They came by ship in 1841 - Deva, Duchess Of Northumberland, Eagle, Edina, England, Enmore, Fergusson, Forth, Fortitude, Frances
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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1841


arrived 03 Sep 1841, brig 238 tons Sproat master arrived at Melbourne from London with merchandise
14 Nov 1841 arrived at Geelong from Melbourne to load wool
27 Dec 1841 in Geelong Harbour

Duchess Of Northumberland

arrived 3 Jun 1841 at Port Phillip, barque 550 tons, Captain Charles Scott master, from London 1st Jan and departed Plymouth on 17 Feb 1841
History was made - the Duchess Of Northumberland was the first vessel to bring mail direct from England to Port Phillip District.
Agent Messrs Thomas, Cann and Jones, Images 162-170,
Passengers Captain M'Crae, lady and 3 chn, Miss Tucker, Messrs Helvin, Leigh, Tyffe, La Gros, Kebble, and Farley, 6 Intermediate and 275 Bounty emigrants with Dr James Gregory Mair/Moir, being 119 Protestants and 115 Catholics.
The 53 single women are 50 House servants, 2 Dairy women and 1 Nursemaid.
The 80 single men are 70 General Labourers, 4 Carpenters, 1 Blacksmith, 2 Gardeners, 2 Masons, 1 Shepherd
The 34 married men are 24 General Labourers, 3 Blacksmiths, 5 Carpenters, 1 Mason and 1 Shepherd. 32 wives landed, 10 boys and 0 girls aged 7-15, 11 boys and 11 girls aged 1-7, and 1m, 2f infants total 101 souls. Bounty is 1464 for families, 1520 for single males and 1007 for single females, total 3991 pounds.

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Duchess Of Northumberland 30856720132036332621352341012753
Others, who paid own fare - Captain M'Crae, lady and 3 chn, Miss Tucker, Messrs Helvin, Leigh, Tyffe, La Gros, Kebble, and Farley, 6 Intermediate

See my Duchess Of Northumberland notes for a passenger list etc


moved to Coastal shipping - see Eagle


arrived 31 May 1841, barque, 471 tons, Captain Skinner master, from Geenock 24 Dec 1840 and Adelaide 17 May. Cabin Passengers Messrs Berth, Dinny/Denny, M'Farlane, Pinkerton, Bonney, Hagen, Carswell/Curswell, and 4 in steerage
In Adelaide the only report is "The EDINA from Greenock rolled her mast out during a calm. She was supplied with a new main mast which was very well reported of by all the captains.
The spar was 75 feet in length, perfectly straight and without a knot. It was brought down by a timber carriage drawn by 26 bullocks in one day, and after being shortened to 68 feet and prepared, was properly stepped and rigged within five days. The cost of the spar delivered on the wharf for 60."

Departed 15 June 1841 for Manilla


arrived 17 July 1841, ship 939 tons, Captain Thompson master from Newport, Liverpool 4 Apr 1841 to Melbourne, Importing Agents Mr AB Smith of Sydney, and HG Ashurst &Co.
Master John Thompson, Dr B Gaskill, John Keith 1st Mate, Allan McKenzie 2nd Mate, Daniel Reid Grover 3rd Mate
Passengers Mrs Thompson and child, Dr Cullen, Mr and Mrs Leckey and family, Miss Adams and 367 Bounty emigrants

Placed in Quarantine

upon arrival due to whooping cough, but released after investigation. There were 18 deaths (16 children, 2 adults) during the passage.
Cabin passengers Mrs Thompson and child, Dr Cullen, Miss Adams, Mr Leckey with wife and children.
Surgeon Supt Dr Gaskell, Steerage 349-67 immigrants
The "England" carried 344 immigrants with 240 of them being Protestant and 104 being Roman Catholic, 119 from England, 21 from Scotland and 203 from Ireland.
66 married adults, 69 unmarried males and 49 unmarried females, 116 children, 344 souls. Bounty reduced by 380 pounds, because 20 single males in excess of single females. .
During voyage, Births 3 male and 3 females, deaths 2 female adults and 16 children.
Others, who paid own fare
are Benjamin Adams 48 with wife and daughter (his son and grandchildren were Bounty); Benjamin Bell 29 and wife Mary Bell 29; David Boyle 21 and wife Isabella Boyle 19; Edward Carroll 38 with wife Margaret Carroll 37 and Edward 14, Christina 12 and John 4; Andrew Charles 28 and wife Margaret 28, son Richard died and Joseph was born. Steerage passengers A Grant 30, Anne Toole 45 and Margaret Toole 58 (Should be Hugh!)

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
England 3725361832135565652511073131956949

See my England notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 4 Oct 1841, barque 281 tons, Captain Ellis master, from Cork 9 June 1841 to Melbourne. James Cain the Importer, 43 souls in 18 families, 26m and 53 f Images a93-97 notes
Passengers Mr Barton, 104 immigrants under Dr Coombe Robert Gordon Coombs Superintendent, James Henry Ellis Master, James William Smith 1st Mate.
1 death, no births,
18 families, with 1 son and 6 daus under age of 7 years, 25 single men and 35 single females,
Of the 96 adults, 15 could read and write, 32 could read and 49 could neither
94 are Protestants and 9 are Roman Catholics

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Enmore 10732001351818167102432534
Others, who paid own fare Mr Noukes Bartin the Cabin passenger.

See my Enmore notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 15 Jan 1841 at Port Phillip, left Plymouth 25 Sep 1840, ship, 555 tons, John Virtue master, Surgeon Superintendent Thomas Norris Agent Mr John Marshall, Cargo includes 1 bull and 1 cow for Thomas, Erskine and James,
Tuesday, January 19, 1841, The Port Phillip Herald, Passengers Mr (Edward Theodore wed Jun '39 to Hannah Ann Storey) and Mrs Flintoff and child, Mr (Frederick Nivan wed Sep '40 to Priscilla Howe) and Mrs Flintoff, Mr and Mrs Matheyssem, Captain Hill and lady and child, Messrs Flanille Hill and Matteysem. Intermediate Mr and Mrs Batty and dau, Messrs Balfe Smith, Fowle, Bell, Robinson, E and W Hill, 3 steerage passengers and 201 Bounty emigrants

The Recapitulation is brief - 97 Roman Catholics and 131 Protestants, 228 souls landed
Adults - Single males 60 paid 1140 pounds, 71 single females paid 1249 pounds. Families 97 souls with 34 adult males and 32 adult females. Children are 1 male aged 15-18, 8 male and 10 female aged 7 - 15, 11 male and 10 females 1-7, and 2 female infants, total of 97 paid 1479 pounds. Total 228 souls paid 3968 pounds
Maria Chinehar 25, bounty withheld.

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Fergusson 2653302021163638182338230986171
12 Cabin, 9 Intermediate and 3 unknown Steerage paying passengers

See my Fergusson notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 18 Sep 1841, 481 tons, William Baxter master, from London 13th and from Plymouth 25 May 1841 to Melbourne - 232 immigrants under surerintendence of Dr Maddox
Gratuities were paid for 220 souls, Horne and party not included
To G Maddey Surgeon Superintendent at 10/6 each, 115/10/-
Mr William Baxter, Master at 3/6 ea, 33/0/0 and Mr John Baxter, 1st Mate, at 1/6 ea, 16/10/0
Mr John Markey 2nd Mate and Mr George Robinson 3rd Mate each at 1/- ea, 11/0/0
Bounty was 35 families with 108 souls, 1595 pounds
41 unmarried males 912 pounds and 70 unmarried females 1330 pounds, at 19 pounds each
Deducted 73 pounds for the Horne party, so total of 3759 pounds to be paid to Mr John Marshall of London, the Agent

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Forth 2325602161935342017392211034870

See my Forth notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 3 Apr 1841 from London 6 Dec 1840 to Melbourne, barque Hutton master from London via the Cape of Good Hope
passengers Captain B Maclkenzie and lady, Messrs Foote, Davies, Matthews, McFarlane and McCombie, and 5 in steerage
One family and two singles, total 5 passengers, Mathew Neave 28, Elizabeth Neave 23 and James Neave 1, Sophia P Speight 23 and James Mccarthy 23
April 27 - cleared for Batavia and Singapore (cargo not published)

This web page is about a voyage in 1848 of the SS Fortitude


arrived 29 Nov 1841, ship 332 tons, ER Sharp master, from Liverpool 20 Aug 1841 to Melbourne
Passengers Mr Ferris, Mrs Davis, Dr WS Goodall superintendent,
Others, who paid own fare
Phebe Leslie/Irvine/Erwin and her children Agnes 7, William 6 and Joyce 3, and Edward Riley with wife and chn, Ann 11 and Michael 9.

Notes from Recapitulation, 107 bounty immigrants - Adults who can read and write 41, read only 4, neither 20, total 65
37 Protestants and 60 Roman Catholics, total 97
16 families with 62 souls - 14 males, 16 females, 1 male 15-18, chn 4m, 5f 7 - 15, 12m, 8f 1 - 7, infants 1m and 1f. Single men 15, women 15. Bounty paid 92 souls, 1345 pounds. Bounty reduced by 95 pounds, 5 single males in excess of number of single females.

Staff Edward R Sharpe Master, William S Goodall Doctor, 1st Mate John Morgan and 2nd Mate Hugh Hughes looked after the 99 Bounty passengers.

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Frances 1114800412171716213699642015

See my Frances notes for a passenger list etc

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