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This page is dedicated to all  types of radio controlled  VTOL's -- starting with my own V-22  Osprey .
My newest V-22 testbed
V-22 Updates
Old test beds of my V-22
Other projects
Doc Watson's X-35 B
Eddie Weeks Turbine
Norbert's V-22 project
Gary Grees's gimbaled
Brian DiCinti's elec.v-22
Joe Erwin's project
I am constantly meeting new guys with new projects so stop back to see what is happening
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Norberts V-22 project
My V-22 project
Eddie Weeks Turbine VTOL
Eric Dainty's Harrier
Jon Pohl's // 2004 Toledo Expo's "Directors choice award "// awsome , hand made ,, full funtioning  ,XV -15 tilt rotor.  Link to Jon's website located in side bar.Stop by his site and leave him a message!!
Jon Pohl's XV-15
04 bird on its feet !!! See updates link
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60 deg. conversion vid