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Purpose: This site has been prepared from the point of view of one responsible for implementing computer-based learning for ESL NNS language learners. Because this entails many perspectives on the topic from the point of view of all its stakeholders, this site can conceivably be used by learners, teachers, developers, lab managers ...

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Virtual Spaces for Web-based Encounters

Other Web-based issues

Internet Society at treats Internet issues such as Access, Censorship, Children and the Internet, Copyright, Digital Divide, Domain Name Systems, E-Commerce, Encryption, Privacy, Public Policy, Security, Societal, Spamming, Women and the Internet, Y2K

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This site was featured at the Seattle TESOL '98 Web Faire, March 18, 1998, CALL-IS Electronic Village, and was one of the invited "classics" at the CALL-IS Internet Fair at the TESOL 2002 conference in Salt Lake City:

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