They came to Port Phillip by ship in 1839
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Came to Port Phillip in 1839
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They came by ship - Assisted Immigrants who arrived 1839

1839 was a common year starting on Tuesday
Passenger lists - NSW lists as families or singles, Victoria has age of individual, or C=child, A=Adult.
Some are not on both lists, people slip between the lists - Vic includes crew and maybe the paying passengers.
The 'Historical Records of Victoria, Foundation Series, Volume 4, edited by Michael Cannon and Ian MacFarlane,
published 1985, has extensive reports on each of these arrivals. We know about 1166 names, out of the 5221 counted arrivals

"The Somerset Years", by Florence Chuk, page 40 has a chapter on the Westminster, with a description of the voyage.
She also has some general comments. For example - "To increase the likelihood of vessels sighting each other, facilitating exchange of mail, and other comforts, masters tried to cross the Line between Longitudes 19' and 20', approximately above the Romanche Gap in the great underseAtlantic Ridge. Here the meeting of prevailing wind systems made it convenient for vessels sailing both north and south, making sightings much less a matter of chance. The Westminster sighted 11 vessels near the line, demonstrating the efficiency of this custom.

Alice Brooks

arrived 16 Nov 1839, barque, 212 tons, Capt David Scott, from Liverpool 22 May via Adelaide on 23 Sep 1839.
Cabin passengers Robert Jordan, Benjamin Heap, Mr JW Shepherd, Steerage Richard Grice
Departed 26 Mar 1840 for London


arrived 20 Sep 1839, Capt George McLeod, 504 tons, from Greenock 6 Apr 1839 via Adelaide 9 Sep,
Cabin passengers Lt John Eddington with Mrs Ann Elizabeth Eddington, Master Drysdale Eddington, Miss Eddington and 3 chn, Mrs Blair, Dr Irvine with wife and child, Mr Smyth,
Intermediate passengers Mr King with Mrs and child, Mr Murray, Mr Adams, Donald Black,
Steerage - Peter Virtue with wife, and son Peter.


arrived 18 Sep 1839, Capt John Liddel, 405 tons, from Leith 17 Apr via Bahia 25 Jun 1839. Departed for Sydney 2 Oct 1839 with part of original cargo.
At Bahia picked up 2 passengers, Charles Segal, and Richard Burns, from 'Gazelle' from Hobart to London had put in to Bahia and been condemned,
51 listed Cabin passengers - Miss H Atherton, Miss Agnes McPherson, Dr D Curdie, Mrs Elizabeth Henderson with Elizabeth Henderson, Margaret Henderson and Isabella Henderson, George Henderson and John Henderson, Patrick Henderson, Mr Peter Fairly/ Ferrie and Mrs Fairly/Ferrie, Thomas Jones with Mrs Mary Jones, Samuel Jones, Jane Jones and Archibald Jones, Mr E Reynolds with Mrs Mary Reynolds, Anthony Reynolds and and 2 dau Reynolds, James Roberts with Mrs Sophia (Nelson) Roberts, Jane Roberts, James Roberts and William Roberts, Mr James Simpson and Mrs Agnes Simpson, David Aitchison, George Aitchison, Alexander Airth Broadfoot, Ebenezer Brown, Thomas Brown, Ousley Cockburn, Thomas Hotchin Capland/ Copeland, Robert Gardner/ Gardiner, Dickson Hogarth, John Jennings, Mr DS Maconochie/Machonochie, Daniel Mackinnon, John Mather, John Menzies, David Mitchell, Charles Murchie, James Pryde, Peter R Scott, George Stewart, Edwin Sullivant, Andrew Thomson/ Thompson,

David Clark

arrived 3 Dec 1839 Master WP Mills, Superintendent Archibald Gilchrist, notes
- David Clarrk Passenger list, my transcription.
See The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Tuesday 3 December 1839 Page 2 for an account of the arrival of the David Clarke


arrived Jan 1839 barque, under command of Captain Hart arrived in Sydney 2 Oct 1838 and then to Port Phillip to arrive Jan 1839, was the first to bring 20 families consisting of 100 souls, plus 3 single men, from Sydney and 20 found work in Port Phillip with 18 employers - John Batman, John Brock, Christopher Bury, Michael Carr, William Coghill, Horatio Cooper, Anthony Cottrell, George Coulstock, John Cummings, John Harrison, William Lonsdale, John McNall, John Mills, John Jones Peers, WFA Rucker, George Smith, Thomas Watt, Arundel Wrighte all of Melbourne
Chief Protector of Aborigines, George Augustus Robinson, was allocated 4 Assistant Protectors: James Dredge, Edward Parker, Charles Sievwright and William Thomas, who were appointed in England in 1838, came on the Hope, and took up their duties in the Port Phillip District of New South Wales in January 1839. With the aid of two convicts each, and the powers of a magistrate, they were to protect the native people from ‘any encroachment on their property and from acts of cruelty, oppression or injustice’.

These numbers refer only to the 21 families involved in the beginning of the Bounty Immigrants program.
BarqueCouplesdau>7dau<7sons 14+sons>7sons<7infants mentotal
Hope 2116173101363110

John Barry

arrived from Sydney, 28 Apr 1839, 520 tons, master J Robson, at Port Phillip with 48 families from the British King, 199 men, women and children. All the healthy immigrants obtained work without great difficulty as labour was scarce - though 15 of the 42 listed just got day work in Melbourne. Donald McDonald 17 and the families of William Matthews, Donald McPherson and Duncan McDonald remained in the sick quarters.

See John Barry extensive notes, and passenger list

From on Thursday, 9 April, 2009

I am the co-ordinator of the British King [ship] 1839 Genealogy Research Project, a registered organisation and we have been going for around 10 years, such is the depth of the Project [from pre 1838 to living kin].
We are tracing the lives of the passengers who came to Australia on the 'British King including the Camerons. I am close to publishing Volume 1 of the Project which will detail probably 7-8 of the families where we have the research completed.


arrived 15 June 1839 from Leith 29 Feb 1839 via The Downs 15 Mar, with a general cargo, Capt George Morrison, 414 tons.
18 Steerage passengers whose names were not recorded and 27 named Cabin passengers.
Mr J How with Mrs J How, Elizabeth How and M How, Dr Farquhar McCrae with Mrs McCrae, Agnes McCrae, Thomasine McCrae, Margaret McCrae and Jane McCrae, Mrs J Thomson/ Thompson and servant, Mrs Ann Todd and servant, Robert Buckham, George Craig, Frederick Easton, Charles Gray, William G Hay, Thomas Horsburgh, Alexander Johnston/ Johnstone, Thomas Johnson, John Hunter Kerr, Adam Kerr, John Marr, William Russell, W Scott, Hugh Walker, Robert Wilkin,
Departed 29 June 1839 for Sydney with part of her original cargo and some of the passengers


arrived 24 Nov 1839, 400 ton barque Captain Brown from Greenock to Port Phillip 1839 [Nov 24] came with 47 Assisted Immigrants, with 19 children in 7 families, 4 more married couples, 3 single men and 4 single women. Bounty claim 632 pounds paid in Sydney, no disposal notes.
Di Cummings page records crew and passengers intended for Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.
The Spence family from Melrose on the Tweed came on the Palmyra to Adelaide and daughter Catherine Helen Spence was aged under 15. Notes from her Autobiography Her parents had a 80 acre section bought for 80 pounds which entitled them to the steerage passage of four adults - her elder sister and 2 brothers and a servant girl as they needed a second female. She and her mother went Intermediate, her father left a fortnight earlier on the Dumfries and arrived at Adelaide 13 Oct 1839. Her younger brother David was left in Scotland for his education.

John Armstrong with family, John Crawford with family, Alexander Dodds single, Mary Hardee single, James Jamieson with family, John Jardine with family, Ann Lawson single, James Mcdonald with wife, Donald Mcnicoll with family, Mathew Palmer single, Mary Sharp single, Euphemia Stewart single, William Swan with wife, James Tait with family, Margaret Tait single, Andrew Thompson single, Thomas Watson with wife, John Williamson with wife, Robert Williamson with family,
Alexander Turnbull aged 4 appears to be son of Margaret Tait, Christening: 22 May 1835 at Wilton, Roxburgh, Scotland.

Commercial Journal, Palmyra arrived in Sydney from Port Phillip on Sat 14 Dec 1839 with passengers surnamed Brown, Goodfellow, Scubbie, McCarthy, Smith, Stubbs, Oliver, Curl, Davison, Waterson, Brown, Macpherson, Laidlaw, M'Kerrow, Severne and Hughes.

BarqueCouplesdau>7dau<7sons>7sons<7infants menwomentotal
Palmyra 11183603447

Saint Mungo

arrived 6 Dec 1839, 353 tons, Captain R S Orr, from Leith in 150 days, via Rio de Janiero (there for 9 days) with 52 Immigrants. None were Bounty immigrants. The NSW list has 31 single men, 1 husband, 14 single women, 2 married women and 4 children. There are 24 different surnames, including 7 Martins and 6 each of Youngs, Hutchison and Dale

The Sydney Commercial Journal and Advertiser for 1 Jan 1840 reports the arrival of the St Mungo at Port Phillip on the 6 Dec, lists Mr Young with supercargo and freight, Mrs Young and 3 chn, Mr Adams, surgeon, Messrs Black, Marjoribanks, Dickson, Gillow, Bell, Bogne, Thomson, Mrs Adams and child, Miss Maclarlane and 38 in the steerage. After discharging her cargo, she will come to Sydney.

BarqueCouplesdau>7dau<7sons >14sons>7sons<7infants menwomentotal
Saint Mango 745334020154

James Adams Surgeon, with Mrs Adams and 2 chn, William G Bell, James Black, Adam Bogne, Andrew Bowie, Andrew Crichton, William Dale, James Dick, John Dickson, William Dickson, Mr Thomas Duncan, James Fitzgerald, John Gillon, Francis Herbertson, John Hutchison, Alexander Kidd, Gilbert Margowbanks, James (Snr) Martin, John Mcarthur, Miss Mcfarlane, James Orr, John Orr, James Robertson, John Sanderson, James Swanston, Anthony Thomson, James Turner, David Young with Mrs Young and 3 chn,


arrived 5 Dec 1839, barque 535 tons, Captain Neil Shannon master, from Greenock 13 Jul 1839, and Adelaide 28 Nov 1839. See OzShip for this vessel. Passengers Messrs Archer, Atherton, Brock, Eddie, Simpson, Snodgrass, Templar, Walker


arrived 13 Dec 1839, barque 610 tons, Captain Mollison, from England to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] 1839 [Dec 13] with Mr Davis Surgeon-Superintendent, Have 4 pages fiche, Images 022-28, and 9 died during the voyage.
- Westminster Passenger list, my transcription.
Numbers exclude 25 who only appear on the Disposal List, and boarded the vessel to go to Sydney
From Commercial Journal and Advertiser, 8 Jan 1840, reports arrival yesterday of the barque Wesminster, Captain Mollison, with merchandise, Passengers Messrs James Devlin, Archibald Osborne, James Aitkins, John Matchinson, W Davies Esq surgeon, and three in the steerage from Port Phillip, also 29 emigrants from London.
WestminsterCouplesdau>14dau>7dau<7sons 14+sons>7sons<7infants menwomenwidowstotal
Other 80001111388166

William Metcalfe

arrived 24 Nov 1839, ship from England to Port Phillip [assisted emigrant passengers] Images 012-018, Have page 17 of Disposal list (30 names and calling) -
William Metcalfe Passenger list, my transcription.

FromJB Were had 9000 pounds to invest, and may have chartered the ship William Metcalfe, in which he sailed, but it is certain the bulk of the cargo was his - included a house ready for erection, a number of tents, and at Oporto he purchased port wine in gallon glass decanters engraved with the name J B Were. Boarded at Plymouth Harbour in July 1839, by his wife, infant son Jonathan Henry, 4 yr old daughter Sophia Louisa, his brother-in-law Robert Stevenson Dunsford and two servants. With Captain Phillipson they sailed 26 July and reached Port Phillip after 113 days, on 15 Nov 1839 with 230 assisted immigrants. David Clark arrived 3 Dec 1839 with 229, Palmyra arrived 24 Nov 1839 with 43 and Westminster arrived 13 Dec 1839 with 208, a total of 710 assisted immigrants.

Shipsondauhuswifesmsf SoulsyoungfamiliescouplesumufBornDiedPaid
William Metcalfe 323341553636237216219553941137m 18f 13chn

TotalShipsfamiliessingle mensingle womenTotal
Accuracy of the quoted age is questionable - for both adults and children. Fares were determined by the age.

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