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"Worsham Hotel Cigar Stand Or Bar" token is courtesy of James Noel Worsham, 1999. The reverse side says "Good for / 5 / in Trade" It's brass and about the size of a nickel. John Jennings Worsham owned the Worsham House, an hotel in Memphis, TN. There was a cigar stand in the Worsham House where John Thomas Walsh, the president of the North Memphis Savings Bank, then a youth of fifteen (ca. 1869) secured employment. (Tennessee the Volunteer State 17691923: Volume 3 JOHN THOMAS WALSH.) The token may also be from Joseph Henry Worsham b 4 Jul 1862 who owned & ran the Worsham Hotel in Greenbrier, TN for 25 years (See pg 111 of Worsham & Washam History.) The token may also be from Worsham, VA. 


J.D.Worsham Rain Guage.jpg (49602 bytes)J. D. Worsham rain gauge "Rain or Shine, We Are Here To Serve You"  Sheldon Farmers Co-Operative Elevator, J. D. Worsham manager, Phone 85 - Sheldon, ILL.

Sheldon is in Iroquois Co., IL.  J. D. Worsham is probably related to Dwight Worsham.  In 1920 Dwight Worsham b. abt 1880 lived in Sheldon, Iroquois Co, IL with his wife Wildah L. & daughter, Loris B. Worsham b. abt 1910.




W.B.Worsham purse.jpg (62826 bytes)This purse, ca. 1900, "Complements of W. B. Worsham & Co., Bankers (unincorporated) Henrietta - Texas." Size 3 1/2" tall and 4" wide with two pockets.  The William Benjamin Worsham family is on page 792 of the Worsham and Washam Family History and updates are on Addenda page 792.  WB_Worsham_Check.JPG (54212 bytes) The purse was owned by James Noel Worsham,, in 2000. Jim, a family researcher, gave this purse to a descendant of William Benjamin Worsham.  The check was for use by the Capitol Saloon of Ringold, Texas, drawn on W. B. Worsham and Company, Bankers, of Henrietta.


Bottle ca. 1895, from W. B. Washam's Drug Store in Houston, Texas. Bottle stands not quite 5 1/4" tall with applied neck. Base is embossed W. B. M. Co. Has light etching in the glass and what looks like a tiny burst bubble in the neck near the top.  The family is on page 639 of the Worsham and Washam Family History and updates are on Addenda page 639



Lew_Worsham_Autog.JPG (56787 bytes)Lew Worsham autograph.  Lew waslewworshammedal.jpg (78719 bytes) winner of  the U.S. Open in 1947.  It was a triumph over Sam Snead in an 18-hole playoff.  Lew shot a 69 to edge Snead by a single shot at the St. Louis Country Club in Clayton, MO, after the two had tied with 72 hole scores of 282.  The "Lew Worsham ~ Golf 1953" Silver Medal was crafted by the Franklin Mint in 1977 depicting a finely detailed rendition of Worsham on a winning streak: That year he earned a record purse of $25,000! A description of this historic era is featured on the reverse. Measuring 1.25 inches in diameter.  The family is on page 282 of the Worsham and Washam Family History and updates are included in the Addenda.


Worsham American Legion.jpg (53751 bytes)Worsham Post 40, American Legion, Henderson, KY post card.



KellyAWorshamMap.JPG (180474 bytes)This map of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and vicinity is dated January 1907 and has handwriting and signature across the top. Name signed is Kelly A. Worsham of Troop "J" of the 12th Cavalry. Under title reads "compiled from surveys made by the staff Class of 1904-05 , 1905-06 under the direction of the Commandant of the Infantry and Cavalry School, Signal School and Staff College, January 1907".  Dimensions are 14" x 9". Scan is partial due to map size.  Kelly is believed to be Kelly Andy Worsham b. Feb 1877 Russell Co, VA & d. May 21, 1949 Saltville, Washington Co, VA.  In 1920 he was a pvt. at Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX in the 8th U.S. Cavalry.  Kelly was the son of Robert Franklin Worsham & Eliza Ellen Harris.  The family is on page 163 of the Worsham and Washam Family History.


Albert H. S. Worsham founded Worsham College of Embalming.   Worshamworsham school pic.jpg (103093 bytes) Worsham_School.jpg (54330 bytes) College of Mortuary Science was founded by Professor Albert Worsham on Mar 17, 1911, as the Worsham College of Embalming. Professor Worsham was born Aug 1868 Fairview, Fayette Co, IN, and migrated to Chicago in 1902, where he studied embalming at the Barnes School of Anatomy. Upon graduation, Professor Worsham taught at the Barnes School for 9 years before founding one of the oldest colleges of mortuary science in existence today.  The family is on page 210 of the Worsham and Washam Family History and family history updates are on Addenda page 210


WorshamAshtray.jpg (71107 bytes)Worsham Grading Contractors Ashtray, has a road grader in upper corner.  The business was located at 309 N. Cedar, Borger, Hutchinson Co, Texas.  The owners of the business are probably related to William Walter Worsham born Oct 1888 who is on page 321