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F-47 pilot and three pilots in his formation who saw a 'silver flying wing.'


The object, triangle-shaped with a batlike rear wing, was taken by the Army, first into the base at Roswell, and later transported to Wright Field outside of Dayton, Ohio.


Danish Lieutenant Commander Schmidt Jensen and seven crew members aboard the destroyer Willemoes observed a bluish, glowing triangular UFO traveling at high speed. Operation Membrace.


British researcher Victor Kean, who started Project Triangle on the world wide web tracked many triangle reports in Britain that took place in the 1990s, but pointed out that his first reliable triangle report dates from September 8, 1960. This was a "triangular-shaped craft with three white apex lights and a red light underneath," seen in Tyneside, Britain and two other locations that evening, all within a 10 mile radius and within 75 minutes of each other. Did someone invent flying triangles in the 1950s?

There were no stars in a large dark triangular area with tiny lights at 3 corners. It stayed still for a time and then slowly, quietly backed up and was lost in the mountains behind us.

One triangular object 150-200 long, 40-50' thick at middle and dark grey, with a long bright, pulsing, purple light on the right side and a long blue light on the left side. Came from a distance to 150' off highway. Purple lighting illuminated ground beneath object and interior of police car. Driver felt heat on his left arm.


Triangle craft appears to crash. Multiple witnesses. As the witnesses relate their encounter, they remark that the object they observed, was like the one observed in North Carolina at about the same time.


This recording is significant because it is a very early flying triangle report.

Triangular shaped craft appears to crash.


Triangle UFO observed. This was the third report in the area of these new shaped UFOs being sighted and causing a new chapter on ufological research that continues to the present.

Flying Triangle observed for 30 minutes.

Half triangle, half round object, follows man in his car. Object causes vehicle interference and physical effects on driver.


Flying triangle, with windows, hovers over a car.


Police officer reports observing a metallic, triangular craft, at close range. Multiple witnesses.

Police Officer and Sheriff's Deputy observe a triangular-shaped object at low altitude, move West to East and then hover. Object remained stationary for awhile and then proceeded E to W.


Triangular object hovers over car.


Weatherman his wife and son, observe a huge triangular object. Object emits bluish-green and red lights flashing along its leading edge.


Armada of 12 triangular objects pass near a drive-in theater. Two witnessses observe slowly move away, while one maintains a hover over nearby trees. Objects had four lights. Four lights on each object.


Two police officers report a triangular object with red and blue lights hovering next to the PGE power generating plant. Officers withi 60' of object before it took off at a high rate of speed.

|Power Plant|Speed|

V-shaped thing 15 to 20 meters long, with a beam of orange light going down to the ground.


Between Tokyo and Hawaii at 60,000 Feet - Naval Intelligence pilot flying reconnaissance for CIA, encounters a large triangular craft that paces his F4-11 Phantom for approximately a half-hour. Object was dark in color with no protrusions, lights or outward propulsion system and its surface appearance like foam rubber. Target pasted solidly on planes radar. Plane was in excess of Mach 2.2 and the object stayed within 50 feet off the left wing of the aircraft.



Barry Smith, Gary Oikle. The object was described as a huge triangular shaped object with huge windows and three white lights at the corners. The size was estimated from "a quarter of the size of a football field" to 150-200 feet om each side", the object moved very slowly, hovering at times, in a southeastern direction following the contour of the ridges just above the trees.


Albert M. Chop (USAF, NASA) observed a triangular UFO moving slowly eastward over the mountains southeast of Palm Desert, California. The object was ten times more brilliant as the stars in the background. It appeared to be extremely large.


Triangular craft filmed by Marrs Dommin.

Three patrolmen reported seeing a triangular shape object in the forest. Strong animal reaction.

|Animal|Base|Glow|Hover|Landing Mark|Radar|

9:30 PM. Mr. & Mrs. Sprinster had a close encounter with a multi-colored triangular shaped UFO 10 miles west of Torrington on Route 4. The object moved very slowly, and dropped in altitude to pace their car. Its underside was crisscrossed with tubes and grill work. A red light in the center of the object detached, circled the object three times, then returned back to its original position. It left by making a sharp turn to the south. The encounter lasted 10 minutes. (Source: Philip J. Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, p. 9).

Computer engineer Ed Burns, retired senior editor for IBM.
Described carst as triangular, chevron shape, back of chevron estimated as large as a football field, one solid piece of a chevron shape, there was no noise.


Carol Cloukey and Robert White. The glow had subsided, and in the evening twilight it appeared grayish in color, triangular shaped, and larger than a 747 aircraft. It had 4 red lights and 1 or 2 brighter white lights. It made no sound. The UFO now began to move away slightly, traveling in a northeasterly direction for a distance of a few hundred feet when it suddenly vanished right before their eyes. Robert later expressed wonderment that such a large object could suddenly disappear in such an inexplicable manner. They estimated that the total incident took about two minutes to transpire. (Source: Leland Bechtel, MUFON UFO Journal, October 1984, pp. 14-15).

On many occasions, huge flying triangles, as well as flying saucers, have also been seen over the base.


A Triangular-shaped object with shining lights was seen at close range. More than 120 people, including thirteen police officers, were among the witnesses.


Francesco Valenzano (an Air Force meteorologist specialist) while driving with his daughter saw a large, trianglular-shaped object drift along slowly, just above the buildings of the town square.

It had been suggested that when there were reliable sightings of a triangular-shaped object, the Belgium Air Force would response with American-made F-16 fighters. When several police officials and a host of other civilian witnesses reported seeing an object, the fighters were dispatched.


The Italian TV station RAI-Uno report on the Belgian UFO encounter of March 30-31,1990. Soundtrack is in Italian. It includes a high quality nighttime filming of an anomalous triangular shaped craft exhibiting white lights on each tip and another in the center of the craft, the "Lock-on" incidents involving the scrambled F-16's which were sent to intercept the anomalous craft. This clip displays an object/target acquired through the Pilot's Heads up display Unit or H.U.D. and the whole incident was recorded on camera. Colonel de Bouwer's press conference is shown at the end of the clip.


Jean-Pierre Pharabod. Kodak 200 ASA film, Praktika BX20 with Cokin 1A skylight filter on zoom setting, exposure 2 seconds af f4.


Two photographs taken by J. S. Henrardi in Wallonia, Belgium on 15 June 1990, and were released for public viewing in 2003.

Dark gray-black and triangular or boomerang. Three dim red lights on it, one near each point of the triangle. The lights were not, according to one witness, points of light like a star, but circles of light.


A British Airways Boeing 737 had a near midair collision with a triangular-shaped object. Captain, Roger Williams, and the first officer, Mark Stuart, reported seeing the craft. Flight recorders: "...we just had something go down the [right-hand side] just above us very fast."


There was a series of sightings over St. Petersburg in Russia. While some of the sightings were of disk-shaped craft, at least one of them was of a triangular-shaped object with a number of lights on it.


At 9:30 p.m. - One of the witnesses who had earlier witnesses with his wife the giant wide-angle triangle reported that when he was later at home, he saw in the distance what appeared to be the return of the triangle, this time with only three lights on, one at each corner. As the UFO hovered near the Deer Valley Airport in northwest Phoenix, he saw two military jets approach the triangle, with one jet seen to pass one side of it and the other seen to fly up under it, veering down at the last moment to avoid midair collision.



A small clip of the famous triangular shaped UFO recorded by an unknown cameraman in Israel during 1998. This craft captured on film in Israel looks similar to the anomalies captured on film and chased by F-16 aircraft above Belgium during 1990.


Craft a cross between Triangle/Chevron/Arrowhead/Diamond; clear, starry night; witnessed what I believe to be: quiet, low humming craft with 2 bright banks of lights (what appeared to be rather halogenic red/clear/blue), approximately 500-1000ft above ground. Dull body surface in a darker color, i.e., it was not silver/white/red/blue/green/purple/orange, etc. It was, perhaps gray/brown/black.


Several police officers tracked a huge unidentified triangular-shaped object near Scott AFB.

The officer saw what he described as a triangular dark object with lights at each corner and extended illumination across the back.
One officer took a photo with a Polaroid, and while the cold morning interfered with the performance of the camera, he obtained the image of an object with multiple lights.


The triangular shaped object was at least the size of a football field, several hundred feet on all sides. The corners were slightly rounded, and its exterior exhibited a distinct texture. It moved without a sound. A faint whining sound occurred simultaneously with the glow of lights on the underneath of the craft. A white light, which was visible at each of its three corners. A red light strobed from the middle of the belly. The craft moved "like a hockey puck gliding over ice,--very smooth and unwavering."


Wisconsin UFO Sightings

I had purchased a cheap digital camera and had cannibalized it to make an inexpensive CCD imaging system for my telescope. That morning I had gotten up early in the AM to try and get some pictures of Mars - which was rising early in the morning that time of year. As I recall Mars was close to Venus and it was a very pretty morning. Anyway I took a few pictures but was not pleased with the results - Mars was very small. It was also very blurry because Mars was somewhat lower on the horizon than would be desired. It was very cold, and it was just starting to get light out (although the sun was about a half hour or so from rising). Also, although the sky was clearer than normal, there were still just too many clouds. So I decided to try just a few more and then pack up. If you ever used a telescope you know that you have to constantly readjust the direction that it is pointing because as the earth turns the object that the telescope is pointing at quickly moves out of view. It was while doing this that I noticed a bright object passing slowly overhead. I assumed it was a satellite - but I thought it would be fun to try and point the telescope at it and take a picture. It took me a few moments to readjust the telescope. When I finally got it pointed at the object I was surprised to see on my LCD that through the telescope the camera picked up quite a bit of detail. I knew then that this wasn't an ordinary satellite. I was expecting just a fine point of light. However the sunlight on the object indicated (to me at least) that the object was quite high, since down on the ground it was still dark. It was quite difficult to maintain the telescope so that it remained pointed at the moving object (as you can imagine). But I managed to take about 20 pictures and fill up the memory card on my camera. Most of the pictures did not turn out very well and are horribly blurred. What I sent you is the best few. -- Anonymous

The following is a preliminary report of this event in Puerto Rico -- the flight of a large triangular UFO over Puerto Rico. At this time only one person has photographed the object, but we are aware that more people saw it, including administrative personnel from the [Luis Munoz Marin International] Airport.



My co-worker's 13-year old son was in his back yard in Westwego, LA, taking a picture of the sunset on 04 Mar 05. When he downloaded his pictures to his computer he noticed a spot in the top center of the photo. When you enlarge the area you see a triangle with lights on each tip (second photo). If you look even closer, you can see a black dot to the right and above the triangle (close-up of this in third photo). Westwego is directly across the Mississippi River form New Orleans.


Taken on Amtrak trip. I was shooting images of the lava plugs... that is the formation of the volcano that shows and eroded cone. Only two photos out of 300 on the train are the ones with this triangle probably shot over New Mexico.

I saw a triangular shaped object in the sky. At first I figured it was a big plane, maybe a stealth bomber. As it came closer, I noticed this craft was huge. It covered up the moon, when it got directly overhead is when I freaked out. On each side of the bottom of the object where long bars of pulsing lights. In the middle of the back of the triangle were 2 strobes, one red and one blue, very bright.

The aircraft made a humming noise, not like an airplane but more like the sound of a computer humming.


Triangle-shape craft appearence:

Apex lights (circular shape) on each point.

Dark gray-black color.

Size = Large