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"We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are."
- Anais Nin

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Who We Are

It's Time, Oregon! is a chapter of It's Time, America! (ITA). ITA, together with its chapters and affiliated organizations, is the first nationally-organized grassroots civil rights group seeking to secure and safeguard the rights of all transgendered persons.

ITO believes strongly in community and that we are all part of many communities. The cross-connection between our involvement with our many communities is what brings us together more than it separates us. We also strongly believe in the human spirit, the basic right to life, a place to live, work and pursue those pleasures important to each of us without the fear of discrimination, hate or physical harm.

We do not have an "official" membership roster or fee, we are you. We hope that you will feel a connection, that you will find your level of comfort to contribute, to be a part of the growth of the gender community. There is much that you can do, that we can do, together, all of us doing our part. Often, the little, seemingly insignificant actions make the biggest difference and there are many little things we can do.

Contributing to the Community

Looking for ways to be a part or make a non-monetary contribution? You can get some ideas/thoughts from our Getting Involved section.

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