Yuki Kaori
~~Angel Santuary and Count Cain series~~

Welcome to Freday's Yuki Kaori's Gallery! Yuki Kaori is one of my favorite shoujo mangaka. Her stories and drawing style has those "dark" and "Gothic" feel. I really like her beautiful drawings and bishonen characters. Well, Angel Santuary is getting more exciting and better!!! However, I hope she can continue COUNT CAIN someday as well.


New Images:

My favorite character in Angel Santuary, "Rosiel".

Puff 7/95

~~Count Cain~~

Cain and Lief
Puff 7/95

Cain and Marie
Puff 7/95

Puff 7/95

To learn more about Count Cain series, go to Mimi's Count Cain Page

Yuki Kaori, Hakusensha Inc.

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