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Updated as news and court cases becomes available. Topics, issues, court cases, and consequences facing former sex offenders and those accused (adults & juveniles), in prison, jail, civil commitment and LifeAfter in society. The truth about recidivism, dangerousness, registration, community notification, harassment -to- vigilantism, therapy, and community issues of housing, employment and schools. United Nations human rights issues addressed. Site keeps advocates, criminal justice and mental health professionals, and public policy decision makers up to date.
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9-8-08: The U.S. Supreme court is now considering a motion for rehearing of this case.

SexCrimes Blog is covering Patrick Kennedy v. Louisiana, the case on the death penalty for sex crimes less than murder. The U.S. Supreme court heard Oral Argument on Wed. (4-16) of this week. Decision likely this summer.

The Death Penalty Information blog is also covering Patrick Kennedy v. Louisiana case.

New Page:

Consolidated facts, statistics and stories behind deaths, murders, suicides and vigilantism stories. We get so many questions about these blogs, and from those questions we developed this page. Folks can now go there and look up facts state-by-state or other ways.

This blog contains all the news reports of any act of vigilantism, however subtle, against someone who is a RSO or a family member of one, or persons whose lives come in contact with RSOs or their families.

Suicide & Other Deaths:

There are now over 450 suicides related to sex offenses in some way. We are still adding stories from years gone by.


There are now over 120 murders of folks related to sex offenses in some way, accused of, convicted of, or persons mistaken for a sex offender.

We have added "Other Death/s" to this blog. These are folks who were killed in murder-suicides and other similar circumstances. All of these folks were innocent bystanders.

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How Appealing:
Sex Crimes: A blog devoted to the criminal laws regulating and punishing sex offenders.
Sentencing Law and Policy:
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UPDATED 10-11-08

9-2-08: Michigan posted a new "Backgrounder" file with updated statistics, one of the stats appears to be wrong though. see following page:

A new section for Michiganders on the Michigan Sex Offender registry, see new "Everything you ever wanted to know about the Michigan Registration system."

If folks have any suggestions to make it better, I am all ears. Remember, what you see today is based on prior reader questions and requests.
The following NEW MICHIGAN categories display cases which have been found in news reports. By no means are these all there are as the media is careful not to print most of what ishappening to RSOs and their families, instead focusing on harms caused by sex offenses, which while true, shows the prejudice in reporting:

Acts of VIGILANTISM targeting MICHIGAN registered sex offenders or persons accused of sex offenses.

Suicides and Other Deaths of MICHIGAN registered sex offenders or persons accused of sex offenses.

Murders of MICHIGAN registered sex offenders or persons accused of sex offenses.

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (AWA) - Control Center
• Federal Register: Search for newer AWA Rules, after 11-20-08: • RSO Bills in Congress LAST UPDATE 10-10-08:

•  The USAG Interim Rule on AWA Retroactivityissued 2-28-07. • Comments period is over (4-30-07).
• Proposed Guidelines for Registrationissued 5-30-07 • Comments period is over (7-31-07).
• Proposed Guidelines Civil Commitment issued 8-3-07 • Comments accepted until 10-2-07

•  The USAG Interim rule re; RetroactivityAdditional Info •  Is the USAG Interim rule a final answer on retroactivity?
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