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The Arkati Volumes Book Two
The Arkati - Descriptions and Information

Chapter One
Listing of the Lords of Liabo and Lornon
An alphabetical listing of the Lords of Liabo and Lornon
by Lady Evialla Violetskye~Khyree

Chapter Two
The Lords of Liabo
by Evialla Violetskye~Khyree & Geijon Khyree

Chapter Three
The Lords of Lornon
by Evialla Violetskye~Khyree & Geijon Khyree

Chapter Four
Lesser Gods, Beings and Spirits
by Evialla Violetskye~Khyree & Geijon Khyree


The Lords of Liabo and Lornon
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Charl (Shaal)God of the Sea, Fall. "The Destroyer".Aldemur (Askylor)Patron of Spiders.
Cholen (Kieron)God of festivals and performing arts, "The Bard". Amasalen (Akalatan)Patron of sacrifice and bloodletting.
Eonak (Iorak)Smith of the Gods (husband to Imaera).Andelas (Andaras)God of felines, "Lord of the Cats".
Imaera (Iloura)Goddess of the earth, plants and animals, harvest and autumn.Arachne (Hrassk)The Spider Queen, "The Betrayer".
Jastev (Jaysek)God of visual arts, magic, and prophecy. Carelin (Karamon)Patron of spiders.
Jaston (Jaynor)God of air and birds, patron of the Four Winds.Drevthrel (Trandel)Patron of spiders.
Kai (Cay)God of physical strength and athletic prowess.Eorgina (Orgiana)Queen of Lornon, Goddess of darkness.
Koar (Kuor)King of the Gods and Ruler of Liabo.Fash'lo'nae (Kesh'ta'kai)God of symbols, knowledge, arcane.
Kuon (Quen)Patron of herbs and flowers.Folthre (Faeldin)Patron of spiders.
Leya (Laia)Patroness of Amazon warriors, martial arts, daughter of Kai.Gosaena (Kadaena)Goddess of death.
Lorminstra (Eissa)Goddess of Death, Rebirth, and winter.HuntressGoddess of vengeance.
Lumnis (Valris)Goddess of learning and wisdom.Ivas (Inis)Goddess of lust, jealousy, seduction.
Niima (Neela)Mistress of waters and sea life, patroness of sailors.Luukos (Klysus)God of death, "The Soul-Taker".
Oleani (Oriana)Goddess of love, fertility, femininity, and Spring.Marlu (Morgu)Patron of Vruul.
Phoen (Phaon)God of the Sun, summer, fatherhood and masculinity.Mularos (Molaris)God of pleasure and pain, dominance.
Ronan (Reann)God of the night, master of sleep, dreams and visions.Onar (Omir)Patron of assassins.
Tilamaire (Talaraine)Patron of music and dance.Sheru (Scalu)God of nightmares and terror.
Tonis (Teris)God of speed, travel and thieves, Messenger of the Gods.Volnar (Valtar)Patron of spiders.
VoarisPatron of young love.V'tull (Z'Tarr)God of warfare and bloodlust.
Voln (Vult)Freer of the Undead, The Liberator.Zelia (Zania)Goddess of the moons.


The Higher Beings, Lesser Gods and Spirits

The Greater Gods among the Arkati are most familiar to us and the most widely worshipped. To which Pantheon they belong is clearly defined, and in general there is a fair amount of history and lore surrounding them. There do exist however, beings of lesser stature than the better known Greater Gods. They, too have followers to some exent, as well as shrines in some instances.

In your wanderings, you may come across an altar, temple, or shrine which you have not noticed before and your curiosity will give you pause to wonder to what being this apparently holy place is dedicated to. Often times, you will find that these sites are dedicated to these mostly unfamiliar local or Lesser gods, or higher beings.

As time goes on, and the quest for knowledge continues among us, we will hopefully have a better understanding of these now unfamiliar beings, and although they are not now widely known, they are still beings of some significance and have some bearing on our existance in our wordly plane.

The Higher Beings, Lesser Gods or Spirits
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Higher Beings, Lesser Gods, Spirits
AeiaThe Earth SpiritLaethePatron of Young Love
IllokeSon of Meyno, twin of KhaarneMeynoGoddess of the Giantkin race
KhaarneSon of Meyno, twin of IllokeSharPatroness of Undead
AquaylThe Water SpiritIquaineThe Ice Spirit
CinghThe Fire Spirit


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