh Starwars Aurabesh font pic
New Aurabesh StarWars font, by Peter Schuster of Austria replaces our old version of Aurabesh by Mike E. Webb.
A note from Peter:
This is a "new and improved" version of the Star Wars Aurebesh font. The one done by Mike Webb is good, but a little incorrect. I took some authorized RBG books by Westend Games to do a completly new font. Now the punctuation marks are all correct, there are no invented characters and I did new numbers. Glyphs I corrected include comma, period, semicolon, quotes, the dollar sign, the numbers etc. I am not sure if the numbers are right. I took them from several technical readouts. They also could be "ten or hundred numbers". Upper and lower case are the same since there is no uppercase or lowercase in the SW universe. The font is written from left to right of course. It was made with SOFTY, the shareware font maker.
Peter 7-12-98
Tommy's Note: Although this was made with SOFTY, I had no problems with this version in any way, and it should run well on all systems.

Davide Canavero from BOBA fonts has made a whole series of Aurabesh fonts which he believes are more accurate than even Peter Shuster's. I offer them here for fans who can make their own decision as to which is better. I only offer the PC ones here, those who want MAC versions can visit BOBA fonts.
ftp aurabesh Aurek-besh & Aurek-besh Narrow "improved", ftp aurabesh hand Aurabesh Hand Written script, ftp shaxizor Shaxizor Human.

For yet another Aurabesh font, or other StarWars fonts - go to Treehouse commercial sales page in the links page.

ftp ewok Starwars Ewok font pic
StarWars Ewok font By Mike H. Lee. Scott Watson sent us a GIF he made of letters he made out from a scroll shown on the Ewok Cartoon episode The Haunted Village, and also from other episodes. There are more characters Scott wasn't able to catch, and the characters do *not* represent the keys they they are on. Each character seems to stand for a word or situation. Ewok is written up and down.

ftp Veknoid SW Veknoid [Boonta] font pic
StarWars Veknoid [Boonta] font By Mike H. Lee. The Veknoid [Boonta] font comes from the Star Warsr movie "The Phantom Menace"r and the Scrapbook. The info for this font comes from Scott Watson. Seeing that info for this font is small, expect an update.
NOTE: This font was previously named Boonta after the festival it is seen in, but we renamed it Veknoid because Mike Dolan found out that the Boonta festival & Pod races seem to be inspired by the Veknoid aliens. The Veknoid [Boonta] symbols are visible on the Racing Pod of Teemto Pagalies (A furry, Bulldog-faced being) in the Incredible Cross-Sections Book. Teemto has been identified as a Veknoid, another species famous for having many members who are Podracers.
Michael Lee 5-30-99, renamed 7-12-99

ftp Droid Starwars Droid font pic
StarWars Droid font By Mike H. Lee. The Droid font comes from the Star Warsr movie "The Phantom Menace"r and the book StarWars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary. The info for this font comes from Scott Watson. This is the Galactic Basic numerals used to identify Droids. The font is canon 0 thru 9 and A thru J. The rest of the font was invented by Mike, if more info is forthcoming he will update the font.
Michael Lee 6-10-99

ftp trade federation Starwars trade federation font pic
Trade Federation StarWars font, by Peter Schuster of Austria.
A note from Peter:
I discovered these characters on the official Star Wars website. You can find them on their new feature, the Droid Viewer. All characters are cannon as far as I could decipher them. They are pretty small. I was not able to find an X yet, but I will update the file as soon as possible.
I called it the Trade Federation Font, cause this interactive feature is called "Federation Droid Viewer". I also noticed, that there are several characters that are the same as in the "Droids" font.
It is completley done by myself, with the SOFTY Shareware tool. ( Thanks for whoever did it.) Feel free, if you want to modify or improve it.
Peter Schuster 8-11-99
There were various problems, but the latest fix by Gary Ortmertl seems to have fixed everthing!

ftp Huttese Starwars Huttese font pic
StarWars Trade Huttese font By Tommy & Mike Dolan from a source sent by Mike Dolan from Star Wars Insider Magazine #35, Winter 1997. Article: "Making Special Edition Collectibles - A Talk with Designer Eric Larson", pages 63-67. The single picture appears on page 65.
Relevant quotes: "I created some boxes for Pizza Hut...I then created "Jabba's Alphabet." Years ago at a World con, I got to work for Howard Kazanjian, the producer of Jedi and Raiders. We had to put the frozen Han Solo and speeder bike together for the exhibit, and while doing so I noticed the writing on the props. I asked Howard what it was and he told me it was Hebrew, so when I designed Jabba's alphabet I used a modern Hebrew font as a model." -- from Designer Eric Larson.
Mike Dolan and I feel than since nothing is made for StarWars without the OK of Lucas & Co., this is as canon as Trade Huttese will get.
Tommy 7-5-99

ftp Nal-Huttese Starwars Nal-Huttese font pic
StarWars Nal-Huttese font by Mike H. Lee from the movie "The Phantom Menace"r & the associated "Scrapbook". The info for this font comes from Scott Watson. If more info is forthcoming Mike will update the font. It is based on Annakin's Pod Racer console screen, which we assume uses Nal-Huttese, since the Hutt control Tantooine. We feel Nal-Huttese is the native huttese, while the Trade-Huttese is a trade language designed to interact with the Republic/Empire.
Fonted by Michael Lee 7-17-99.

ftp Naboo Starwars Naboo font pic
StarWars Naboo font By Mike H. Lee. The Naboo font comes from the Star Warsr movie "The Phantom Menace"r. Thanks to Jerry B. Tilton, Michael Dolan, Scott Watson and others who sent source info on this one!
Michael Lee 5-30-99, Updated 7-7-99, Updated 7-12-99

ftp Naboo Futhork Starwars Naboo Futhork font pic
StarWars Naboo Futhork font By Mike H. Lee. The Naboo Futhork font comes from the Star Warsr movie "The Phantom Menace"r. Thanks to Michael Dolan & Scott Watson who sent source info on this one!
Michael Lee 7-7-99

ftp StarWars Yavin 4 Starwars Yavin 4 pic
StarWars Yavin 4 temple font. By Tommy. I recently got a look at THE ILLUSTRATED STARWARS UNIVERSE book, the only alien font there was one on the Yavin 4 temple walls. That was the temple on the moon from which they attacked the first DeathStar in the movie - StarWars:A New Hope. The script has been named Teresian in the StarWars comic books, which also stated the temple was an ancient site of Sith Lord worship.
If true, it is ironic that the Emperor [a Sith lord] had his first Death Star wiped out by a Jedi from a Rebel Base that used to be a Sith temple!

I have seen a few other bits of scripts on Darth Vader's trunk & on the Cloud miners 2x fighter, but not enough to font anything worthwhile. I have been given reports that there are scripts in various Lucas Arts games, but I don't have them & haven't seen them. Also fans tell me that there have been pics released from the new movie that have new scripts. Can anyone help with more info on another StarWars alien script/lettering/glyphs?
UPDATE: The lettering on Vader's chest is reported to be ancient Hebrew, info by Paul Davidson, aka Tinman.

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ftp Dune Guild font dune guild font pic
Mike H. Lee's & Josh Dixon's Dune Guild true type font: This Guild font (from the Dune series) was taken from a card in connection with the Guild. The letters were picked out the best that we could.
The entire font is canon and was font by: Michael Lee & Josh Dixon 2-3-98.

ftp Dune Fremen font dune fremen font pic
Dune Fremen true type font: This Fremen font (from the Dune series) form was given by John Quijada, Creator of the script (Fremen Alphabet from the Dune Encyclopedia 1984), who helped supervise the creation of this font. Also John Quijada invented the numeric system for this Fremen font and it is seen here for the first time anywhere!
Like Arabic, Fremen is written right-to-left. Yet even though Fremen script is written right-to-left, numbers are written left-to-right, just like our numbers! Therefore, the symbol for "734" using Fremen symbols is also sequenced as "734", not "437" as you might expect for a right-to-left writing system.
Josh Dixon: Compiled the Fremen Font information and worked extensively on the final Kufic-looking style that the font is in.
The entire font is canon and was font by: Michael H. Lee & Josh Dixon with John Quijada. 3-27-98.

ftp Dune Galach font dune galach font pic
Dune Galach (Imperial) true type font: The Galach used in this font was taken from the 1984 movie of DUNE in which numerous golden wall panels and pillars are shown with Galach letters embossed in them (Seen in the Imperial Palace on Kaitain and Castle Caladan for those who have seen the movie. Letters on Castle Caladan are seen on the widescreen version alone.). The script looks like a modified version of the Roman alphabet. All the letters (except for a few to fill out the numerals) are canon, since Herbert gave his blessing on the movie.
Josh Dixon 4-2-98
fonted by: Michael H. Lee & Josh Dixon.

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ftp Dinotopian font Dinotopian font pic
Mike H. Lee's & Josh Dixon's Dinotopian true type font: This Dinotopian font comes from the book: Dinotopia "The World Beneath" by James Gurney and illustrated by James Gurney.
The entire font is canon and was font by: Michael Lee & Josh Dixon 2-3-98.

ftp Enemy Mine Drac font Drac font pic
Mike H. Lee's & Josh Dixon's Drac true type font: This Drac font comes from the movie Enemy Mine, from the writing found in the book used by the Drac to teach the human. Though two pages of the Drac text are shown in the movie there is actually only one, because they took the first page and turned it upside down to get the second page. Thats why some of the characters are turned over upside down in the font.
The entire font is canon and was font by: Michael Lee & Josh Dixon 4-25-98.

ftp Kanamit font Kanamit font pic
Mike H. Lee's Kanamit true type font: This Kanamit font comes from the Twilight Zoner series episode To Serve Man. We only have eleven letters that are canon (A thru K). These letters are seen on the cover of the book that one of the Kanamits leaves at a U.N. meeting. The rest of the font was created by myself.
Michael Lee 1-15-99

ftp Kilrathi font Kilrathi font pic
Mike H. Lee's Kilrathi true type font: This Kilrathi font comes from 1999 Movie: Wing Commander. The Canon letters are (A thru P), the rest of the font was invented by Mike. Kilrathi is an Ideographic language - the letters stand for a word or Idea. The little squares and dots change the meaning of the characters. The Kilrathi font, from what Mike has seen, can be written left to right & up and down.
Michael Lee 3-17-99

ftp Krell font Krell font pic
Mike H. Lee's Krell true type font: This font is based on the alien Krell lettering from the great older movie FORBIDDEN PLANETr. This movie is considered to be the origin of the StarTrekr StarFleet concept & also one of the origins to the B5r Earthforce. Thus one might say this is the "prequel" to all trek & B5 alien fonts.
For more info about the movie & the Krells visit the The Krells Page.

ftp Kromagg font Kromagg font pic
Mike H. Lee's Kromagg true type font: This font is based on the alien Kromagg lettering on the T.V. series Sliders. Kromagg is written left to right. Sliders new home is on the Sci-Fi Channel. Thanks, Darwin, for the source pic!
Michael Lee 8-30-98

ftp Kzinti font Kzinti font pic
Daniel U. Thibault's Kzinti true type font: This font is invented based on what is known about the Kzinti & their described script from Larry Niven's & his associates' books about Known Space, and on the Kzinti appearance in a StarTrek Animated Series episode The Slaver Weapon.
WARNING: This font was made with Softy, the limited shareware fonting program, and so it does not work with all systems/programs. Windows 3.1 Writer has spacing problems with the characters [overlapping], and IBM/MAC font converters can't convert it. However, no Win95 or WORD user has reported any problems. An updated version is expected soon without problems.
03-24-98. Updated - recompiled TTF with Softy 1.07.
08-04-98. Updated - recompiled TTF with Softy 1.07b.

ftp StarGate SG-1 Go-ald font Go-ald font pic
StarGate SG-1 Go-ald true type font: This font is based on symbols used on the SpacePortal in the movie Stargate and on what I could find about the symbols used on the controls in the SF cable series StarGate SG-1. It is all "canon" but the glyphs keyboard position in the font have nothing to do with an alphabet. Thanks to Terry L. Roe for assistance with the source files & the StarGate Website address.
NOTE: more recent shows have revealed that this symbol font is based on the Ancients, and has nothing really to do with the Go-ald. However, I am not going to rename it.
fonted by Tommy 5-4-98.

ftp Rune fonts for StarGate Rune fonts pic
Runes true type fonts by Daniel S. Smith: The TV series StarGate SG-1 has shown Runic fonts as a writing system, invented by aliens - known as Asgard - who were both helping/protecting Northern European Humans and also fighting the Go-ald aliens. This zip contains 9 ttf Rune Fonts created by Daniel S. Smith, who has many more fonts at: Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts. He also originally created this website. For more information about Runes and their many variations, visit his website.

ftp hieroglyphic fonts for StarGate Meroitic fonts pic
Meroitic (Hieroglyphics and Demotic) true type fonts by Reinhold Kainhofer: Both the movie Stargate and the TV series StarGate SG-1 have shown hieroglyphic fonts as a main Go-ald alien writing form, supposedly invented by Go-ald aliens and taken over by humans. This zip contains 2 fonts, one with *some* of the hieroglyphs of Egypt and another of the Demotic form used later.
ftp Cuneiform fonts for StarGate Cuneiform fonts pic
Ugaritic Cuneiform true type fonts by Reinhold Kainhofer: The TV series StarGate SG-1 has shown Cuneiform fonts as an alien writing form, supposedly invented by aliens - known as NEM -who fought the Go-ald and taken over by humans. This zip contians only one form of Cuniform, Ugaritic, but Reinhold has other cuniform fonts on his website.
He has more fonts he made & information about the fonts available on his website: athens with more ancient fonts.

ftp Utopian font Utopian font pic
Mike H. Lee's Utopian true type font: This font is based writing of the "perfect people" in the renaisance book UTOPIA, by Thomas Moore. Some consider this book the first SF book ever.

ftp Visitor picture of Visitor font
the V (Visitors) Warner bros.r font. By Tommy. This font is based on the lettering used in the old "V" SciFi show from the 1980s. Also take a look at the V home page.

If you still can't find the Alien, Fantasy, Human or StarTrekr - inspired Windowsr TrueTyper font that you're looking for, you may want to visit some of the font web site(s) on my Other page's Font Links section!

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