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About the songs in the list
How Songs are Shown

How Songs are Shown

Song Title
Song Title

  1. Language in which a song is sung:

    • Eng - English
    • Ger - German
    • Fre - French
    • Spa - Spanish
    • Ita - Italian
    • Ins - Instrumental

    • Par - Parody
      The addition of Par in the Language column means that this is a parody instead of a serious song.

    • Org - Original
      The addition of Org in the Language column means that this is the original version of the song in this language. Other listed versions are covers or re-makes.

  2. Title of song

  3. Singer or Group

  4. The year in which the song was a hit.
    Give or take a year.

  5. Interesting, often subjective bits of information about one or more songs in the group.

About the songs in the list
  1. All of the songs which appear in a group share a common melody. This means that I've heard all of part of this song.

  2. It is possible for 2 songs which have the same title to have different melodies.  I assume that a given pop or country artist does not record 2 songs which have the same title but different melodies.

  3. If there are only 2 songs in a group, then each version will be in a different language.

    1. One song in English, the other in German.
      Most songs will fall into this category.
    2. One song in English, the other in a language other than German
    3. One song in German, the other in a language other than English.

      I hesitate to use the term foreign language, because it is possible that your native language or the language you use every day is not English.

    This means you won't find a group of two songs where one is in French and the other is in Spanish.
    I must put limits on the scope of the list!  :-)

  4. American pop and country songs which have been parodied will not appear in the DeJaVU list unless that melody also has German lyrics.  I will be making another list for pop and country parodies.  Those of you who know about Madman Moskowitz on radio station KSER-FM 90.7 will be able to relate to that list once it has been created. Madman Moskowitz plays quite a lot of parodies on his show!

  5. The alphabetized list will be in order of the English-language title of the song. If no English title is available, then the German title will be the key.

  6. In some cases, a German song has an English title, The title may be the only English in the song. This is done if it is easier for the composer to express a thought in English than in German. Sometimes an English phrase will be used if the equivalent German expression doesn't fit the existing melody which is being covered.

  7. If a song appears twice in a group by the same artist it's possible that the artist recorded the same song in 2 different languages -- usually English and German.

  8. Composers will not be listed because they are often not listed on CD's, LP's, and pre-recorded cassettes, and they are not announced on the radio unless you are listening to classical music.

    In other words, I don't know who wrote the words and music.

  9. There will be little or no "heavy-metal" rock, rap, or "soul" music because in general these kinds of music are not my taste.

  10. "I didn't know that song had words!"

    A few well-known instrumentals have lyrics, but they may be in a foreign language which is why you don't know about them.

    If a song is in a language other than English, it usually does NOT get played on American Top-40 or Adult-Contemporary radio stations.

  11. If you go to Germany or Austria you will hear English-language music mixed in with the German-language music on the "public" radio stations.  Occasionally you'll also hear songs in French and Italian.

    If you listen to the "hit music" stations, almost all of the music with be in English.  The only German you'll hear will be the news, weather, traffic reports, and the commercials!

    It should be obvious to you that I get a lot of material for this list just by listening to the radio! :-)

  12. "I don't even remember that song, and it's in English!"

    This means you are probably an American or a Canadian who has never left the country.

    Not every song which becomes a hit in Europe is released in North America. This means you can't buy it unless you can find an "import" copy locally or are willing to travel to Europe and buy it there.

    Note:  When buying imported music or if buying music on a trip to Europe, try to get it on CD. If you think CD's are expensive, remember that pre-recorded cassettes can jam or break.

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