Hi, everyone, Welcome to Yu*Yu*Hakuso's Gallery! I know there are a lot of YYH image gallery on the web already, so mine in comparison.....T_T Sucks! Anyways, hope you find this page useful. Most of these images are from Calendars and CDs booklets, I'll scan more if I have time! More to Come! I might put my YYH doujinshi here too! BTW, my favorite UU characters are Hiei and Sensui.^_^ Oh also, remember to check out Yoshihiro-san latest work "LEVEL-E"! It's now one of my most favorite manga ever!!!! Honestly speaking, I prefer the manga verion of YYH much better than anime, mainly because I think the anime lost (as always) some of the humor in the manga. Moreover, they tend to "kiddify" and "tone-down" in the anime so that little kids will appreciate it.

95 Desk Calendar

94 Desk Calendar

Music Battle 2

Music Battle #3

Yu*Yu*Hakuso by Yoshihiro Togashi, Shueisha Inc..

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