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    Definition: Protoculture is the energy produced by the flower of life. Zor discovered this from the Invid Queen (the Regis) by seducing her on her home planet of Optera. The flower has a total of six stages (seedling to stage 5). Before it can progress to the next stage, it must build up enough energy (protoculture) to do this. Zor then noticed that energy (protoculture) was produced when the flower was put under a stasis field. He discovered that the germinating seed produced the most energy. When the energy was extracted, it would prevent the progress of the plant to the next stage, thus creating a boundless supply of protoculture. The mechanism used to extract protoculture was called the Protoculture Matrix. This was housed in the SDF-1 when it crashed on earth and was what drew the Zentraedi, Robotech Masters and Invid to the earth causing the Robotech Wars. All of their technology was powered by protoculture.

    New Discoveries by Arin Roix: Arin Roix, from his experience, has re-discovered some information about protoculture that he is sure were lost when Zor died. From his few protoculture boosts and the Invid experiments that were performed on him, he has come to understand Protoculture more than the Robotech Masters ever did. He found that different stages of the flower of life produced different types of energy. The Robotech Masters did not know this. Since they had the protoculture from the seedling, they had all of these energies and therefore were able to accomplish what they did. Arin found the following things about the flower of life stages:

Seedling -- Produces all of the energy types of the next 5 stages. But they are only at 80% of the stage.

Stage 1 -- Produces energy that effects genetics. This stage produces the strongest amount of genetic energy when transforming to the next stage. It also produces 25% as much of the other types of energy. Zor first used the Protoculture Matrix on this stage of flower. With this type of energy, the greedy Robotech Masters created the Zentraedi to mine Fantoma and eventually made them into warriors.

Stage 2 -- Produces what Arin calls reflex energy. This stage produces the strongest amount of Reflex energy when transforming to the next stage. It also produces 20% the amount of the other types of energy. Reflex weaponry is created using Reflex energy. It creates a "bio-symbiosis" that allows the machine and the pilot's mind to bond and react as though they were one. This is what is used in all Robotech Mecha including Veritech Mecha, Bioroids and Invid mecha. This energy also reacts to the ore from Fantoma to cause a Spacefold.

Stage 3 -- Produces the evolution energy. This stage produces the strongest amount of evolution energy when transforming to the next stage. It also produces 15% the amount of other types of energy. Going from stage 3 to stage 4 is the biggest change in appearance for the flower. This energy is what allows the Earth Mecha to transform and work efficiently. These were the royal flower used by the Invid. The Regis would use this energy to evolve her children to different stages.

Stage 4 -- Produces a mechanical energy. This stage produces the strongest amount of mechanical energy when transforming to the next stage. It also produces 15% the amount of other types of energy. This energy is what provides the power for the robotech mecha and weapons. It is an explosive energy as well, once extracted from the flower. It what many of the energy weapons of the Zentraedi, Robotech Masters, and Invid shoot.

Stage 5 -- This stage produces a germinating energy when producing fruit. It produces 50% of the evolution energy and only 5% of all the rest. It is the only stage that produces fruit. It also produces the pollinating spores. Once pollinated, then the plant produces fruit with seeds in it. If not pollinated, then the fruit has no seeds. This germinating energy is what allows clones to be created quickly. The Zentraedi used this type of energy to become micronized in such a short time. The genetic energy is what allows them to be cloned.
    NOTE: The Regent used the mutated flower of life fruit to devolve. These fruits were produced on worlds other than Optera and Earth.

Special factual notes on the history about the flower of life:
    The flower has only been know to grow un-mutated on Optera and Earth. There are theories as to why but I will not go into those. It was on Optera when Zor discovered it and seduced the Queen (Regis) to get it's secrets. The Invid were a peaceful race that had a symbiotic relationship with the flower. When the greedy Council of Tirol found out Zor's discoveries, they created the Zentraedi Race to initially mine Fantoma and eventually use them as warriors. The counsel members became hungry for power overran the government and became the Robotech Masters. They then sent an army to Optera to cultivate as much of the flower of life that they could and destroy the rest. The Invid retaliated by creating their war machines, where they used to be peaceful.
    Zor seeing the war that this caused became grieved at the Robotech Masters. He had to work for them as their science officer but slowly gained more and more trust from them. When the time was right, he stole the protoculture matrix as he was leaving on a mission aboard the SDF-1 for the Robotech Masters. He scrapped the original plans and seeded many planets with the flower of life. During this mission, the Invid attacked and killed him. Before he died, he programmed the SDF-1 to travel to earth out of the reach of the Robotech Masters.
    Even though the SDF-1 was destroyed by Kyron, the Protoculture Matrix kept the flower of life contained. It did not, however, keep the seed from evolving to its other stages. This is what the clone Zor and Dana Sterling saw when they visited the old SDF-1 site. And when Zor crashed the Robotech Master ship into the site, he ended up destroying the matrix and releasing the mature flower of life seeds and spores. This caused the seeding of the Earth with the flower of life and brought the Invid Regis to earth.
    When she left to preserve the impending destruction of earth and with it her race, she took the flower of life back to Optera to regain the peaceful lifestyle.

Zor_prime1's notes now:

During the Regis' departure, Arin had to use all of his strength and power to keep the flower that he had put in his matrix. He was successful in keeping the one. His dilemma now is that he cannot pollinate his flower and he is not willing to risk the protoculture from his stage1 flower by releasing it from the matrix. See Arin's description for further details.


Note: Zor_prime1 is an Earth Robotech Master. Arin Roix is just a method to manifest Zor_prime1's discoveries and creations.

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