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This page lists various sets of web page graphics that I have developed. All are free for non-commerical use. A link back to the relevant page would be nice!

*Pagan Graphics

This page is a collection of Pagan-themed graphics. They are made in two groups, those suited for black backgrounds and those suited for white backgrounds. All graphics are free for non-commerical use, as long as a link back to the Pagan graphics page is provided.

*Classical Graphics

This page is a collection of Classically-themed graphics. They are based on classical sculpture and art. They are provided by Microsoft. Some additional graphics are also provided.

*Athens Community Leader Classical Graphics

This is a collection of Athens themed graphics for community use. They are free for non-commerical use, it would be nice if you provided a link back to the Athens CL Graphics page if you use any of the graphics!

*Pagan Colouring BookNew

This site is made up of 52 Pagan themed graphics that are designed to be printed out and made into a colouring book.

Page Updated 2nd April, 2000