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Captain George STUART [Parents] was born 1736 in England. He died 1823 in Greenbrier County, VA. George married Christine HOLSAPPLE on 1782 in Alderson, Greenbrier County, VA.

E-mail correspondence with Charles Thompson (1999) indicates he believes George Stuart was a "veteran of the Revolutionary War. He served in the British Army under Lord Cornwallis, taking part in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, on 15 March 1781 in North Carolina. This was against American forces led by General Nathaniel
Greene." Additional research has not been able to verify this information with any further details (June 2000).

In connection with Greenbrier's early buildings there frequently appears the name of John W. Dunn, the successful brickmason who not only built most of the houses but made the bricks as well. ... Dunn was one of the later owners of a pretentious brick residence on a 260-acre farm a short distance south of Lewisburg, on the road leading to Fort Spring, then called the Edgar Mill road. One of the first occupants of this dwelling was the pioneer millwright, Samuel Winnall, Sr. and his wife Nancy Stuart, daughter of an Englishman, George Stuart, and a part of this farm was her home at the time of her marriage in 1803. She appears to have inherited it later, as a deed is recorded from Samuel Winnall and Nancy to Robert B. Moorman, captain of the Civil War "Greenbrier Cavalry" for fifty-four acres in 1858. From them it got deeded in 1862 to John W. Dunn. The house, painted white, is very charming, with its boxwood-bordered walk, its white fences, and tree-shaded lawn; thus much progress had been made on this property from its early log house.
1US Government, 1820 Federal Census, Greenbrier Co., Virginia, National Archives, Washington DC. "George Stuart; 1 male, 16-26; 1 male, 45 & over; 1 female, 0-10, 2 females, 16-26; 1 female, 26-45." Presume that the male 45 & over is George Stuart. We also assume some of their children might be living with them since all children are married by the time this census is taken.

2Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Ancestral File (version 4.19), FamilySearch, Genealogical Society of Utah, West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

3Charles P. Thompson, E-mail Correspondence (1999-2001) [].

4Karin Lange, E-mail Correspondence (2000-2001) [].

5Tax Lists - Greenbrier Co., West Virginia. "1786 - no tithables listed; 1788 - 1 tithable; 1792 - 1 tithable, 6 horses; 1796 - 1 tithable, 2 horses; 1799 - 1 tithable, 2 horses; 1805 (Stewart) - 2 tithables, 1 horse; 1815 - 2 tithables, 3 horses, 8 cows.".

6Pioneers and Their Homes - Greenbrier Co., West Virginia, DAR Library , 1776 "D" Street, Washington DC. Biographical Sketch of Dunn Homes (pgs. 201-202).
7Fern Doyle, Phyllis L. Elder, E-mail Correspondence (2000-2001), 7 Nov 2000.

8Greenbrier Historical Society, Cemetery Record - Greenbrier Co., West Virginia, pp 57 & 58; Entry #3653, DAR Library , 1776 "D" Street, Washington DC


Christine HOLSAPPLE married Captain George STUART on 1782 in Alderson, Greenbrier County, VA.

They had the following children:

  M i George STUART was born 1783 and died 1850.
  F ii Nancy STUART was born 1783 and died 1869.
  M iii Thomas STUART was born 1783.
  M iv Henry STUART was born 1784 and died 1872.
  M v James D. STUART was born 1789 and died 1874.
  M vi John STUART was born 1790 and died 1874.
  M vii Francis STUART was born 1791.

George STUART was born 1695 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

christened on 21 Mar 1695 in Tannadice, Angus, Scotland

He had the following children:

  M i Captain George STUART was born 1736 and died 1823.
  M ii Thomas STUART.

Hiram Sayre DOTSON [Parents] was born 1823 in Middle Island, Wood Co., VA. He died 1899 in Ritchie. Hiram married Susan Jane MARSHALL.

Notes for Hiram Sayre Dotson:

Hardesty's History of Doddridge County 1883:

"HIRAM S DOTSON was born and raised on the farm he now owns and carried on in Clay District, Ritchie County, and to which he has added three hundred acres cleared and improved by himself. His birth was on the 21st of Sept. 1823, Emanuel D and Hannah Dotson his parents. He has been twice married and the father of fifteen children. Susan his first wife was the mother of : Mansfield H., born Aug. 14, 1844; lives in Baltimore, MD; Spencer B., Dec 7, 1846, and Perry E., June 15, 1848, live in Ritchie County; Amos A., Nov 9, 1850, lives in Wirt Co; William F., May 7, 1852 and Alpheus R., May 22, 1854, lives in Ritchie Co; Mary E., Oct 4, 1856 and Alice Jane Nov. 19, 1858, live in Dodd. Co., this state; Granville, March 6, 1860 and Sarah J., Nov 9, 1862, live in Ritchie Co.; Susan Jane July 3, 1864, lives in Dodd. Co. The mother of these children died July 12, 1864 in the faith of the Christian, having been, with her husband, in the membership of the Methodist Episcopal Church since 1856. In Ritchie County in 1865, Hiram S Dotson was joined in wedlock with Melvina, daughter of Thomas and Anna Pool. She was born in Harrison County, June 13, 1835, and the children with her union with Mr. Dotson are: John W., born August 23, 1866; Daviel V., March 30, 1867; Thomas, Jane. 3, 1869; Anna B., Feb. 4, 1871. Mr. Dotson served two years in the Federal army, enlisting in Aug. 1862, in the 14th West Virginia Infantry, and received discharge for disability. Mansfield D., Spencer and Perry, the three older sons, were all Federal soldiers. The post office address of Hiram S Dotson is Toll Gate, Ritchie County, West Virginia."

"History of Ritchie Co" by Minnie K. Lowther: "Hiram S. Dotson, the one son that remained here, was born on Cabin Run, in 1822, and spent his entire life within the bounds of his native county, where his ashes lie.He was first married to Miss Susan Markwell, who died while he was serving as a Union soldier in 1863, leaving eleven children; and his second wife was Miss Melvina Poole, who was the mother of his other five children. On October 26, 1863, he was honorably discharged from the army service because his orphan children demanded his presence at home. The children of the first union were Mansfield S., Spence B., Perry E., Amos A., Wm. F., Alpheus R., Charles G., Mrs. Alice J Ash, Mrs. Sarah G. Kyger, and Mrs. Susan Smith -- one name is missing. Those of the second marriage were: J.W., David V., Thomas J., Mrs. Annabella Nutter, and Mary, who became the wife of Henry Miller."

In 1848 he bought an axe from Thomas J Dotson's estate for 40 cents and 5 steers for $57.12 1/2.

1850 Census of Ritchie County shows: farmer born in Virginia

Dotson, Hiram born in VA age 26 years
" Susan " 23 (Suman)
" Mansfield H " 6 (Maxfield)
" Spencer " 5
" Perry " 3
" Amos " 7 months

Appears in the 1850, 1870, & 1880 census for Ritchie Co.

Civil War record: Pvt. Co G 14th Reg VA Inf-muster in Sept 13, 1862 at Ellenboro, VA for 3 years. July and August 1863 AWOL but honorably discharged at Petersburg VA, Oct 26 1863 by special order # 479 hardship. Hiram Dotson and three sons, Spencer, Mansfield and Perry all served the Union in the Civil War. In 1890 report of service shows date of enlistment 8/2/1862 Date of Discharge 11/15/1863 Length of Service 1 year 3 months 13 days

Family Write-Up by Letha Nutter Zinn: Hiram built a two-story frame home with huge fireplaces at the same site where his father previously had built a log cabin. Adjacent to this was a cut stone cellar with a two story building over it, for grain storage, and a work shop. Years later this house was replaced by another style house. On this same tract of land, at least three log houses were built for or by members of Hiram's family. The only evidence of them, is the huge cut stone from the fireplaces and chimneys. In 1887 Hiram Dotson gave the land for a better building known as the Lower Cabin Run School. This building is still in good condition. All this is in Ritchie County now.

Died of pleurisy.

Susan Jane MARSHALL married Hiram Sayre DOTSON.

They had the following children:

  M i Mansfield H. DOTSON was born 1844 and died 1900.
  M ii John Spencer B. DOTSON was born 1846 and died 1941.
  M iii Perry E. DOTSON was born 1847 and died 1925.
  M iv Amos Asbury DOTSON was born 1849 and died 1929.
  M v William Flavius DOTSON was born 1852 and died 1936.
  M vi Alpheus R. DOTSON was born 1853 and died 1917.
  F vii Mary Ellen DOTSON was born 1855 in Ritchie Co., VA. She died 1935.
  F viii Alice Jane DOTSON was born 1857.
  M ix Charles Grandville DOTSON was born 1860. He died 1910.
  F x Sarah Jemima DOTSON was born 1862.
  F xi Susan Jane DOTSON was born 1863. She died 1945.

Emanuel D. DOTSON [Parents] "Manuel" was born 1798 in Hampshire Co., VA. He died 1880 in Clay District, Ritchie Co., VA. Manuel married Hannah SAYRE on 1822 in Tyler Co., VA.

Notes for Emanuel D "Manuel" Dotson:
Emanuel went by name of 'Manuel' (probably because his uncle was Emanuel). They are sometimes referred to as Jr. and Sr.

"History of Ritchie Co" by Minnie K. Lowther says: "Emmanuel Dotson was born at Greenwood, on March 1, 1798; and in his early manhood, was married to Miss Hannah Sears (Sayre), and on Cabin run where Thomas Dotson now lives, they established their home near the year 1820. Here they remained until they crossed to the other side, and at Tollgate they rest. Mr. Dotson died on February 12, 1881 at the age of eighty-two years. He and his wife Hannah, were the parents of three sons and one daughter; viz., Hiram S, John W., Granville, and Lovisa." Based on information regarding his father Richard's whereabouts, it seems more likely Emanuel was born in Hampshire Co, VA area.
Ritchie County Deed Bk 1, pg 266 1840 200 acres on Cabin Run, a branch of the North Fork of Hughes river; grantor was Middleton Williams.
1843 200 acrea tract on Gum Run and Lick Run, drains of Cabin Run from William Dixson for $200. Date of deed March 3, 1841

Hannah SAYRE [Parents] was born 1803 in Monongalia Co., VA. She died 1862 in Ritchie Co., VA. Hannah married Emanuel D. DOTSON on 1822 in Tyler Co., VA.

They had the following children:

  M i Hiram Sayre DOTSON was born 1823 and died 1899.
  F ii Lovisa DOTSON was born 1825 and died 1875.
  M iii Granville DOTSON was born 1827.
  M iv John Wesley DOTSON was born 1829. He died 1923.

Was in Civil War attached to the 6th WV Infantry Vol. as a private. Co E
Civil War records show Co E 6 Reg Inf Mustered in 31 Aug 1861 at Harrisville age 31, Mustered out 10 Sep 1864 Wheeling, WV

George PECK was born 1805 in Harrison County, VA. He died 1886 in Wirt County, VA. George married Drusella ENOCH.

Notes for George Peck:

1850 Wirt Co census 17th District Census date is Sept 17th, 1850

shows George age 45 farmer, Drusilla, age 35; Nancy age 18, Ann age 14, Sarah age 12, Evaline age 9, George age 4 and Martin age 1.

George Peck in Wirt Co in 1860 census Spring Creek P.O.

Drusella ENOCH [Parents] was born 1808 in Wirt County, VA. She married George PECK.

They had the following children:

  F i Amy PECK was born 1835.
  F ii Ann L. PECK was born 1836.
  F iii Sarah T. PECK was born 1838.
  F iv Evaline PECK was born 1843 and died 1899.
  M v George O. PECK was born 1847.
  M vi Martin PECK was born 1849.

William Washington MILLER [Parents] was born 1810. He married Mary SPRAGUE on 1831.

Mary SPRAGUE [Parents] was born 1812 in OH. She died 1854 in Ravenswood, Jackson Co., VA. Mary married William Washington MILLER on 1831.

They had the following children:

  M i James Jenkinson MILLER.

Notes for James Jenkinson Miller:
Never married; was a Civil War Veteran
  M ii Fleming F. MILLER.
  F iii Jennie MILLER.
  F iv Cyrilla MILLER.
  F v Elizabeth MILLER.
  M vi Henry Hamilton MILLER was born 1832 and died 1895.
  F vii Delilah Ann MILLER was born 1835.

Thomas THORN Jr. [Parents] was born 1794 in PA. He died 1884 in Wirt Co., WV and was buried in Palestine Cemetery. Thomas married Mary JONES on 1812.

Thomas Thorn, Jr. was born March 03, 1794 in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey. He was one of the early settlers of Palestine which is situated on the Little Kanawha river three miles above Elizabeth in Wirt County, West Virginia. It is thought he came around 1826. In 1838, he purchased land from John Smith. The land was on the first right hand branch of Thorn's Run. This is now in Wirt County, off County Road 7, between Rover and Zackville, at the junction of present CR 7-5 and CR 7-9 in Morris Hollow. Its coordinates are 38.987 N and 81.465 E.

Notes for Thomas Jr Thorn:

Apparently Thomas Jr b 1794 and brother Michael b. 1790 settled in Wirt County on Thorn's Run in Wirt Co, WV sometime around 1826. Son William Hank was born in Culpepper Co, VA in 1825 and Eugenus was born 1827 in Wirt Co. (From Thorn(e) website)

1850 census shows born in PA, but 1860 census shows place as NJ.

In 1846 a Thomas Thorn purchased 80 acres on Reedy Creek in then Jackson Co.

1850 Census 17th District Wirt Co VA 7/8/1850
Thomas Thorn, 54 M, Farmer, $595, PA
Mary, 53, F, VA
Thomas , 20, M, Farmer, VA
Mary E 13, F, VA
Alfred S 7, M, VA

1860 Census Zackville, Wirt Co, VA June 5, 1860
Thomas Thorn 66 M W Farmer, $800 New Jersey
Mary Thorn 63 F W VA
Alfred Thorn 17, M W VA

In the Wirt Co WV census of 1860 the following persons are listed on the same page (171) with an address of Zackville and as heads of Households:Michael, Thomas, William H, Zadoc S., Eugene, Jehu

More About Thomas Jr Thorn:
Other Birth Information: March 04, 1794,

Mary JONES [Parents] was born 1797 in Monongalia Co., VA. She died 1866 in Hazelton, IN. Mary married Thomas THORN Jr. on 1812.

They had the following children:

  M i Michael Stanton THORN was born 1814 and died 1865.
  M ii Lunsford J. THORN was born 1815 and died 1874.
  M iii John Stanton THORN was born 1817.
  M iv Zado Stewart THORN was born 1820 and died 1907.
  M v William Hank THORN was born 1825 and died 1902.
  M vi Jehu Hank THORN was born 1826.
  M vii Eugenus Wilson THORN was born 8 May 1827 and died 27 Aug 1897.
  M viii Thomas Hayman THORN was born 1830 and died 1896.
  M ix Benjamin Franklin THORN was born 1834.

died in infancy.
  F x Mary Elizabeth THORN was born 1837 and died 1915.
  M xi Alfred THORN was born 1843 and died 1879.
  M xii Benjamin Franklin THORN was born 1843 and died 1930.

Michael Stanton THORN [Parents] was born 1814 in Preston Co., VA. He died 1865 in Reedy Creek, Wirt Co. WV. Michael married Sarah DEWEES on 1833.

Notes for Michael Stanton Thorn:
There was a Delaware village along the Little Kanawha River consisting of five Delaware families, led by Captain Bull. The people called the village Bulltown. The Indian families of the village were friendly with the white pioneers and the two groups traded goods with each other. (From Internet) Family history says that "Michael married Sarah DeWees and lived at Bulltown, WV (near Grafton),

Believe Michael was known as Michael Jr to distinguish him from his Uncle Michael.

1st white child born in Preston Co (Source of information unknown)

Family History 1981 (Wirt Co) says Michael and his father Thomas were living in what is now Culpepper Co, VA. One spring they journeyed westward across the Blue Ridge Mountains where land could be bought cheap. After they built cabins and planted crops, they sent for their families and settled in what is now Wirt Co, WV.

Michael may be the Michael Thorn who purchased 100 acres on Reedy's Creek in 1841 (Sim's Index to WV Land Grants c. 1952 State of WV)

Possibly Michael Thorn 1850 100 acres Lynn Camp

(Hardesty's History): Lynn Camp creek, which flows in an easterly direction, and empties into Reedy creek. It takes its name from a rude cabin or "camp," which was constructed upon

its banks by hunters nearly a century since. It was built entirely of lynn logs.

1850 Census Wirt Co, VA #145
Michael 36, Sarah 37, Mary E 15, Emma 11, Margaret 9, Franklin 6, Elvira 4, John 2

1860 Census Wirt Co, VA #20
Michael 46, Sarah 47, Emily E 20, Franklin 16, Elvina 13, John S 12, Amanda E 11, Clarissa 9, James W 6

1870 Census Wirth Co WV #27
Sarah 57, Emily 31, B.F. (M) 26, John S 22, James M 15, J.E. (M) 3, James Bell 24,

More About Michael Stanton Thorn:
Fact 1: lived in Bulltown WV near Grafton


Sarah DEWEES [Parents] was born 1813. She died 1881 in Wirt Co. WV. Sarah married Michael Stanton THORN on 1833.

Notes for Sarah DeWees:
Family tradition shows her as the daughter of John and Mary Updegrove Dewees. It is thought that if she was dgtr of Joshua and Anna Peacock Dewees (They have an unnamed dgtr with the same exact date of birth) and if Anna deserted her family when Sarah was a year old, as reported, it is possible that Sarah was raised by her grandparents (John & Mary Updegrove Dewees)and that is why they have been said to be her parents.

Sarah Deweese may be the daughter of Joshua Deweese and Anna Peacock. Joshua being the son of John Dewees and Mary Updegrove. I saw a family bible many years ago (Joshua's) that gave all the births of his family and deaths. One was of a daughter (illegible) who was born January 28, 1813. Anna died September 22, 1821, and Joshua married Lucinda Level and moved into Mason County, Virginia. [Large Family] This bible was in the hands of a Deweese researcher (saw it in 1981) and the information was recorded and I believed saved in the Deweese Archives in Philadelphia. The child, remember will be listed as a daughter born January 28, 1813. (John C Dawson)


They had the following children:

  F i Mary Ellen THORN was born 1835.
  F ii Sarah Jane THORN was born 1837. She died 1838.
  F iii Emily J. THORN was born 1839.
  F iv Margaret Sheppard THORN was born 1841.
  F v Elvira Ann THORN was born 1846 and died 1899.

Joshua William DEWEES [Parents] was born 1775 in DE. He died 1860 in Mason Co., VA. Joshua married Anna PEACOCK on 1808 in Hardy Co., VA.

Anna PEACOCK was born 1783 in Hardy Co., VA. She died 1821. Anna married Joshua William DEWEES on 1808 in Hardy Co., VA.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary DEWEES was born 1808.
  M ii John Thomas DEWEES was born 1811.
  F iii Sarah DEWEES was born 1813 and died 1881.
  iv Unknown DEWEES was born 1814. Unknown died 1814.

Wilson MCCLUNG was born 1829 in Greenbrier Co., VA. He died in Hazleton, IN. Wilson married Mary Ellen THORN on 1856 in Wirt Co., VA.

Marriage Notes for Mary Thorn and Wilson McClung:
1856: Dec. 3 Wilson McClung 27(Farmer), single. Born in Greenbriar Co. Va. Residing in Jackson Co. Va. Parents, William and Mary McClung. Married Mary E. Thorn 21, single. Born in Preston Co. Va. Residing in Wirt Co. Va. Parents, Michael and Sarah Thorn. Samuel Sheppard officiated.

Mary Ellen THORN [Parents] was born 1835 in Preston County, VA. She died in Big Bend, WV. Mary married Wilson MCCLUNG on 1856 in Wirt Co., VA.

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