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"We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are."
- Anais Nin

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We are a gender educational and advocacy organization on the west coast of the United States of America. We are a chapter of It's Time, America! (ITA), the first nationally-organized grassroots civil rights group seeking to secure and safeguard the rights of all transgendered persons.

Dear Friends,

It's Time, Oregon! is moving forward in its advocacy, resource and educational efforts, renewed and encouraged by some very promising developments over the last year. Policies have been created and implemented that will protect the rights of people to claim and express their gender identity, including civil rights protections for the City of Portland. Many of these initiatives have been in process for a long time.

The commitment of major gay and lesbian advocacy organizations to gender identity rights and to advocacy inclusive of transgender people is on the upswing as well. Their expanded dialogue with transgender rights advocates will create an atmosphere of common cause and respect. But substantive work still needs to be done to heal decades of misunderstanding within the LGBT community. ITO is committed to this healing process as well.

Most importantly, there is a growing awareness of the appropriate place for gender identity rights as part of the legacy of diversity and dignity that we all hold so dear. People of all external identifications and self-descriptions realize that our collaborative work to honor and protect every citizen benefits us all. As each of us becomes more free and is welcomed into full discourse in this society, so we are all enriched.

We hope you share this vision of a better world, but it won't be created easily. Even as the tide of diversity rises, there are negative influences ready to deny or divert it. It is a regrettable truth that fear and hatred still exist towards gender-different people, and that a sense of entitlement to be derogatory or dismissive of transgender people continues. Obviously, there is still much educational work to be done.

We welcome your support, your comments and suggestions, and above all, hope you will consider contributing your talent, experience and resources to our community, and to the work of ITO. Please share with us, and let us share with every person who needs support, information or education around gender identity issues.

Thanks for stopping by. The door is always open for friends.

My warmest regards...
Lori Buckwalter