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Genealogy of Ware Botsford Washam and Charles Jackson Washam, III.  Related surnames  include: Ackerman, Alden, Barringer, Botsford, Brown, Cobb, Foil, Glenn, Havis, Holliday, Jones, McBride, McMilan, Pelot, Snow, Wall, Ware, and Washam.   This family is begins on page 354 of the Worsham and Washam Family History.  Addenda updates begin on page 343.


William Oris Worsham Family Home Page, Worsham Family Tree.   His home page is at  &  Family is covered on  pages 1-91pages 131-144 of the Worsham and Washam Family History. (Links are to the Addenda)


Janelle Swearingen descends from Joshua Worsham & Mary, Thomas Worsham & Elizabeth Wynne, Joseph Worsham & Elizabeth Roberts, Peter R. Worsham & Elizabeth D. Barnett, Thomas Barnett Worsham & Amanda Paralee Hale, Tipton Craig Worsham & Orpha Jane Chandler, Elsie Jewell Worsham & Aden Marshell Callaway.  Family is covered on page 80 of the Worsham and Washam Family History.  (Page link is to the Addenda)  


Will Worsham's Home Page- Family Home Page. Will descends from Robert Worsham & Ruth Wynne, William Worsham & Hannah Smith, Joseph Worsham & Amanda Melvina Lewis, David Radford Worsham & Martha Elizabeth Norman, William Ragon Worsham & Sarah Vesta Hutsell, James Oris Worsham & Gertrude Clara Keener, Francis Warren Worsham & Helen Marie Mayfield.  Family is covered on  pages 131-144 of the Worsham and Washam Family History. (Page link is to the Addenda)  


Pat Scheele's Genealogy Pages include descendants of Peter Washam (2 Aug 1804 - 8 Aug 1887)  & Frances Owens family on page 566 of the Worsham and Washam Family History. (Link is to the Addenda)  

Also try Pat's other site at:



This family history was developed by Randall S. Treadway.  The site begins with William Worsham born in 1619. He had a Land Patent with his brother George, date: 2/15/1652.  His line settled in Sullivan Co, TN, Madison Co., NC & Charleston, SC. 


Dave & Connee Worsham's Home Page - Family Tree and Photo Album. Also see: The David Worsham Family Home Page. Dave descends from John Worsham & Nancy Whitworth, William Worsham & Mary Taylor, Francis Marion Worsham & Julia Ann Hooks, John Henry Worsham & Rosa Mary Taylor, Elwood Worsham Sr. & Verna Xena Manley. Family is covered on  pages 682-705 of the Worsham and Washam Family History. (Link is to the Addenda)  




The family history site is by Arminta Renee Sinks.  The family  is covered in the new John W. Washam and Mary Grayson section on this web site.


Genealogy by Audrey S. Diener of St. Clair, Missouri, 2000, includes the John Worsham & Lucretia Stewart family. See Addenda page 671.   John b abt 1791 probably in GA md abt 1823 probably in AL.  Lucretia b abt 1801 d/o William Stewart & Elizabeth Parker.  They first purchased land in 1824 in Lowndes Co., AL near the Stewart family.  and

Meredith Worsham - Brough is researching her family.   George William Worsham and his wife's, Annie Mae Williams, lived in St. Charles Co, Missouri  in 1910.

Brent Washam is descended from Willis Washam family on page 357(Link is to the Addenda)brent washam.JPG (93315 bytes) Click on this link to visit Brent's  Washam Family Home Page   Great pictures!




Kathi Hamilton has researched the Hamilton, Taylor, and Worsham families. Her lines originated in Virginia, then moved on to Tennessee, Missouri, and California.  Addenda updates to this Henry Co, VA Worsham family are on page 682 of the Worsham and Washam Family History.  (Link is to the Addenda)  Her web site is Hamilton, Taylor, and Worsham Families Home Page


Rachel's Family Tree contains information on the descendants of Frances Worsham & William Rowlett who were md. 12 Oct 1703 St. James Church, Henrico, VA.  The family is on on pages 48-49 of the Worsham and Washam Family History.  For updates on this family see Addenda page 47. Rachel's home page is at:


Linda Shay announced the publication of Richard Newport, His Book The Lineage of Richard Newport, Minister of the Gospel by Linda Shay With Associated Lines of Conner, Kavanaugh, Boylston, Cecil, Sollers, Claypool, Goad, Lane, Russell, Warwick, Washam, Shoemaker, Stevenson, and Lackey. This book focuses on the ministry of Rev. Richard Newport, 1744-1825, of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. It also contains charts and data sheets on the ancestors of John Marion Newport and Maude Bell Washam, with the associated lines listed above. The book consists of approximately 450 pages, and contains more than 50 photographs and illustrations. For further details and ordering information, click here: Richard Newport  Maude Belle Washam was the daughter of Leander Mathis Washam & Jamima Jane Warwick.  The family is on pages 222-223 of the Worsham and Washam Family History.  Updates begin on Addenda page 210

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