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The SCA period is said to end around 1600 (or 1650, depending on who you talk to). However, there are many movies set after that period that mey still be of interest to SCAdians. There may be swordfights and battle scenes, or there may be concepts and attitudes that may reflect the society that the SCA is trying to recreate. Sometimes there may be a movie that has nothing of SCAdian interest in it more that a slapstick scene involving some suits of armor (Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, for instance). Since I want this list to be as complete as possible, I have included everything. The marking system indicates how much SCAdian interest there may be in a movie.


! = a definite must-see for anyone with SCA related interests.

+ = good to see if you've already seen or if you can't find the must-sees.

% = either a weak movie with a SCA-related theme, or a good movie of limited SCA-related interest.

- = only for the most desparate completist.

I have reviewed a number of these movies on and You can go to those individual reviews by clicking on the AMZ for Amazon and the ALW for Allwatchers.

To make the list more manageable, I have divided it into the following categories:

Corsican Brothers
Monte Cristo

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