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"We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are."
- Anais Nin

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All materials appearing on It's Time, America! (ITA!) web pages, as well as the web pages of ITA! chapters are copyrighted (© 1997, 1998) by ITA! with all rights reserved. Graphic images may not be reproduced in any form and may not be copied to other locations on the Internet, the WorldWide Web, or any information service, except by ITA!, its chapters, and its affiliates. The term "graphic images" includes but is not limited to graphics files and other aspects of web page design. Web hyperlinks directly to ITA! graphic files are prohibited, except by ITA! chapters and affiliates.

ITA! documents may be downloaded for personal use and shared with friends, coworkers, colleagues, and helping professionals, but they may not be mass reproduced in any form, either in part or in their entirety, without the express permission of ITA!, including but not limited to printing of more than 20 copies, posting on email lists, posting in information service or any discussion groups, uploading to libraries, or uploading to other web sites. However, anyone having interests similar to ours may link to any of our articles without permission, unless requested by ITA! not to do so. Unless stated otherwise by an ITA! chapter, documents and graphics belonging to that chapter are copyright protected by ITA! under the aforementioned terms, except that no printed copies may be made other than single copies for personal use without permission from that chapter or as provided by that chapter's stated copyright policies.

Questions and copy requests may be directed to Sarah Fox, the National ITA! web mistress (for items associated with ITA), or to Paula Funatake, the It's Time, Oregon! Web mistress (for items directly associated with ITO).