(With a few other composers, especially Daniel Franšois Auber, Jacques Fromental HalÚvy and Giacomo Meyerbeer.

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Welcome. My name is Tom Kaufman, and I've been an opera fan for more years than I care to remember. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks--but this old dog tries, and is now busy constructing a home page. I have a feeling that this page will be under construction for a long time, and that one thing or another will always be added to it. Perhaps a few words about one of my favorite tenors (loads of these), or one of my favorite composers (not as many--and some of them are not as familiar as they should be). I am also working on a new section which will include reviews of books related to opera, especially chronologies of opera houses and singer biographies. Or about some of the many wonderful new friends from all over the world I have made on the Internet (a relatively new adventure for me).

But let's start with my new friends: In alphabetical order: Alain, Alessandro, Alfredo, Andrea, Andreas, Andres, Andrew, Andrey, Anibal, Babs, Barbara, Ben, Bill, Boris, Carl, Cesar, Chuck, Chun-zen, Ciro, Claire, Claude, Clemens, Cyrene, Dan, Daniel, Dave, David, Di, Don, Dorian, Elisabeth, Enrique, Eric, Frank, Fulvio, Gaye, George, Georges, Giorgio, Giosetta, Giovanni, Gordon, Hagy, Harry, Helen, Hetty, Hugo, Ioana, Izabela, Jan, Jarrett, Javier, John, Jon, Julia, Karen, Lea, Leah, Leone, Leslie, Luis, Lynne, Manuel, Marcelo, Margherita, Marion, Mark, Michael, Mike, Myriam, Nick, Nicola, Oswaldo, Paddy, Paolo, Pat, Patrizia, Paola, Paul, Pierre, Rafael, Regina, RenÚ, Reto, Ric, Richard, Roger, Ron, Rudi, Sharon, Shelley, Shimon, Steffen, Stephen, Steve, Sylvia, Thomas, Tom, Tony, Van, Vicki, and many others.

The composers and books (in process)are listed on separate pages, with links below:



Book Reviews

The new Opera Rara Recording of Giovanni Pacini's Carlo di Borgogna has ben designated the bel canto recording of the millenium.

And, finally, if you would like to know a little more about myself, here is a brief list of some of my writings and lectures on opera, opera composers, and opera singers.

My publications

I have always had a special interest in bel canto (especially neglected composers), French mid nineteenth century opera, verismo, and tenors.

I might add that I was born (appropriately enough--since my website address is Vienna) in Vienna, Austria, went briefly to Luxemburg, then France after the "Anschluss" by the Nazis, and have lived in the U.S. (currently Baltimore) ever since. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Marion, for well over 45 years. I am now semi-retired, but still active as a consultant in Regulatory Affairs to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Much of my "free time" is spent working on various opera related projects, such as singer or theatre chronologies, liner notes, essays on neglected composers or singers, preparing for lectures, and writing reviews of CDs (generally unusual repertory) and books. I am also an avid collector of opera books, especially chronologies of opera houses and singer biographies.

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