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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1841


arrived 9 Jan 1841, barque 501 tons, M'Leod master, from Greenock 16 Sep 1840 to Port Phillip Agent Mr George Ward Cole, Superintendant Dr William Robson
Reported 12 Jan, Page 2, Port Phillip Herald, The barque Ariadne arrived 9 Jan from Greenock left 16 Sept, Passengers Mr and Mrs Wallace and family, Mr and Mrs Hyde and family, Messrs Ferguson, Murray, Russell, Intermediates 4 incl Macnab, Brownlie and 40 in the steerage
List has 47 names, add the 8 Cabin passengers named by the newspaper. Only 28 souls were approved for the Agent to claim his Bounty Refund. This left 22 for whom the Port Phillip Authority refused subsidy - after they had left the ship to begin their new lives on shore - 7 single men (in excess of number of single women), widow Susan Webb and 3 chn (they are the only Catholics listed), Margaret Miller and son John on way to joining husband at present in India, Ellen Graham and 2 children coming to join husband who came 17 months ago.

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Ariadne 55229015388347292243

See my Ariadne notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 16 Dec 1841, barque 320 tons, Capt Henry Patterson, from Leith (Scotland) 6 July 1841 to Port Phillip via Sydney 10 Dec 1841, listed by NSW, but not by Victorian officials
Bounty Passengers - George Colthead 36 with Susanna 31 and 3 Daughters Elizabeth 9, Margaret 4 and Mary Ann 2, Protestants from Haddingtonshire, and Mary Syme 17, Protestant from Edinburgh, all can read and write.
Reported Tuesday, December 21, 1841 The Port Phillip Herald, Cabin from Leith - Miss Isaac Reddie, Mr Bruce Cheyne, from Sydney Mr Archibald Stevenson. Steerage from Leith - Alexander Welsh, Michael Herring, George Coltherd, Joan Coltherd, Margaret Coltherd, Mary Ann Coltherd, Elizabeth Coltherd, Mary Lyme


arrived 9 Jun 1841, barque, 523 tons, James Gilkinson master, from Leith 14 Feb taking 117 days. Passengers Mr Henderson, Mrs Wilson, Mr Leing/Laing, 8 in steerage.
Long cargo list, ending with 100 firkins fruit, 3 boxes arrowroot, 1 box isinglass, 100 barrels American flour.
Departed 14 July 1841 for Adelaide with some of the original cargo. Craig & Broadfoot Agents

Branken Moor

arrived 3 Dec 1841, barque 402 tons, Smith master, from Cork 1 Aug 1841 to Port Phillip
Passengers Miss Emily and Julia Gavin, Mrs Large and 3 chn, Messrs Mason, and Rosche, 158 bounty under Dr Large,

67 in families, and as singles - 47 females and 39 males, total 153. 18 Families, 7 couples without children, 11 with Children - Under 1 Males 1, Females 1, 1 to 7 years Males 5, Females 10, 7 to 15 yrs Males 6 Females 6, total 67
Count is 5 Staff, 6 extras, 67 in families (13 sons, 19 daus), 39 single males and 47 single females in the Bounty system. Total apart from about 15 sailors and other servants, 266 named persons.
Amount of Bounty in Pounds - Families 917, Single Males 703, Single Females 912, Total 2532 pounds

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Branken Moor 16356017111819131929152673847

See my Branken Moor notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 26 July 1841, barque 338 tons, David Ritchie master, from Greenock (England) 28 Dec 1840, Cork 28 Jan, Sierra Leone (for water) 8 March and Cape of Good Hope 2 June to Port Phillip. Agents Messrs Gilchrist & Alexander.
Master David Ritchie, Doctor James Aleson/Atkinson, B Kerne 1st Mate, John Reid 2nd Mate, H Horne 3rd Mate
Passengers Mr and Mrs Lawler (or Laiser) and child, Messrs M'Lachlan, Mason, M'Conochie, two Shields, 3 in Intermediate - Mr and Mrs Lanb, Josh Aleson, Intermediate Mr Dunlop, Mr McAlpin, Miss Webster, Mr and Mrs Adams, 31 in Steerage - 16 men and 15 women

Came with 40 passengers, 5 males and 12 females eligible for bounty.
Of the 24 passengers listed, 8 were from Ireland, Co Derry 4, Cork 3, Tyrone1. The other 16 were from Scotland, including Glasgow 8, Argyleshire 3, Edinburgh 2.

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Brilliant 44512000000000200812

See my Brilliant notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 9 Dec 1841, barque 379 tons D Gellaty master, from Leith. Passengers (Cabin) Mrs Ballingall 2 dau and 2 sons, Miss Wilkinson and servant, Messrs Maconochie, GA Wilke, John Wright surgeon, (Intermediate) Mrs Henderson and family, Miss Beverage, Mrs Sinclair child and servant, Peter Sinclair, A Beverage, J Stewart and A Andrew. Craig and Broadfoot Agents

A vessel of the same name, Britannia. Wooden brig, 270 tons. Owned by Captain Hugh MacLean. Captain Morgan. Left Melbourne on 9 November 1839 for Sydney but probably foundered about a week later off the Gippsland coast. After she had been missing for several weeks the Revenue Cutter Prince George was despatched by Sydney authorities, following a report that Aborigines had seen a boat lying on the Ninety Mile Beach, and footprints had been observed in the sand. The cutter discovered a boat with a mast washed up on the beach near Cape Howe, but whether the occupants had reached the shore before it was swamped was not known


arrived 20 Oct 1841, barque, 550 tons, Walton master, from London 18 May 1841 and arrived at Port Phillip. Passengers Mr Thomas Bear, Mrs Bear, Mr Bear senior, Thomas Bear, Ellen Bear, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Tasker, Mr Nichols MD, Messrs Easy, Heriott, Parkinson, Alfred and Henry Mason, Dansford, and 4 in Steerage
19 Nov 1841 barque Walton master cleared from Melbourne for Sydney

Nov 19 cleared for Sydney, Passengers Dr Nichols and Mrs Atkinson
Arrived Sydney 2 Dec from Port Phillip on 24 Nov, with merchandise, passenger Mrs Atkinson, Dr Nichols MD, Mr Neville of HM Customs


arrived 6 April 1841 barque, 230 tons, Christie master, from Cape of Good Hope 10 Feb. Passengers Misses Simmons and Knight, Messrs Horder and M'Daniel, and 4 in steerage
Arrived 7 May from Port Phillip with wine, etc, and passengers Mr Hearder, Mr McDaniel, Mr McLeod, Mr Riley and Mr Arnold

Rescue from the 'Australia' which


600 miles west of the Cape of Good Hope

Details are on Page 2, The Port Phillip Herald for Fri 9 Apr 1841, using the Paper of Record site.

The Byker also brought the chief officer of the Australia, which sailed from Leith for Port Phillip on 2 October, with five cabin and 15 steerage passengers and after having called at Rio, caught fire about 8pm on the 29th Dec, 600 miles west of the Cape of Good Hope. In a short time the entire vessel was enveloped in one sheet of flame, which prevented the preservation of ant part of her cargo or of the property of the passengers. With the utmost difficulty the long and jolly boats were launched, and as a strong gale was springing up, only a very small quantity of provisions and water could be secured. The crew and passengers put to sea about 11pm the same night. A course was set for the coast of Africa where a landing was effected 200 miles north of the Cape of Good Hope, after being exposed to eight days and nine nights with a biscuit and about half a wine glass of water to each division of four, 3 times a day. We are sorry to sat that 2 passengers Messrs John Chisholm and Pate died with exhaustion before making land. They continued southward for about 20 miles and came uon a Dutch settlement where they obtained the assistance needed, so they arrived at the Cape in safety, in waggons and carts, after an overland journey of 11 days. The Captain and some of the passengers returned to England, and the remainder have arrived in Port Phillip, by the Byker.

Captain Adam Yule (other surviving crew members not listed)
Mr R and Mr W Elphinstone, James McLachlan, John Henderson (to Adelaide), Mr Harris (elderly, to go to Sydney), Dr Byers to Sydney, John Chisholm (young lad died at the coast) came with 4 brothers, nephews of Mr Chisholm), George Pately died of fatigue, Miss Simmons and Miss Knight also coming to join relatives


arrived 30 June 1841, ship 329 tons, Williams master, from London 25 Feb and Plymouth 9 Mar 1841. Passengers Cabin Messrs Goldsmith, Stephenson and Simmons, Intermediate Messrs George and Edward Lathburt, Spechman, Barrett and Veitch, 9 in steerage

Brought a family and four single people, Thomas Hiscock 29, Phebe Hiscock 30, Thomas Hiscock 6 and John Hiscock 4, Sarah Long 29, Caroline Smith 18, John Chandler 25, Henry Wright 28,

In "Old Melbourne Memories", Rolf Bolderwood mentioned that Hatsell Garrard accompanied Adolphus Goldsmith from England, and it was Hatsell who had chosen the celebrated racehorse 'Cornborough' for him. This ties in with the belief that Hatsell Garrard was on the "Caroline".
From Bowker's Diary The whaler "Caroline" which was a 450 ton teak built, copper fastened barque, arrived in Melbourne 30 June 1841 under Captain John Williams. She made some voyages between Melbourne & Hobart in the second half of 1841

Catherine Jamieson

arrived 22 Oct 1841, barque 451 tons, Captain William Hutchinson master, from Leith (near Edinburgh) Scotland 29 May 1841 to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers]. The importer was Mr Robert Howe of Sydney.
Passengers Cabin - Messrs Gordon, Reid, Gow, Frazer, Irvine, Tate/Tait, and Porter who died of Jaundice during the voyage
Surgeon Superintendant John MacDonald reported 2 deaths and 3 births
Staff - John McDonald Super, William Hutchison Master, John Miller 1st Mate, John Wade 2nd Mate, Rob Ritchie 3rd Mate
No names for births, deaths, 2 males (maybe Christy Humphries and McLean) and 1 female (Catherine Jamieson King) born, one child died.
56 Adults can read and write, 26 can read only and 9 neither, total 91 souls. 152 Protestants
109 in families, 24 males, 24 females, 3 males 15-18, Children 7-14, 13 males and 9 females, 1-7, 14m and 18f, under 1, 3m amd 1f
19 single males and 24 single females, total all souls 152 with Bounty of 2154 pounds.

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Catherine Jamieson 157500122224243634601521091924
Messrs Gordon, Reid, Gow, Frazer, Irvine, Tate/Tait, were Cabin passengers.

See my Catherine Jamieson notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 4 Nov 1841, barque HW Taylor master, from London 1 July 1841 then Cork 23 July to Port Phillip, Agent Jonathan B Were.
Staff - HW Taylor Master, James Irons Superintendend of Bounty passengers, Thomas Elkirn 1st Mate, Wm Davis 2nd Mate, Wm McKenzie 3rd Mate.
Passengers Mr Gilbert with wife and 4 chn, two Mr Thompsons, Mr Cooper, Mr Rycroft, Mr Bowler, Mr Maunsell and Lady, Mr Brickshank, 6 intermediates and 330 immigrants under the superintendence of Dr Irons.
During the voyage one male adult, Mrs Keenan and five children died and seven babies were born.
Bounty for 1 family (widower William Kirby) refused due to poor state of their health on arrival at Port Phillip, and she died in Melbourne on 21st December 1841.
253 Bounty passengers - 133 souls in 40 families, 54 unmarried males (3 were refused Bounty) and 67 unmarried femailes. There are 44 Protestants and 209 Catholics

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Diamond 2605322202142422627482551335468
Asked that Bounty be also paid for Michael Paul, Michael Nayham and Daniel Ryan

See my Diamond notes for a passenger list etc

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