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Clinton was lying when he said told the world and the US Federal Grand Jury that, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" (8/17/98). Unfortunately, Clinton's definition of sexual relations has been used by some Teenagers to justify their use of "Oral Sex". 15Sep05
Monica's defense in the Clinton affair is that "She did not swallow"; just some spillovers on her DNA-marked Blue dress (9/25/98).
Clinton's definition of HTML is "Hot Tubbing with Monica Lewinski" (10/5/98).
High Court Suspends a Clinton Privledge (10/3/01)
Clinton Probes Cost $60million (3/31/2001)
Clinton - Gore Clinton confesses again, absolves Gore (8/10/2000)
Clinton Beat The Odds Says Drudge report (2/7/99)
Trial Nears End Senate Won't Call Lewinsky(2/4/99)
Subpoenas Delivered-Trial Resumes | (1/29/99)
Trial Plan Approved By Senate (l/28/99)
Lewinsky Returns!!!! (1/23/99)
End of Trial Proposed By Top Senators (1/22/99)
Poll Results After Clinton's State of The Union Speach (1/20/99)
Clinton Defense Presented by White House Lawyers(1/19/99)
Gingrich may run for governor.(1/16/99)
Impeachment Trial To Be Followed By 80% of Public (1/16/99)
Senate Trial Starts - How It Will Work (1/14/99)
Senate Impeachment Trial Opens; Rehnquist Presides!!! (1/7/99)
With Trial Looming, Chances Bleak for Major Legislation (1/6/99)
RESIGN!! - CNN Poll, 50% say now that he has been impeached (12/23/98)
IMPEACHED!! - U.S. Senators say swift impeachment trial(12/20/98)
Action against Iraq is like the movie "Wag The Dog"(12/17/98)
Impeachment Vote Delayed Over Iraq Issue. (12/16/98)
House Panel Votes Down Censure Resolution (12/12/98)
President's Lawyers Fight Impeachment (12/9/98)
House Panel Offers White House Two-Day Defense (12/6/98)
Impeachment Inquiry Shows Signs of Ending (12/3/98)
Starr Presents Case For Impeachment (11/19/98)
Speaker-elect Urges Impeachment Vote. (11/23/98)
Pleads Forgetfulness Seventeen Times in response to House questions. (11/23/98)

Rumors say Clinton fathered a boy which may be why he prefers oral sex. (1/6/99)

The STARR WARS have started. (9/11) However, Ken Starr himself is under investigation as it appears that he "leaked" key Clinton information. (10/31/98)
Starr Denies Misconduct in his 12/12/98 Letter.

We've seen her on television and in newspapers for months. But on Tuesday, Americans got to hear Monica Lewinsky's voice for the first time when the House Judiciary Committee released 20 hours of audio tapes secretly recorded by Lewinsky’s former colleague Linda Tripp. (11/17/98)

The November 6th election had the following result: Facing a coup attempt headed by former allies, Newt Gingrich, will give up his House Speaker leadership post and quit Congress.(11/7/98) | Republican Shakeup (11/11/98)

The question to ask of our Lawmakers, including those who will vote on Impeachment, is: "Do you intend to obey the laws of the land or do you believe, as does Bill Clinton, that perjury before a Grand Jury committed by an elected official (The President)is NOT A CRIME" (9/20). Other federal officials Pay a High Price for perjury. (10/24/98)

Apparently, the voters didn't ask this question of their Lawmakers and/or it didn't matter to them, since many of the Democrates who will vote on the Clinton's impeachment were re-elected. The voters seem to feel that a President lying "under oath" is OK, so Impeachment Has Lost Steam. (11/4/98)

Thirty-one Democrats, including Ellen Tauscher, California 10th Congressional District, joined unanimous Republicans to vote in favor of the GOP impeachment resolution, which called for an open-ended probe (10/8/98). I wonder if the democrats are also running adds AGAINST Ellen Tauscher. (10/24/98) She was reelected. (11/4/98)

One of my concerns is that the U.S. (President Clinton) has lost all creditabily in dealing with foreign heads of state, since they will always question whether he is telling the truth.(10/27/98)
It appears that Sadamm Hussein didn't take Clinton's resolve to sway public opinion in his favor though by authorizing the Iraq bombing which is similar to what happened in the movie "Wag The Dog" (12/17/98)

I attended the AEG1S of Pleasant Hill Open House on Sunday 10/18/98 and Art Linkletter, the featured speaker, mentioned that he had slept in the White House, Lincoln Bedroom, but he didn't have to share the bed with a Korean businessman (10/18/98).

My home in Vietnam, White House East, has copied many of the features of the White House in Washington, DC and President Clinton was contacted by eMail about this. However, Bill Clinton has turned the WHITE HOUSE into a WHOREHOUSE at taxpayers' expense. Remember, the White House is a public domain, so we're paying for his sexual thrills. He has a long history of sexual misconduct but didn't get away this time.

The White House East's Oval Office and Lincoln Bedroom do not have any "inappropriate" sexual scandals; therefore, TOM Premo Family WebSites do not need a Parental Warning like the one on AOL Speaking of children, the Whitehouse For Kids does not include a tour of the Oval Office and Lincoln Bedroom.

President Clinton traveled to Vietnam in November after the 2000 Election and Clinton, Hillary and his daughter arrived in HoChiMinh City/Saigon on 14 November 2000 which is the same day that TOM arrived at Saigon's Tan Son Nhàt airport. TOM had sent EMails inviting Clinton to visit Go Cong and to stay in the Whitehouse East but apparently the Clinton's too busy to take TOM up on the offer...LOL

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