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CCWA CURRENTS October 1999
What follows is an edited version of our newsletter "CURRENTS".  To get the full printed version, just join the club using the membership form below, and get the complete newsletter delivered to your mailbox every month.  Send submissions to the newsletter to LooseClu@prodigy.net.

Commodore's Notes:   Itís the People!
This month really made me realize what I like most about windsurfing.  Itís the people.  Pam and I were lucky enough to be invited to Jockoís home for an impromptu BBQ for some out of town guest from Tampico, Mexico.
What a great time we had discussing sailing with our neighbors from the South.  Luckily, their grasp of English was far better than my grasp of Spanish.  Not to miss an opportunity for a party, we invited them over to our house the next night for a shrimp boil.  Oscar, the leader of the ďgangĒ suggests that we plan an event in Tampico.  Who else is ready!!
Since its time to plan the calendar for next year, maybe we can plan something for early spring?
Speaking of calendars.  I would like to get started planning next years events when Pam and I get back from North Dakota.  Anyone who would like to sponsor an event, please let me know what and when so we can schedule.  If you know of something outside of our events (i.e.. Nationals, Texas State Championships, etc.) let me know the dates.  Itís likely Iíll miss something.  I would also appreciate comments about ďregularĒ meetings.  Iím finding that it is difficult getting info out without the ďmonthly ď meetings.  How do you feel?
Time for nominations for the executive committee.  I know we need  a new secretary-treasurer next year, since Nick plans on traveling quite a bit and doesnít feel he could continue in that position.  Iím concerned that since we havenít met in a while that we are assuming that current officers are able to continue when actually they canít.  Letís have some volunteers!
John and Rose Williams have graciously volunteered to host the ďAransas TriangleĒ at their home in City by the Sea.  Remember itís a pot luck, and  nominations for officers will be done then.  Please plan to attend.
We also got to have our friends from Detroit, Ted and Angela, back with us again.  Finally convinced them that Corpus is much better than Hatteras.  We really enjoy our time with them, Even Tedís jokes!
See you on the water!      --   Chester

Aransas Triangle and Club Meeting
October 23rd        Donít miss it!
Full Moon Bonfire, Umteenth Annual Aransas Triangle, and CCWA monthly meeting that evening
All to be held at the home of John & Rose Williams , City by the Sea
(North on Business Route 35 beyond Aransas Pass)
For info contact Chester Hulme at  chester.hulme@iname.com
The club is providing the makings for the great gumbo so we need you to RSVP
Everyone attending is requested to bring a side dish or dessert, and as usual BYOB

   Call Arleen Ward (381) 949-0232 to RSVP

Local Guy Takes the Toucan        by  Craig Greenslit
Going by more of a gut feel than heeding the less than nukin' wind forecasts, I decided at noon on Thursday, September 9, 1999, to head to Nebraska for the 1999 Budweiser Toucan Open.  18 hours, 1251 miles, 5 thunderstorms, 6 pit stops, and 5 mochachino's later my 4-legged co-pilot, Torho and I arrived at Lake McConaughy.  Both of our mouths and eyes were wide open as we approached the venue.  I was in awe at the number of people, Torho in awe at the number of unleashed canine playmates.
I've heard and read about the Toucan Open for years but didn't pay much attention.  Come on, a windsurfing race in South West Nebraska, right.  Folks, the stories are true.  The event site looked like something you would see in a PWA video.  An endless collage of sails and boards, sponsor flags, banners, and tents covered the beach front.  A hundred or more sailors on the water.  ABK was there giving clinics in full force. Kent Marinkavic showcased multiple quivers of Neil Pryde sails and a stack of AHD boards.  Cliff Tudor's was pushing hard for the Bic Techno racing format and had boards littering the bluff overlooking the beach.  Alf Imperato and Andy Brandt mingled with the masses.  People from Minnesota, Wyoming, Alaska, Colorado,  Aruba, Iowa, Kansas, Hawaii, Texas, and even Germany attended the festivities.  500 people was our quick count taken on Saturday.  Most impressive of all was how Karen Marriott and John Larson of Larson's Ski and Sport orchestrated the chaos.
Winds were too light on Saturday for official racing, so we attended ABK clinics, listened to talks by Andy Brandt, and just hung out on the bluff overlooking the beach talking shop.  With 90% of the people camping on site and Lake McConaughy being the "#1 Vacation Spot in Nebraska" it wasn't like we had anywhere to go.  Saturday night featured the famous Pig Roast, dance, and raffle.  For those of you who have been to the South Padre Island Blowout feast, it was like that times 5.  Sponsors gave away a Bic Veloce 298, an Ocean Kayak, Neil Pryde sails, Pryde wetsuits, K2 Skis, Fin works fins, and several other tidbits.  Everyone was up dancing as multitalented DJ John Marriott blasted music between giveaways.  The optimistic buzz of the evening was of a looming cold front.
Early Sunday morning the cold front hit and I was glad that I had a water proof sleeping bag cover.  It rained all night and I woke up floating around in my tent.  But like magic, as morning broke the skies cleared and wind howled.  The report from the official notice flamingo (ONF) was 25-30 mph from the north west.  Race director John Larson promptly set a course that included a reaching start to buoy #1, a short upwind leg to buoy #2, and then a down wind slalom rounding marks #3 & #4 to the finish.  John ran us all as single fleet and we had 5 total races.  Larson's held a short awards ceremony Sunday afternoon and then the masses dispersed.  Torho sniffed his friends tails one final time as I loaded up the truck and we were shortly heading south.
I hope that next year we can have a Corpus convoy head to as the locals call it "Midwest's Maui" for the 2000 Toucan.  Mark your calendars for September  8, 9, & 10.  You won't regret it!!       (CCWA members hi-lighted)
1)  Craig Greenslit *
2)  Alf Imperato 
3)  Andy Brandt 
4)  Barry Ritchey *
5)  Zing-o-rama *
6)  Robin Shaw 
7)  Joe Lundstrom 
8)  Derek Rijff *
9)  Steve Gottlieb 
10) Scott Mauthe

Editor's Puffs:    by Roy Tansill
I was well forewarned but despite the lack of interest from others, the circular run through the canals on Padre Island was done.  I now claim the speed record for circumnavigation of Padreís canals at 1 hour 39 minutes!  I left the boat launch off Encantada heading dead north into a NE 10 mph breeze.  That first leg took 34 tacks and 40 minutes but I had gone to school on that stretch earlier and really had little trouble getting through the longest up wind leg.  Sweeping a left into the canal behind Cutlass Street,  I found myself  standing way back on the long board just cruising on a dead run--as the low bridge under Gypsy street appeared before me.  As planned I sat down on the tail of the board and brought the sail down over me.  Too late, I realized that with the mast track all the way back I was too high.  Fumbling to get back up from my seated position then more bumbling with the well worn mast track was interrupted by the bridgeís rapid approach- I bailed.  A few strokes with the center board/paddle and I was clear to again raise my still unscathed new 6.5 for the best part of the route.  The canal at that point opens to a wide expanse so it was jibe, jibe, jibe for about four blocks before making another left into the canal behind Dick and Arleenís home.  The next left had me sailing slightly upwind behind many large homes and condos- twitchy winds but the wind was readily evident on the water and  there was a visible sine wave like wind pattern to follow.  Before making the last left dead into the wind, into the now narrow canal area, I took a break sitting briefly on a small dock behind an obviously vacant house long enough to fire up my pipe.  The last leg pretty well emptied my tank--tack, pump pump pump, tack, pump pump kick the bulkhead away, tack etc.  Exiting took some effort but I had brought along a step ladder which was quite handy when it came time to lift the really long board out of the canal and over the bulkhead.  I did manage to get wet once again when I first climbed onto the ladder but all in all just two dunkings for the whole trip is reason to try it again... someday.

What's happening at Padre Island National Seashore?    by Park Superintendent Jock Whitworth
Hurricane Bret crossed directly over the island causing many washover channels to open up between the gulf and Laguna Madre, starting at the 44-mile mark.  As many as 21 openings in the primary dunes occurred, connecting through historic washover channels starting at the 44 mile mark.  Many of the channels are still open with running water, which led me to closing the beach to vehicles until they close, making driving safe again.  The island did what barrier islands do, dissipating some of the force of Bret before it hit the mainland.  Though the hurricane resulted in about $168,000 in needed repairs to park facilities, the effects on the island are considered natural processes that are helpful in balancing the ecosystem.

In August we brought Dr. Jim Allen, the leading coastal geomorphologist that works for the USGS, and Joel Wagner, a wetlands hydrologist that works for the National Park Service's Washington Office, to the seashore to discuss Bird Island Basin.  We looked at erosion, vegetation, the mud flats, and the 1995 Developmental Concept Plan.  We walked the old road to the boat dock and have submitted a funding request to reopen it, using fee money, so that we can separate windsurfing and boating traffic.  An engineering firm is currently preparing plans to improve parking at the boat docks and the area by the new restrooms.  We have hired carpenters to work on shade structures at Bird Island Basin, which should begin in the near future.  We will be asking for your input on ideas to protect the resource and improve facilities at Bird Island Basin.

Please stop in at our Headquarters or call me with questions and concerns.
Jock Whitworth Superintendent, Padre Island National Seashore

New Member Has Some Unique Watercraft
One of our newest members, Don Gentry, has put together quite a collection of water toys and he brought them here when he recently moved onto Padre Island.  In addition to a trailer full of windsurfing gear, Don has the fastest kayak Iíve ever seen, a zippy looking boat, and a slick pairing of two transition boards and rigs into a catamaran like sailboat that Don designed and built.  When I visited Don he took the latter pair out for a spin and these photos resulted.  The kayak is a commercially made model which has both arm and  leg power options.  When combined, you get one heck of a workout while producing notable speed across flat water.  The twin masted sail craft is also quite quick with its ratio of sail power to hull drag.  It has retractable centerboards and rudders and just looks like fun to sail.  Look for Don out on the water anywhere nearby Corpus Christi; he sails the Bay, Gulf, and Laguna Madre.  Below  are photos of Donís unique watercraft.
Don in high gear both pedalling and paddling the kayak Don's twin masted, board based catamaran

Oso Buoy Rounding Series:
Wind Peaks
  Jul, Aug, Sep '99
By   Jonathan Bright 
The CCWA is going to hold a low key windsurfing series for this  Fall Season. The Oso location was chosen since it is historically the most consistent sailing spot during the Fall.  This series is designed to promote windsurfing in the Corpus Christi area.  The club will donate 40% of all entry fees toward a charitable cause.   Two local non-profit organizations that will receive donations are the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. The series will start in October (see schedule below).  This low key event is intended to encourage families to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. A most improved sailor will be nominated at the end of the series.  Green Earth Lawn and Tree Service is going to give that person a free lawn care visit.  Any other additional sponsors who wish to step up and participate in this charitable cause please call  Jon Bright at 985-0799. 
All participants shall meet at the Southbay Park. The skippers' meetings will begin at noon and the first heat will start at 1230-1p.  Directions (While going South on SPID): Left on Paul Jones, right on Baylark, left on Sealane.   Any questions call Jon at (361)985-0799.  Hope to see you at the event,   Jon Bright The format will be as follows:  Fleets: Open, Formula 42, Sport and any other fleets a sailor wants to create -no minimum person per fleet required Wind minimum/Course: 10-20 knots upwind-downwind, 20 plus knots downwind slalom.  Scoring:  1st place =1 point, 2nd place=2 points, 3rd place=3 points, etc...  There will be a points tally given after each event and an overall place given at the end of the series.  Starts: 8-minute start sequences every 45 minutes at a predetermined location on land.  Open and Formula 42 will start together Flags: none.  Committee:  none Throw out heats: as per Whataburger Race Series instructions.  Throw out events:  3 out of  6 events will count towards the overall places Back up Dates: none.  Fees:  $15 per event or $40 for the series for CCWA members. 

Oso Fall Race Series Scheduled Dates: 
   October 2 
   October 16 
   November 6 
   November 13 
   December 4 
   December 18 

This series is an informal program aimed at those of us who havenít raced to get a taste of it without having to endure the joys of Corpus Christi Bay.  Sailing with those who do race can only improve your sailing and in this case help others as well. 

            Jul           Aug         Sep
 1       31mph     23mph     20mph
 2       32mph     18mph     23mph
 3       35mph     15mph     22mph
 4       31mph     16mph     28mph
 5       22mph     20mph     32mph
 6       22mph     18mph     19mph
 7       17mph     21mph      17mph
 8       21mph     24mph      16mph
 9       22mph     24mph       16mph
 10     22mph     25mph       16mph
 11     23mph     29mph       21mph
 12     21mph     29mph       23mph
 13     20mph     33mph       20mph
 14     29mph     20mph       20mph
 15     23mph     21mph       17mph
 16     22mph     26mph       22mph
 17     28mph     24mph       22mph
 18     21mph     21mph       17mph
 19     21mph     18mph       19mph
 20     22mph     18mph       20mph
 21     29mph     23mph       29mph
 22     20mph     41mph       29mph
 23     21mph     54mph       16mph
 24     14mph     26mph       18mph
 25     22mph     21mph       30mph
 26     24mph     18mph       28mph
 27     23mph     18mph       26mph
 28     20mph     17mph       22mph
 29     22mph     10mph       45mph
 30     24mph     13mph       31mph
 31     25mph     22 mph         -
See you next season 

Volunteers Wanted:  The club sponsored events, both races and fun events, need people to help out on and before the events.  This is particularly true for the U.S. Open.  Last year, the CCWA was a sponsor and had a booth at the Open; but we didn't have sufficient help to man the booth throughout the event.  We don't want that to happen again!  Similarly, other events suffered because of a lack of help.  How about volunteering your help this year?  Just phone an event coordinator and offer some help.

Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________Phone: (       )______________

Family membership, list names of family members:_____________________________________

____________________________________E-mail Add:_________________________



Please enclose $20 for individual; $30 for family (1 year membership)

Mail To: CCWA,  PO Box 81453, Corpus Christi, TX  78468

Used Gear: Classified ads are free to members, non-members:  $5.00
Please submit the ads by the 25th of the month.
Mail ads to: LooseClu@prodigy.net
98 Bassett 9' 4" course racing board, 28 " wide, 21 " tail, flapper. Ultimate upwind machine, used to win US Open Masters in 1998 and US Open amateur men in 1999. Ideal for 7.4 m sail and bigger. Full carbon construction, light for it's size at 17 lbs. $595
'98 Bassett 9' course racing board, 26 " wide, 19" tail, flapper. As above, incredible upwind machine but faster on
the reaches in windier conditions. Also used this board in the 1999 US Open . Ideal for 8.0 m sail and smaller 14lbs, and in near perfect condition. $695
'98 Mike's Lab 8ft 10" slalom board formerly raced in the PWA world cup by Kevin Pritchard. 21 " wide about 95 litres. Only weighs 9 lbs ! Ultimate speed machine. Perfect for 6.7m sail and smaller. Raced it in the 1998 Maui Nationals slalom with a 5.0 in 40 knots $649
'98 Guy Miller custom, semi wide style board. Designed to be fun to sail in all conditions, and to give good upwind and downwind performance. 24" wide with 16" tail, 9ft length, about 110 litres. Full carbon/ kevlar divynicell sandwich construction. Only weighs 13lb, but very strong with extra crash reinforcement in nose and extra reinforcement around footstraps. $425
'94 Guy Miller custom, high wind slalom. 20.5 inch wide. Has recorded 43 m.p.h with 5.7 sail. Older style design but still incredibly fun to sail. Full carbon construction. Ideal Bird Island drag racing machine. $199 OBO, need the space in my trailer Contact Guy Miller:    GMiller@austin.rr.com

'99 Aerotech VMG 7.5 fast, light whip tip $295'97 Mistral Screamer 268 excellent shape $550 '97 Air-X 6.0 race sail, very durable $125  Call Dick Ward (361) 949-0232 e-mail:    Flextail@aol.com

For more web classifieds, check out the Windsurfing Classifieds at "the other CCWA".

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