They came by ship in 1840
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Came to Port Phillip in 1840
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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1840

A combination of reports by the Port Phillip Herald listing arrival of 40 vessels from United Kingdom,
and Shipping lists for Bounty passengers, suggests 2725 persons came to Port Phillip in 1840.
Paying passengers listed (790 names from Herald, includes departures) are 517 Cabin, 128 Intermediate, 458 Steerage,
73 vaguely described and 1550 Bounty emigrants.
In other words, approximately 5 Bounty immigrants for each 4 who paid and could be expected to become employers.

Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
The Launceston Courier has movements between Launceston and Port Phillip and Portland Bay from Oct 1840.

This list excludes most
of the local sea traffic
between Sydney, Hobart
Launceston, Adelaide,
Portland and Geelong

Check the local newspaper,
Port Phillip Herald
for other details
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- Helen Thompson, John Bull 22, Madras 22


- William Barres 7, Caroline 8, William Metcalfe 10, Columbian 24,


- Rajasthan 9, Indus 15, Brankenmor 17,


- Lord Goderich 7, India 9, Louisa Campbell 16, Glenhuntly 17,


- China 2, Arab 9, Strathfieldsaye 9, Orissa 10, Dauntless 15,


- Majestic 8, Duchess of Kent 20, Andromache 26, Mellish 29,


- Coromandel 10, Theresa 18,


- Marmion 8, Isabella Watson 11, Culdee 13, William Woolley 27, East London 28,


- Eagle 30, Himalaya 30,


- London 18, Thomas Harrison 31,


- Martin Luther 1, Perfect 8,


- Midlothian 13, Orient 13, Dumfries 14, Vesper 14

Geelong Advertiser commenced Dec 1840, Sarah Layton drowned trying to fetch water, Charles Ruffle opened a Bakery,
John Rice absconded and Thomas Wright wants him back, Ben Levien has opened a punt and hotel at Saltwater River,
and Mrs J Griffin had a daughter 21 Dec, at the Geelong Retreat Inn

Arrivals in 1839, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, Andromache, Anne, Arab, Brankenmor, Caroline, China, Clydesdale, Columbian, Coromandel, Culdee, Dauntless, Duchess of Kent, Dumfries, Eagle, East London, Glenhuntly, Helen Thompson, Himalaya, India, Indus, Isabella Watson, John Bull, London, Lord Goderich, Louisa Campbell, Madras, Majestic, Marmion, Martin Luther, Mellish, Midlothian, Orient, Orissa, Perfect, Rajasthan, Strathfieldsaye, Theresa, Thomas Harrison, Tomartin, Vesper, William Barres, William Metcalfe, William Woolley,
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