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Heroes Unlimited Scenario

Setting: Modern day in a major city.

Background: The characters have just been called from their professions and selected for an experimental secret task force funded by the state government. They will have access to the police and detective agencies, and have special rights and exemptions. Fairly high security clearance is also given. They are to investigate all organized crime and reoccurring, similar events. They have been given access to police computers for id-ing people, accessing all state and federal criminal histories. They can also monitor police radios, and have access to the city plans, current construction sites, power conduits, water mains, etc.

Characters: They all start at level 3 and should be from a background that can help investigations such as a police detective, a scientist, doctor, or other related occupation.

The Plot unfolds: One of their first assignments is a murder that they find is similar to one last month. There are some common clues between the two murders. These include the type of death (gunshots of the same type of gun), same method of entry into the house, the victims' ears have been removed, and a "calling card". The calling card is a die-cast metal square with a skull and a butcher cleaver. Finger print search show no signs of foreign prints.
    The previous victim was a metal shop worker, killed at home. His family was unharmed.
    The current victim was a bank worker, killed at home, in the suburbs. His wife wasn't at home at the time of the occurrence and has a strong alibi.
    After some research, they will find that the first victim had a short criminal record when he was younger. Included were theft and some DUI's.  The current victim has no criminal history.
    If they inquire about the calling card, a few days will pass and they will find that has been identified with a few unsolved international murders as well.
    During the next week, two more similar murders (A taxi driver dead in his car and a lawyer found dead in a parking lot outside of his office) occur in the city area. Their ears are missing as well. The same kind of calling card was found at that scene.
    Then about a week later, a judge and his bailiff are murdered each in their own homes in the same condition and they match the profile, their ears are missing as well.
    If researched fully from the courthouse's records (they might check there because of the judge, bailiff and lawyer), it will be discovered that these six victims have participated in a criminal conviction of  Fred Jonsie five years back.  The judge was presiding with his bailiff. The other three were jury members.The list of other participants, witnesses and other lawyers, in that court case are potential murder victims. One of those involved in the case turns out to be one of the player characters! They had testified in the case and were there for the sentencing. He or she won't know much about the trial since they only testified about his capture, and it was a long time ago. They were only involved in the aprehension of Crazy Fred. Most of the stolen items were never recovered. They were able to convict him by what was on him at the time and what was at his appartment. No one ever considered investigating his claims of being powerful, and a monster in the sewer. He was considered insane.
    Fred Jonsie was sentenced to the state insane asylum because of the conviction. The asylum had deemed him cured. He was release 7 days before the first murder. Coincidence?

The Plot continues:    After the potential next victims are identified, including the player character, they will most likely be located and put under protection. This is when they will encounter the murderer at another attempt. After the hit attempt (maybe on the player character), whether successful or not, the murderer will try to escape. If that is not possible, then he will kill himself. Inspection of the body will find that the murderer is has a tattoo that belongs a known international hit team. They will find a pair of goggles on him as well. These are similar to night vision goggles, but are obviously modified. When they experiment with the goggles they will notice that when they look at the player character who was involved, their ears glow. (see goggles below).
    A few days later, they discover that the police storage compound was broken into. The evidence in Fred's case was stolen, as well as some weapons and any valuables.

From this point, the GM at can create the encounters as he or she feels.The murder attempts will continue. Some of them might even succeed, but the ears will not be removed. The hit team needs to be taken out/captured and they need to find out who is truely funding this.

    The whole scenario ends with a big confrontation of the fully powered up Crazy Fred and his monster. His powers include telekinesis, hypnotic suggestion, hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, and telekinetic flight. He also has an assortment of weapons. The left over members of the hit team have gone because they have been paid by this time. The characters can opt to pursue them as well.


GM stuff:

    The whole story: Before Crazy Fred was arrested and convicted, he had discovered a monster that could temporarily give him super powers that he would use to commit crimes. The creature relied on Fred to be fed. He kept the creature and his stash of stolen items in the city sewer system. He would feed the creature by radiating animals from a cosmic rock that he found with it. Fred put the rock in a lead orb to prevent the radiation from leaking and making him too tempting for the creature. The orb would be opened and left with the animals for a while to radiate it which would make it healthy food for the creature. The orb was one of the pieces of evidence that was found in his apartment and used against him. No one knew that it could open and so they didn't have any idea that the rock was inside it. But it was used as a display in the courtroom to show that he was crazy because he believed that this shot put size ball gave him powers.
    One day during the trial, when the player character was testifying, the baliff and guards had to struggle to calm him down. During the comotion, the evidence table with the orb on it was knock over sending the orb to the ground. When it hit the ground, it opened for a second then closed again. Fred saw this happen and knew that the people in the court room were radiated slightly. He secretly swore revenge and knew that he could use the radiation to see who it was that convicted him.
    After he was convicted, since there was no one to take care of his creature, it died. Or so Fred thought. All during his stay in the asylum, he plotted of ways to get revenge. He meditated every day while in prison to maintain the strength to keep one of his powers from the monster.This would persuade people and then make them forget a short time later. He saved this power for five years and was able to use it on the psichiatric committee to convince them that he was cured during his first 5 year evaluation.
    Upon being released recently, he went back to the sewer to find what had happened to the creature. He found that the creature had gone into a hibernation and was very weak. He managed to awaken it for a while and found that it would regain it's strength by consuming radiated flesh again. Since he didn't want to give himself to the creature and he didn't have the rock, he remembered those that were in the court room. The creature noted that the radiation would all collect to one part of the body over time. It turned out to be the ears. These were the only available sources of radiated flesh until the orb was recovered.
    First, he used the rest of his persuasion power, again, to get a courthouse employee to get the transcripts of his court case. Next, using some cash that he had stashed away, he hired the hit team. With his own radiated flesh as an example, they were able to adjust some infrared goggles to see the radiation stored in the victims. Then using this and the court list, he could guide the hit team to find the people that had convicted him since they had all been radiated when the orb was opened momentarily. He needed them to revive the creature. Plus it would be a poetic way for him to get revenge. They would be the means of his regaining his power.


The Goggles
The goggles were infrared goggles that were adjusted to see the radiation of the orb. This was given to the hit group to use to find the people. Their range is 1000 meters (3000 feet). The hitmen use them to spot the person and follow them.