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Marduk - "Panzer Division Marduk" (Osmose Productions, CD, 1999)
Marduk said that this album would be their most brutal one, and let me tell you, they were completely right!
From the moment you put the cd into the drive you are completely devastated by the infernal music coming out from the speakers: from the unholy guitar to the completely blasphemous lyrics (with song titles like "fistfucking god's planet" and "baptism by fire" what were you expecting?...) and the absurdly fast drums, everything is brutal, extreme, just fucking christrapping black metal!
There is not a single moment of peace in this album. The only time you will not hear light speed black metal will be at the change of tracks, or when the intros (this album goes a bit around the concept of war, and to help that there are songs which start with some kind of sounds of war) are playing.
The production is great, Peter Tagtgren made again an excellent job with his Abyss studios, contributing to the release of one of the most violent albums ever. If you want quick, violent, brutal black metal then search no more; however, if you are a cradle of filth/dimmu borgir synth fan, beware, for this album is only for the harsh black metal legion.

1 - Panzer Division Marduk
2 - Baptism by Fire
3 - Christraping Blackmetal
4 - Scorched Earth
5 - Beast of Prey
6 - Blooddawn
7 - 502
8 - Fistfucking god's Planet



Marduk - "Infernal Eternal" (Blooddawn Productions, CD, 2000)
This is the most brutal and devastating Black metal live recording I've ever listened to, an anti-christian punch that hits you right in the fucking face, a black metal raid. With the purpose of comemorating Marduk's 10 years of blasphemous existence, this was released containing 18 tracks of Sweden's fastest, most aggressive and extreme black metal, fulfilled with Legion's scratched (almost ruined) voice. I thought that the first rumours about "Marduk's double live album" (!) were just a bunch of nonsense, but a quick search on the Internet was enough for me to believe. As I was listening to a sample of "Sulphur Souls", immediately I noticed that this release would be way much better than "Live in Germania", the recording's sound quality was damn good! The album tracklist was very well chosen, combining old songs ("Still Fucking Dead, "Slay The Nazarene", "Those of The Unlight") with recent songs ("Panzer Division Marduk", "Fistfucking God's Planet" and "Baptism By Fire"). After all this, there was still time to "Into The Crypts of Rays", a cover from Celtic Frost. Anyway, something that surprised me here was the inclusion of all the lyrics (I find this very odd, indeed). By the way, notice that all these tracks were taken from Marduk's "World Panzer Battle" tour. 10 years have already passed since the birth of this band and this release came to prove that they're ready for more 10.


1 - Panzer Division Marduk
2 - Burn My Coffin
3 - Baptism by Fire
4 - The Sun Turns Black as Night
5 - Of Hell's Fire
6 - 502
7 - Materialized in Stone
8 - Beast of Prey
9 - Those of the Unlight
10 - Sulphur Souls
11 - Dreams of Blood and Iron
12 - Fistfucking gods planet
1 - On Darkened Wings
2 - Into The Crypts of Rays
3 - Still Fucking Dead
4 - Slay the nazarene
5 - Departure from the Mortals
6 - Legion




Mayhem - "Mediolanum Capta Est" (Avantgarde, CD, 1999)
When I heard about this album I thought it was going to be just another live one, but since the moment it entered my stereo it all became different: it is the best live recording I've heard until now!
It all starts with a percussion introduction, named Silvester Anfang and with no interruption, the "real songs" start. They combined old songs with new material, with an excellent result. From the classics "Necrolust" and "Carnage" to the new songs "Fall of Seraphs" and "I am Thy Labyrinth" it's all there, except one thing, they could have played some more songs from "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" because they only played two songs from this album "Freezing Moon" (originally its not from this album) and "From the Dark Past".
There was going to be another surprise for me, in the song "From the Dark Past" Attila (the studio vocalist on "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas") appears as guest vocals, and I must say that the duet between Attila and Maniac worked wonderfully, with both of them screaming violently. The show ends with a very old song "Pure Fucking Armageddon" and the best adjectives to describe this song are short, fast and brutal!
About the drum part, I think the name Hellhammer is enough to describe its extreme quality! For me Hellhammer is one of the best (if not the best) drummer in the metal scene and he showed that in this record. Besides his skills showed before in other albums and live appearances, maintained and improved in this album, one thing that I really enjoyed was the drum's sound, it's completely aggressive with the snare drum sounding like a machine gun.
Maniac in almost every song makes a small introduction such as: "The next song I dedicate hereby to the pope - Chainsaw Gutsfuck" (hehehehe), which proves that Mayhem didn't confine only to play the songs, they interact with the audience, and for me that's one of the most important things in concerts.
But when I listen to this record I feel that something is missing, and that something that is missing is one very important thing that is irreplaceable - Dead. (R.I.P.)

1 - Silvester Anfang
2 - Deathcrush
3 - Fall of Seraphs
4 - Carnage
5 - Necrolust
6 - Ancient Skin
7 - Freezing Moon
8 - Symbols of Bloodswords
9 - From the Dark Past
10 - Chainsaw Gutsfuck
11 - I am Thy Labyrinth
12 - Pure Fucking Armageddon



Melechesh - "Sphynx" (Osmose Productions, CD, 2003)
This band was spawned precisely in the heart of the "holy-land" - in Jerusalem, and they play a very unique sound within the Blackmetal movement.
At their 3rd album, a much more mature band is shown and the sonority achieved is great. This guys have always focused on mythological aspects of the middle-east region, but previously these aspects were only shown musically through intros or interruptions in the songs, but now we have a clear "arabic" influence present in the structure of the songs, mainly on the guitar lines which play very dissonant chords that take you right into the "arabic" mood that the lyrics transmit.
Lyrically, as I stated above, they focus mainly on ancient gods and tales of that region of the world, but let me tell you that these lyrics are very well written and create a kind of epic and dark atmosphere.
If you are tired of listening to hundreds of bands sounding just the same and are looking for something original, look no further, check out this album, because this is very good material.

1 - Of Mercury And Mercury
2 - Secrets Of The Ancient Sphynxology
3 - Annunaki's Golden Throne
4 - Apkallu Counsel
5 - Tablets Of Fate
6 - Triangular Tattvic Fire
7 - The Arrival Ritual
8 - Incendium Between Mirage And Time
9 - Purifier Of The Stars
10 - Caravans To Ur



Morbid Angel - "Domination" (Earache Records, CD, 1995)
Fourth release of the almighty Morbid Angel, following the alphabetical order, as expected (A for "Altars of Madness", B for "Blessed are The Sick", C for "Covenant" and so on). The songs complexity is similiar to "Altars of Madness", the voice appears slightly in the vein of "Covenant" (a bit less deep and more direct) but - and these are the good news - the album has its very own style, despite of always sounding like Morbid Angel. Fucking Excellent! The guitars are lightly raw and they spit good melodies and solos throughout the album, showing what is Azagthoth made of. Pete Sandoval's drumming, very clear and technical, is finally rid of the "break-each-15-seconds", if you know what I mean (it's clear that in each release he shows a great increase of his skills). Something that I find very interesting within these 11 tracks is the background riffing during the solos...maybe you won't see nothing special in it, but who cares anyway. Despite had been released 6 years ago, "Domination" still stands above 90% of the actual death metal... because when you turn off the stereo, all the tunes will keep aggressively hammering your head for a long long time and very hardly will be forgotten. Along with 1990's "Altars of Madness", this is Morbid Angel's best release.

1 - Dominate
2 - Where the Slime Live
3 - Eyes to See, Ears to Hear
4 - Melting
5 - Nothing but Fear
6 - Dawn of the Angry
7 - This Means War
8 - Ceasar's Palace
9 - Dreaming
10 - Inquisition (Burn with me)
11 - Hatework



Morrigan - "Enter the Sea of Flames" (Barbarian Wrath, CD, 2002)
The band that started as Mayhemic Truth, presents here their second album, following 1999's "Plague, Waste and Death", after changing their moniker to Morrigan.
This new release really pleased me, especially because I liked very much their previous works and they continued in the same vein for this new opus. So you can count as "epic" Blackmetal as it was supposed to be: without overused keyboards and female vocals! For those less familiar with this band I tell you that this guys picked up where Bathory left with "Blood, Fire, Death".
The similarities with "Plague, Waste and Death" are evident, but I think that this album is more close to the album they released still by the name of Mayhemic Truth - "In Memoriam". You can note this in the chantings part, and in the strong guitar lines, for instance.
Technically this is a very coherent album, with the guitars playing very consistent riffs that are helped by the well achieved presence of the keyboards and by some clean chantings that helps bringing an epic touch to the songs.
All in all, this is for sure a step forward in the career of this German band, which is, in my opinion, the best in this kind of sonority.

1 - The Valley of Buried Ships
2 - Beyond the Green Hills
3 - Thy Armageddon
4 - Thy Ravens Lay
5 - Come on Bitch, be my Victim
6 - To Honour the Brave
7 - In Cold Blood
8 - Anam Cara
9 - Enter the Sea of Flames



Mortician - "Hacked Up For Barbecue" (Relapse Records, CD, 1996)
If you're into brutal deathmetal and ignore the existence of these guys, please DIE. Raw and relentless music, that's the deal here, inclusively they have been called "the most brutal fucking band in the universe!". Previously under the moniker of Casket, the band was formed in '89 by Will Rahmer (bass/vocals) and Matt Sicher (drums) and this was their second release, following 1996's "House by The Cemetery". This album has nothing new, Mortician continued with their well known and very particular style. Almost all the tracks have intros/outros from gore and horror movies, the drum machine is faster than Hell (they use it since '94 cause a proper drummer couldn't be recruted), Will's vocals are inhumanly cavernous (I think that this guy's voice comes from the very deep of his entrails or something like that), the bass is 100% distorted and the guitar has a very powerful sound. Concerning the lyrics, they're very reduced and focus the usual stuff such as death, gore, cannibalism and so on ("Boring through the skin Eating from within Feasting on the guts Drinking bile and pus", for instance). Probably you'll find this album extremely monotonous and stripped from originality...but actually I'm fond of it, nowadays I'm constantly craving for ruthless brutalities like this!

1 - Bloodcraving
2 - Embalmed Alive
3 - Cremated
4 - Three On A Meathook
5 - Brutally Mutilated
6 - Deranged Insanity
7 - Cannibal Feast
8 - Blown To Pieces
9 - Fog Of Death
10 - Brutal Disfigurement
11 - Apocalyptic Devastation
12 - Inquisition
13 - Hacked Up For Barbecue
14 - Abolition
15 - Necrocannibal 
16 - Ripped In Half
17 - Morbid Butchery
18 - Decapitated
19 - Drilling For Brains
20 - Eaten AliveBy Maggots
21 - Witches Coven
22 - Worms
23 - Annihilation 
24 - Mortician



Myrkskog - "Deathmachine" (Candlelight, CD, 1999)
"Deathmachine" appeared one year after release of their second demo "Apocalyptic Psychotica - The Murder Tape", which draw attentions to some of the bigger European labels, among that labels was Candlelight Records, the one with they signed up. The demo was good, and a little bit different of what was being done in the black/death metal scene, but by listening to the demo I never guessed that they would release, one year after, such a good, original and powerful album!
This album is a perfect combination of Deathmetal  and Blackmetal, direct and very fast, as it should be. About the production, Candlelight offered them excellent conditions, and they used that to get an excellent sound to the album.
About the lyrical concept, it's about the destruction of humanity by machines in a  futuristic view.
The instrumentalization is very good, with the guitars and the drums sounding wonderfully, making an excellent combination, about the vocal work, it's not only the typical Blackmetal scratchy voice, sometimes it appears a guttural voice, what in my opinion is very well achieved, creating a different dimension in the music. By the work of the guitars and by the "insane" work of the drums you can see that this album is much more technical than the typical Blackmetal albums, this technique allied with the originality and brilliancy of the combination between Blackmetal and Deathmetal makes this a great album, a must for all those who are looking for something different.
For me they where the revelation in the more extreme sound in 1999 so I'm waiting impatiently for their next album, that is being recorded now in the US with Eric Rutan from Morbid Angel and is scheduled to be released in the end of this year or in the beginning of 2002.

P.S. I almost forgot, the last song, the remix, was unnecessary.

1 - Discipline Misanthropy
2 - The Hate Syndicate
3 - A Poignant Scenario of Horror
4 - Sinthetic Lifeworm
5 - Syndrome 9
6 - Morphinemangled Torture
7 - Deathfare to the Devil
8 - Deathmachine
9 - Pilar Deconstruction



Myrkskog - "Superior Massacre" (Candlelight, CD, 2002)
Leaders of the misantropic onslaught, Candlelight´s Myrkskog are back with a second threat pointing towards devastation…
With the aid of Erik Rutan´s productions, “Superior Massacre” is better improved than the ultimate “Death Machine”. It´s perceptible the band´s maturity in terms of the lyrics and consistency of the music: this album reveals a solid structure and gathers a conceptual mass genocide line of thinking with strong and emphatisized rythms.
Brutally conceived in order to succeed the firstborn “Death Machine”, “Superior Massacre” is improved to be powerful, brief and anti common melody. Less synthetic and more extreme, Mysrkskog have defined a new level in Blacked Death Metal modernism. The synths here appear by the hand of Epikktrician on the Intro and Outro of the album: the mechanical sound and atmospheric samples were replaced by efficient raw guitars, hellish pulse, frozen riffs in a ragefull fury and ultra- swift rhythms.
Although the album is well aligned, it has some tracks that are just hollow replicants of the others- “Indisposable Deaths”, “Bleeding Wrists” ie, which reforces the summarity and originality of the band.
Worthy enough to become part of any extreme sound collection as a reference in Black/Death Metal avant-garde style!

1 - Intro
2 - Domain of the Superior
3 - Detain the Skin
4 - Trapped in Torment
5 - Indisposable Deaths
6 - Over the Gore
7 - Blood Ejaculation
8 - Utter Human Murder
9 - Bleeding Wrists
10 - Outro