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Super Bioroid 

by Zor_prime1 (Joseph Larsen)

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The Super Bioroid is a hybrid of bioroid technology and Zentraedi technology. It was created and developed by a Earth scientist named Arin Roix*. The booster in the back resembles the one found on the back of the Zentraedi Quadrano. The pilots compartments are the same type as the original bioroid's. The pilots compartments are under the anti-gravity field that resides in the booster pack. Therefore, the acceleration of the mecha does not effect the pilots. There are no G-forces to deal with. The booster, with the help of the anit-grav generatior, can accelerate and stop very quickly.
This mecha is considerably larger than the bioroid bacause it fits two pilots. Each pilot has control over the mecha. The two are clones and have a constant 'Shared Conciousness' link which links the two. They use this to coordinate plans and reactions at the speed of though. So each pilot can control each part of the mecha without conflicts. If one ever is to occur, one of the pilots has 1% more authority and will be the deciding factor. During a dodge or evasive action, the other pilot is -3 to strike with weapon systems. Each pilot has its own reinforced pilots compartment.
Model Type: Super Bioroid
Class: Roix Inc. Assault Vehicle
Crew: 2 Elite third stage clones
M.D.C. by Location:
Booster Pack -- 190
*Main Body --550
**Head -- 75 (extra armor)
***Reinforced Pilot's Compartment(2) -- 75 each
Leg Mini-Missle Laucher (4) -- 35 each
Upper Arms -- 150 each
Forearms -- 100 each
Legs -- 200 each
Hands -- 75 each
Targeter -- 50
Hip Short Range Missile Launcher (2) -- 75 each
* Depleting the MDC of the main body will destroy the Mecha. Rendering it useless. Pilots can use emergency escape hatches.
** Depleting the MDC of the head will destroy the sensors. All shots are -3 to strike.
*** Depleting the MDC of the RPC will kill the pilot inside that one. (Each pilot is in its own RPC.)
Flying: Stationary Hover to Mach 3 in as quick as two attacks!
Running: 80 mph
Statistical Data:
Height: 30 ft (11m)
Width: 12 ft (4.4m)
Length: 8 ft (2.4m)
Weight: 4tons (4 metric tons)
Physical Strength: 32
Cargo: None
Power System: Protoculture
Black Market Price: N/A
Weapon Systems:
1) Hand Held Armor Piercing Blaster
This is a larger version of the original Bioroid Blaster. It has a critical strike of natural 19, 20.
Damage: 2D4x10 MD
Range: 4000 ft.
Rate of fire: Equal to the number of Hand to Hand attacks of the pilot.
Payload: Unlimited.
2) Shoulder Mounted Ion Cannon (1)
The cannon is located on the right side of the main body. It is forward fixed.
Damage: 1D4x10 MD
Range: 4000 ft.
Rate of fire: Equal to the number of Hand to Hand attacks of the pilot
Payload: Unlimited.
3) Short Range Missile Launcher System (2)
The missile launchers are mounted on each hip. Each launcher can only fire 3 at a time.
Type of missile: Any Short range missile type.
Damage: Varies per missile type.
Payload: 3 reloads of each launcher for a total of 18.
Rate of Fire: One at a time or volleys up to 6.
4) 360 Rotating leg-mounted Mini Missile Launcher (4)
Each of the legs have rotating mini missile launchers on both sides of each leg. Each launcher can fire 2 missiles at a time. The launchers can be fired to the rear or in any direction. There is a targetting system for the rear, so the pilots are able to fire from the reverse side of the bioroid.
Type of missile: Any mini missile type.
Damage: Varies per missile type.
Payload: 5 reloads of each launcher for a total of  40.
Rate of Fire: One at a time or volleys up to 8.
5)Mini Gatling Gun (1)
This mini gatling gun is mounted on the underside of the fore arm.
Range: 500 feet
Damage: 2D6 MD for a short burst, 4D6 for a medium burst, and 1D6x10  for a full melee burst
Payload: 3000 rounds (300 short bursts, 150 medium bursts, or 75 full melee bursts)
1) Chaff (Radar disrutption)
Chaff consists of small peices of flat, shiny metal. They are ejected behind jets or other flying combat machines. They produce a 'cloud' on radar. This allows for radar targetting to be impaired by 70%. (Roll below 70% to sucessfully impair a missile's guidance). Since the chaff is shiney, laser targetters are also impaired by 70%.
If missiles are sucessfully impaired, then there is a 80% chance that they will lock onto any target that is ahead of them, foe or friend, once they pass the chaff. If the targetter is sucessfully impaired, then the attacker has a -5 to strike (Taking into consideration weapons systems bonuses and some sight imparement).
Range: None. (Stationary)
Duration: 1 melee in atmosphere (Slowly falls and dissipates). Anyone trying to shoot through, will have the penalties listed above.
Payload: 8 bursts
2) Anti-Missile-Pellet Bursts
These magnetic pellets launch from the booster of the bioroid. They are intended to attach to the missiles and detonate. Five pellets do 1 MD. Roll to strike missile volley. There is a 75% chance of exploding the whole volley of missiles. Another not-so-used option is they can be dispensed onto an enemy's mecha. It is difficult to perform and has to be used in just the right circumstances (being tailed, or CLOSE air to air combat. Even then, it is a -4 to strike. One charge does 2D6 MD (not all pellets will hit).
Range: Spray is 500 feet
Damage: 2D6 per burst
Payload: 8 bursts

* See 'Self Proclaimed Earth Robotech Master'

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By Joseph Larsen