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The Earth Robotech Master

     The self-proclaimed 'Earth Robotech Master', Arin Roix, has done his share of experiments and study on Protoculture. He had done a lot of studying with Lazlo Zand about protoculture during the Second Robotech War. Since then has been performing experiments of his own. During the Invid war, he was captured and used by the Invid as an experiment. The results of the experiment gave him telepathy as well as a special knowledge of the flower of life that the Invid didn't know about. They release him after they were finished with him. He fled as far from home as he could because of the side effects that he suffered. He traveled to the Jungles of Asia and chanced upon a downed Robotech Master bioroid carrier. Most of the bioroid mecha was intact, but the pilots were all dead. He found that he was able to pilot the bioroids with exceptional ease. He used that, plus his special powers, to gain leadership of a local gang as well as another rogue group. With this army, he took over a small city and used its resources to build his laboratory. He continued his experiments with the flower of life. He found a way to extract protoculture similar to the way that the Invid do. Using this, he mastered cloning, and the biomechanic link of the bioroids. He experimented with clones and learned how to give them the abilities that the Robotech Masters clones had. He even added one more; 'Shared Consciousness' between two or three clones.

** Note in the skill listings, the negative number after this symbol(**) is the skill percentage beyond 98%. This is used to lower skill penalties or modifiers. See Skill Options for further explanation.

Name: Arin Roix
Alignment: Miscreant
O.C.C.: Self Proclaimed Robotech Master (Originally Southern Cross Jungle Squad with Science M.O.S..)
Attributes: I.Q. 23, M.E. 18, M.A. 17, P.S. 11, P.P. 12, P.E. 13, P.B. 8, Spd. 12
Hit Points: 31
S.D.C.: 35
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 45 years
P.P.E.: 10
I.S.P.: 80
Disposition:  Arin is subtle but ruthless. He is willing to sacrifice others for his goals. He gives an impression of trust, but will make sure that he is not betrayed. He is confident in his own knowledge and expects results from others. His goals are secret to everyone and so he only gives instruction as needed. His secret desires are to create an army with his knowledge. He secretly is grateful to the Invid for his powers. His understanding of protoculture is worth the price.
Experience Level: 7th
Psionic Powers: (from the Invid experiment)
      -Telepathic communication
           Range: Humans 300ft/91.5m, Invid 300 miles/482km
Side effects: Terribly scarred on his face.
Skills of note:
Combat skills: Hand to hand Expert, W.P. sword, W.P. semi & automatic rifles
M.O.S Skills: Detect Ambush 98% **-2%, Detect Concealment 89%, Wilderness Survival 89%, Land Navigation 98% **-12%, Computer Operation 98% **-32%, Advanced Math 98% **-24%, Botany 94%, Chemistry Analytical 98% **-12%.
Secondary Skills: First Aid 95%, Radio: Basic 89%, Cryptography 69%, Cook 98%, Basic Electronics 79%, Pilot Automobile 98% **-30%, Math: Basic 98% **-30%, Weapon Systems 98% **-12%, Read Sensory Equipment 84%, Computer Programming 84%, Veritech Mechanics 69%, Mechanical Engineer 74%, Medical Doctor 84/74%.
Special skills: Understand of metaphysical powers and nature of protoculture/flower of life 70%, Handle and grow flower of life 85%, Extract Protoculture 70%.
Skills from background: (see below) CPR 98%, Biology 65%,
Cybernetics: None
Description: Scars maim his whole head from the back to the chin. The Invid performed mental experiments on him when they captured the village he was traveling through. Before he was captured, he had taken some "Protoculture Boosts" to increase his I.Q. and increased his understanding of protoculture. That combined with the Invid's experiment gave him the skills and the powers with protoculture that he has now. The most dangerous thing now is for him to find a pollinator. With this he could grow his own flower of life and have an unlimited supply. He has some protoculture from his make shift matrix and the single germinating seed that he found. He can't build another one for fear that he will lose this protoculture matrix. This matrix isn't too efficient, but it has given him enough to learn to clone. His first cloning experiments were from a Robotech scientist's body that he found on the carrier. His hopes were to have someone that understood more finite things about protoculture. After many tries to create someone with the memories of a Robotech Scientist, he succeeded. The previous clones were "programmed" to be his warriors.  With the help of his Robotech Scientist, he later developed the Shared Consciousness Psionic. Using this army, he now has control over a complete city and plans to expand soon.
The cloned scientist doesn't have the complete memory of the original scientist, but it is enough to help Arin in his goals. His hope is to be able to use the telepathy to be able to take control of some Invid. Plus he is experimenting with some of the powers that the Regis had. Some of these experiments have sent some of his creations, such as the Super Bioroid, to other dimensions (Such as the Rifts world). (This is why the Bioroids can be found in Rifts. Any type of creature and plant can be found there, including Invid and the flower of life. He would have a great opportunity to create his army if he were accidentally transported there through his power experimentation.)
Extra Details (from Byrem's Extracurricular Character Creation Page):
Primary Personality Shape: TRIANGLE (leadership)


1) Creative in a Crisis

2) Comfortable with power

3) Highly Disciplined

4) Committed to a productive life


1) Big expectations of self and others

2) Always right

3) Out of touch with personal feelings

Secondary Personality Shape: TRIANGLE (leadership)


1) Dynamic and direct

2) Thrives on leadership

3) Acts in a logical/sensible way


1) Promotes turmoil for personal gain

Talents and faults

Major Talents:

1) Calmness. Adds 5% to skills in a stressful situation

Minor Talents:

1) Can hold breath longer than normal people

2) High range voice

3) Silver tongue

Major Faults:

1) Prejudice against Invid and Invid sympathizers

2) Deep sleeper

Minor Fault:

1) Slow healer

Family history:
     Arin grew up in a medium tech town in North America after the SDF-1 crashed back on earth. His father was a financially struggling Medical Doctor. Arin worked full time in his father's practice to help with the labor costs. He learned some things about the medical profession and was reasonably intrigued by medical field  This led him into the world of science. He joined the Southern Cross army in the Jungle Squad and had a science specialty. He eventually moved into the lab with Dr. Lazlo Zand.
     All of his childhood, he and his older brother constantly fought and hated each other. In his adult years, the fighting and hatred developed into a friendly competitiveness. Their main subject for competition was their career. His brother was in the military as well in the Military Police. They competed for rank and metals. They had found that they had the same basic goals in common. They both thrived on leadership positions. Arin became a director in the research and development.
     Since his accident, he hasn't been in contact much with his family.

Goal: His main goal now is to make himself happy.

Hatred: He really dislikes people who wealthy. Since he comes from a struggling family, he sees no need for them to hoard their money for luxury. If he had money, he would live meagerly and use his money for something useful, like power.

For more information on how this information was determined, please see Byrem's Extracurricular Character Creation Page

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