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Bell Shape:


David C. Knight. Polaroid photograph.


Beehive Shape:

The Case was investigated by the northern representative of the Tasmanian UFO Ivestigation Centre, and subsequently reported to Flying Saucer Review by. W. K. Roberts.


Graphic recreation by witness.


Lynne Kitei video.


Cigar Shape:


Photograph taken by Joseph Ferriere. Pho-Tak 620 Reflex camera.


Cone Shape:


ZIP (file format) links: Link 1 , Link 2

Cylinder Shape:


Marrs Dommin.










Diamond/Pyramid Shape:

Discoidal Shape:



Frank Ryman.


André Fregnale.


Photographed by Gampiere Monguzzi.


George Stock photos.

unknown source


A. Stizak.


Alex Birch.


Rex Heflin. A fourth photograph shows a smoke ring which the UFO allegedly left when it departed.


Ralph Ditter.


UFO photographed by Tom Downie.


Augusto Arrando.



Hirohito Tanaka. Instamatic 126 camera.


Mark Coltrane. Polaroid photograph.


Hannah Roberts.


Guillermo Arreguin.


Semyon Teglyov.


Lajos Kosina.


Cem Arat and Mehmet Safak.


Illija. Mustek GSmart Mini 3 camera.


Pentax istDS camera.


3.5 mega pixel digital camera.


Sony Cybershot digital camera.


Diego Santiago Molina.


Rectangular Shape:


Mike Lindstrom took three photographs of a UFO - it was square when seen from below.



Saturn/ Walnut Shape:

Almiro Barauna.


UFO photographed by Gabriel Kozora.

Kenju Terauchi. Pilot's drawing (taken from his official report)


Alejandro Backle.


Severo Zavala.



Spindle Shape:

Left :R. David Anderson. Right: Casey Rea

Triangular Shape:


Marrs Dommin.

F-16. This clip displays an object/target acquired through the Pilot's Heads up display Unit or H.U.D.


J. S. Henrardi.


Craft captured on film.



Digital camera.