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They came by ship - Assisted Immigrants who arrived 1845

Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
Some are not on both lists, people slip between the lists - Vic includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.
On 16 Oct 1845, the Collectors reported Gipps Ward has 766 houses, Bourke Ward 403, La Trobe Ward 623 and Lonsdale Ward has 496. Total 2258 houses, spo population is estimated to be 5 times this number - 11,440 persons in Melbourne. Geelong Advertiser 28 May 1845 includes on Page 5, comment on good conduct by Pentonville Exiles Reports in Melbourne Courier from mid 1845
Insolvency - first sequestration on 8 Feb 1842, total of 114 in 1842, 123 in 1843, 46 in 1844 and 11 in 1845.
Total liabilities is pounds 812,785, with total deficiency as filed, of 354, 515 pounds.
The dividend of nil was declared in 122 cases, and in 2 cases the insolvents bolted.

Inward passengers for 6 months to 30 June 1845, from London 21 on 5 vessels, Liverpool 31 on 3 vessels, Manilla 1, South Australia 12 on 4 vessels, VDLand 660 on 43 vessels, Sydney 375 on 24 vessels.
Outward passengers to London, 102 on 13 vessels, to Liverpool 4 on 1 vessel, South Aust 39 on 4 vessels, VDLand 204 on 48 vessels, to Sydney 306 on 25 vessels.


arrived 25 Nov 1845, barque 451 tons, Purchase master, from London 1 Aug to Port Phillip Passengers - Messrs Pritchard, Oldham, Sutter, Steerage Messrs Seal and Gardener.
Rootsweb - I found it very interesting to see what was being shipped back to England and as it has a Gippsland connection thought I would post it here. "Abberton" The Abberton was a 450 ton barque commanded by Captain Campbell, which sailed from Port Albert to London on or after the 14th January 1845 [customs clearance date]. There were three customs reports in the Herald, for the 7th, 8th (both recorded in the same edition) and one for the 14th. The report for the 7th states the port of departure as Port Phillip, the second as Hobson's Bay and the third as Port Albert. There were two passenger lists, which had a number of differences. The following table shows a combination of the two lists.
The cargo was listed as 216 casks of tallow, 2345 hides, 1 large bundle of hides, 1572 bales of wool, 2 boxes of bank papers and 2 cases of specimens.
report Surname First Title Spouse Notes
8 Morris H B Mr and Lady, 14 Moses Mr Mrs, 8,14 Nicholson Mr Mrs child listed 14th, 8,14 Gavan Miss, 8,14 Waring Dr, 8,14 Kemp Mr from Post Office, 8,14 Hall Mr, 8 Laing Mr, 14 Lacy Mr, 8 Weedon Mr
14 steerage 10 adults 3 children


arrived 27 Aug 1845, barque 388 tons, Burrell master, from London 26 April, to Port Phillip
The Achilles left the Downs on 4 May, and made the passage out in 115 days. She had very good weather all through.
Cabin - Mr, Mrs and Miss Cameron, Mrs Miles and servant, Masters James and Thomas Cain, Mr and Miss Andrews, Mr H Nicoll, Mrs Ayrey, Mr Toogood. Steerage S Peters, Ann Dunbar, Wright


arrived 1 Sep 1845, barque 269 tons, Dalgarno master, from London 10 May to Port Phillip
Passengers Mrs Henry Baker with dau and 3 sons, Mrs Dalgarno and nephew
27 Dec 1845 cleared for London. Passengers Mrs Dalgarno, Messrs Dalgarno, McLure, Darling, Bissett, Dredge, Rutherford, Whitehead and Rev Mr Dredge. Cargo 1336 bales wool, 7 tons bark, 1 box curiosities, 1 box documents


arrived 18 Jan 1845 barque from London to Port Phillip Passengers Messrs E Emmett and Lester,
The Brankenmoor also berthed in Australia in 1845 with Captain Carr as Master and Griffiths, Borradaile "&" Co as agents.


arrived 3 July, barque 370 tons, Captain Hugh Mackie master, from Glasgow 27 Feb, to Port Phillip 1845 [Jul 3] Passengers Robert, Joseph and John Porter, of Pullar, Porter and Co Agents.
Departed 10 Aug 1845 for Sydney

Cataraqui Shipwrecked

4 Aug 1845 at King's Island after having left Liverpool on 20 Apr 1845 for Melbourne.
Capt Charles W Finlay was of Scots extraction born in Dublin where he left a wife and 2 chn. The 9 survivors arrived in Melbourne per 25 Jan 1846 on the Mary, from Circular Head. Also reported Port Phillip Herald, 27 Jan 1846 that 301 bodies were recovered, of the 414 lost, and buried in 4 graves at King Island, within sight of where the wreck occured. Image DSC00283 for list
Melbourne Courier 15 Sep 1845 Page 2 has account of the wreck and a passenger list compiled by Dr Patterson, the Immigration Officer. On 24 Sep, Page 4 has a copy of the Official Nominal List of Emigrants embarked at Liverpool - 23 unmarried males, 33 unmarried females and 313 persons in 62 families. Only surviving passenger Solomon Brown aged 30 lost his wife and 4 daughters.

Shipwreck full report, including lists of Passengers and Crew
Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 17 February 1846:-for,
"Copies of all Reports and Correspondence respecting the Loss of the Emigrant Ship 'Cataraque,' in Bass's Straits, in August last, having 369 Emigrants on board."
28 April 1836 The Eagle, schooner with Payne master, arrived from Hobart Town via King's Island with Mr Alexander Sutherland from the wreck of the Cataraqui.
'Perilous Voyages to the New Land' by Michael Cannon, pages 121 - 126 gives an account of the loss of all passengers except Solomon Brown, who is believed to have remarried and raised a family.


arrived 1 Jan 1845 barque from London 12 Aug 1844 to Port Phillip Passengers Messrs Richard and Jonas Jeffries, 5 in Steerage - Mrs Lazarus, with 3 daus and Mr Henry Lazarus, and Mrs Carlile for Hobart. Has cargo for Hobart.
Geelong Advertiser 28 May 1845 reports Cygnet sailed for London, Passengers Messrs CW Sievwright, James Auld, George Hinton, William Patterson and Arthur Langhorne. Cargo in lists with names,


arrived 16 Sep 1845, barque 632 tons, Captain Snell, from Glasgow 29 Apr 1845 to Port Phillip Image DSC 0156.jpg list of passengers Cabin For Sydney - Capt McKellar, wife and 2 dau, Mr and Mrs Dymock and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs Smithers and child, Mr Sinclair.
For Port Phillip PT Thomson, Mr and Miss Wilkie, Messrs McCallum and DM McCallum, Hyde, Madden, Edwards, Mason and John McFarlane
Steerage Messrs W Paul, E Bowling and the servant of Mr Smithers.
Depart 13 Oct to Sydney

Elizabeth Thompson

arrived 12 Nov 1845, barque Betts master, from Liverpool to Port Phillip 1845 Page 291,
Passengers (cabin) Mr and Mrs Hobson, Messrs Pardon/Purden, and Thorp. Intermediate Messrs Connor and Power, Steerage Mrs Watters and 2 chn, two called Mr Davies,


, arrived 6 Dec 1845 barque from Glasgow to Sydney on 28 Nov 1845 then on to Port Phillip. Captain James Turnbull.
Cabin passengers Messrs J Donnithorne, E Howe, and Mr and Mrs J Purcell or Parnell. 2 in Steerage
Departed 4 Apr 1846 for London


arrived 16 Feb 1845 barque 375 tons from Liverpool 29 Oct 1844 (108 days)
Cabin Miss R and Miss Raleigh, William Montgomerie Bell and wife nee Barbara Wilson, Mr Pickering, Robert Jamieson, Mr Stilling, Miss Pickering,
Steerage (6 adults and 7 chn) Mr W and Mrs Oswin with chn Mr W, 6 dau and young son, Miss Campbell , Mr Holker and Mrs John Plinn/Pinn
Depart 29 Mar 1845 for Launceston and London


arrived 30 Nov 1845 ship 436 tons, Harrison master, from Liverpool 31 Aug to Port Phillip
Passengers Mr and Mrs Keon and child, Messrs James Glover, Charles Gainson, PS Ormandy, Thomas Mills, Henry Kirby
Cargo is listed (omitting items for partnerships), for C Ellershaw, E Sayce, G Nicholson, J Releigh, G Nicholson, 1 box books - WM Hunter, 1 box apparel - Mrs Craig,


arrived 6 Dec 1845, barque 325 tons, Master RN Beauvais, from Manila to Port Phillip


arrived 9 Feb 1845 barque 496 tons, J Whiteside master, from London 6 Oct 1844 to Port Phillip
Passengers Mrs Whiteside, Mr and Miss Highett, Messrs Sewell and Burchett, two in the steerage, Mr D Scott and Mr S Sheppard.

Princess Royal

arrived 6 Jun 1845 brig 338 tons from Liverpool 22 Jan 1845. Capt Reed, with wife and child in the Cabin.
Departed 29 Jun 1845 for Sydney


brig from London to Port Phillip 1845 [Nov 8] tells of needs on Island of Tristan de Acuna

Reward departed for London from Port Phillip on 21 Jan 1846/ Passengers Messrs Hall, Willis, Mann, and Macrae. Cargo 1211 bales wool, 18 bales leather, 17 bales kangaroo skins, 1 case of natural history.
Port Phillip Herald reports arrival of Mr and Mrs Wildman and 8 chn, Captain Campbell (late of the Abberton) and Mr Pierce.
The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List, two reports shown for the Reward.


arrived 18 June 1845, barque 297 tons Capt Goulding master, from Liverpool 28 Feb 1845 Passengers, Cabin Mr and Mrs Lette, Steerage Mrs Macready, Messrs Cowan, Montgomery, Deiseldroff, Pile and Blakely/Blakesley
July 8 cleared for Sydney, Passengers Mr and Mrs Lett, Mr Archibald Campbell, Captain Davidson, Captain and Mrs Mackie, Mr Charles Sidey, (Steerage) Messrs Hill, Montgomery, Blackley, M'Eachern, and Cain
Departed 8 Jul 1845 for Sydney to load wool for Liverpool

Royal George

cleared for London 14 Feb 1845 with passengers George Porter Esq., and in Steerage Thomas Reid, George Dryer, N Evans, T Conolly, C Wells, John Perry, Mrs Aldritt, edward Welsh, T Mossman, E Smith, Mr and Mrs Valentine

Royal George arrived 29 Dec at Port Phillip, left London on 7th and Downs on 10 Sep 1845.
Passengers Captain Langdon, lady and 4 servants; Mrs Mereden and dau; Messrs George Porter, Robert Kelsall, Masters Frederick Stone, Edward Adams and Edmund Dalgety. Steerage Richard Taylor, Alfred Taylor, Richard Hill, Charles Reid, G George Gaubert, Mrs Auld, Mrs Johnston, and James Shrimpton.

Sir George Seymour

arrived 18 March 1845, ship 825 tons, 4 guns, Captain John Young, master, from London via Hobart Town with 174 Pentonville Exiles, under the charge of Dr JS Hampton Surgeon-superintendent. Left Geelong and sailed 24 March for Hobart Town direct.
Cabin Passengers Mr Stallard, Lieut Ashburner with wife, Dr Carruthers, Mr Hill. Steerage passengers C Wentworth and Mr Steddy

Hobart Courier 1 March 1845 reported arrival 27 Feb in Hobart with passengers Dr Hampton, Surgeon Superintendent, Mrs Hampton and son, Captain Thompson 58th and Lieut Drought, 62nd, 30 rank and file 58th Regiment, 5 women and 8 children, Mr and Mrs Boyd and dau, Mr and Mrs Caunduff, Religious Instructor. On Saturday 8 March it was reported that the number landed here is 169, of which 91 are ticket holders - (appears to be probation passes). The remainder, 174 who are termed 'exiles' leaves this morning for Port Phillip

Geelong Advertiser for Weds 19 March 1845 reports - Arrived but no communication between the ship and shore has taken place yet.
Brought 172 Protestants and 4 Roman Catholics, total 176. Date of Royal Pardon 10 Oct 1844 Geelong Advertiser for Sat 22 March 1845 reports:-
The ship Sir George Seymour has been lying in our harbour the last 4 days, and we are glad to report he Exiles are hiring themselves readily at reasonable wages. They did not land until this afternoon, but every facility has been given to parties visiting the ship.
Column 4 - Man Drowned - As the ship Sir George Seymour was off the Heads on Monday last, all hands were ordered aloft to reef topsails, in doing which a seaman fell from the fore-topsail yard into the sea, and it blowing almost a gale of wind at the time, it was impossible to lower a boat, and the poor fellow met a watery grave.
Geelong Advertiser for Weds 26 March 1845 reports:-
The Exiles have only been landed two days, and already no less than 130 have found employment, at 15 pounds and upwards per annum. There are now only 40 remaining, and those are expected to be in work in two days more.
The Melbourne Courier has an official report of the 'Penton-villians', which is generally congratulatory. From: "Ada Ackerly" Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Exiles from Oxford : Ada Part 2 Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 12:58:26 +1100 References: On the SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR arriving 20 Mar1845: George BARTLETT sentenced at Oxford Feb 1843 Henry SPRAGG sentenced at Oxford Feb 1843 **On the SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR arriving 20 Mar1845:** George BARTLETT sentenced at Oxford Feb 1843 >convicted 10 years larceny in a dwelling at Oxford. A labourer born 1818 , married, read and write imperfectly, taught trade of rugmaker. ( It seems that rugmaker was one of the least skilled trades taught, and I would think, the least useful to earn a living in frontier Australia!) Henry SPRAGG sentenced at Oxford Feb 1843 >convicted 7 years larceny from his master. A labourer born 1814,a widower, reads and writes imperfectly, taught trade of tailor. Refused to accept wages offered for on shore employment and was dismissed from the ship to find his own employment.

Cleared for Calcutta on 27 June 1845 with 132 horses, etc, and passengers Mr R Campbell, Miss AL Brodie, Lieut and Mrs Ashburns, Dr HW Warston, Messrs Berthon, Stallard, Solomon Solomons, H Robinson, Charles Hayles, John Peters, Richard Holmes, James Slater, Lando Fronter, George Jackson

Thomas Hughes

arrived 29 Nov 1845 barque 310 tons, Captain Thomas Butter master, from London 8th and the Downs 15 August to Port Phillip Passengers Mr and Miss Nicholson, and Miss Rawlings
Long list of Imports including 2 cases containing a shower bath for Heape and Grice, 1 cask beer - W Quinnan, 1 case merchandise - W Horncastle, quantity of merchandise - W Timms, 10 cases - Joseph Swinnerton, 2 cases - John Cotter, 1 case wearing apparel and more - James Jackson, 2 cases - HW Le Mann, 1 box wearing apparel - Miss Drysdale, 1 case - C Sladen, order for FW Laydon, 1 case - Charles Edney.
Departing 24 Feb 1845 for London, Captain Butler master. passengers Mr Edward Woolley, Mrs Woolley and daughter, and Mr EM Curle. Cargo 1371 bales wool, 16 casks tallow, 34 logs red gum timber, 1 case natural history specimens. - source Port Phillip Herald 25 Feb 1845


arrived 27 Feb 1845 ship 750 tons from Liverpool 15 Nov 1844
Cabin Mr and Mrs Smith and 2 dau, Mr and Mrs Dalhousie, Master William FitzAlbert, Mr Johnston, Mr and Mrs Anscomb and dau.
Steerage 240 immigrants. 2 deaths and 8 births en route, Surgeon Supt Dr Brown
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