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Many people assume that the SCA period does not go farther back than the fall of Rome. However, the influence of the Bible on medieval society and culture is undeniable. Also, some of these movies have good sword fighting action and battle scenes.


! = a definite must-see for anyone with SCA related interests.

+ = good to see if you've already seen or if you can't find the must-sees.

% = either a weak movie with a SCA-related theme, or a good movie of limited SCA-related interest.

- = only for the most desparate completist.

I have reviewed some of these films on and You can go to the reviews by clicking on the "AMZ" for Amazon and the "ALW" for Allwatchers.

To help you find certain types of movies, I have divided the list on this page into the following categories:
Other Biblical

Medieval movies page
King Arthur and Robin Hood movies page
Renaisance movies page
Shakespeare movies page
Post-Renaissance and modern movies page
Asian and "Arabian" movies page
Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Animated movies page
A list of meaningful movies of the future
My reviews on
My reviews on
A comic story set in the Middle Ages I have written and drawn
The Secret Origin of Z Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy, with special bonus links on every page!
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