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Last updated: 10/06/2004

Zor's Experiments

I have setup this page for the purpose of  letting other GM's and Players test my Role Playing "Experiments". They are not exclusive to any one world of Palladium Books. They may be used in any of them. I am not beyond changing anything on this site due to test results. In order to do so, I need feed back. Please test these things in your own games and let me know how they performed. Thank you, Zor_prime1.

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Palladium Books' Disclaimer


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Zor's Technology and Developments


    These are my designs for mecha and weapons that I have created. These too need to be tested. Please test them out and let me know they perform.

Protoculture (2/22/2000) My theory and definition of Zor's lost knowledge about the Flower of Life.

Concussion Chaff (6/17/99) Anti Missile defense that simply uses your mecha's energy to create a concussion blast to detonate and destroy incoming missiles. There are no ammo limits on this fine defense feature.

Super Bioroid (4/23/99) The main feature of this mecha is that the two pilots use the "Shared Conscience" psionic ability to act in harmony. This gives the large Bioroid the feel of 12 attacks per melee! Use this with the Insert Rule and your players will have a BIG challenge!

Armor Piercing Rail gun Round (4/2/99 updated 2/25/2000) This round was designed specifically to have a better armor piercing ability as it flies farther. See how likely it is to get a critical strike!

"Long Bow Archer" (4/2/99 updated 2/25/2000) A unique piece of mecha that uses Armor Piercing Round. The special features include a sound dampening system, a "Squire" companion drone to help in combat as well as surveillance.

Squire Drone (4/2/99) Companion to the "Archer" mecha

My Own Enhancements to the Rules

Weapons and armor modification (5/24/2000 NEW!) Wish your weapon did more damage, had more range or payload? These rules are for customizing your weapons, thus creating a "special bond" between you and your guns or mecha. You might actually cry if you loose your modified weapon.

You too can fight this well (4/23/99) My COOL optional method for using attacks know as the "Splice Attack Rule". It allows for quick attacks and dodges. It is a fast, easy way to use the melee system. I have been using it for over 15 years! It works very well!

Critical Strike Table (Ouch!) (4/2/99) Determines what kind of damage and negatives any mecha/robot receives after being hit by a critical strike.

Where do you go when your skill reaches 98%? (5/3/99) My rule for lessening the skill penalties after reaching 98%.

Skill versus skill (5/28/99) My rule for generate skill penalties for other characters to your advantage.

The Character Section


The EARTH ROBOTECH MASTER (5/20/99) Creator of the Super Bioroid. There will be more of his creations to follow.


My Scenario Section

Intro to Heroes Unlimited(Crazy Fred's return) (5/31/2000) This is a scenario in any setting that the GM wants. Modern would be best.


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Story Archive Section

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Shadows' Return Part 1 (10/4/99)

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