~*~ Short Pieces ~*~

Just a few short stories *as in one or 2 pages* I, or others have contributed...

Silent TestimonyWritten for the ones lost in the tragedy that effected the world around us

Though Im almost as far away as you can get from this tragedy it has still effected me deeply, and my thoughts and prayers are with those lost, and with those left behind

The Perfect Storm - Brian Littrell(R) written by Therese

Name-Brian Littrell based (R)

What I Really Meant To Say-Brian Littrell based written by Therese (G)

Rendezvous-Geuss who its based on - lol (R)

Wind-Nick Carter based written by Megan-Danielle (PG)

Friend-Nick Carter based written by Monique (PG)

Reunited-AJ McLean based written by Monique (G)

I will host SHORT pieces here, so if you have one *no longer than 5 pages* send it in...and it can be on ANYTHING at all....


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