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This page contains contains links to pages relating to Paganism in Australia, if you wish to add your page please email me!

Please note, I have not necessarily dealt personally with all the people listed on the page, please use your common sense when dealing with someone you don't know personally! Do not take listing here as any kind of personal endorsement of a product or service by me.

Groups and Organisations

* Pagan Alliance

An umbrella group for Pagan networking in Australia. The page contains contact information, articles about Paganism in Australia and how to obtain copies of Pagan Times, the best Pagan mag in Australia. There is also contact information for each of the State Co-ordinators.

* Pagan Alliance New South Wales

Homepage for the Pagan Alliance NSW. Contains articles from the state newsletter and contact information. Newsletter is put out eight times a year near Sabbats.

* Pagan Alliance South Australia

Homepage for the Pagan Alliance SA. Contains articles from the state newsletter and contact information. Newsletter is put out eight times a year near Sabbats.

* Pagan Alliance Queensland

Homepage for the Pagan Alliance QLD. Contains articles from the state newsletter and contact information. Newsletter is put out eight times a year near Sabbats.

* Pagan Alliance Tasmania

Homepage for the Pagan AllianceTAS. Contains articles from the state newsletter and contact information. Newsletter is put out eight times a year near Sabbats.

* NovaPagan - Newcastle Pagan Information

Information source for Pagans in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Listings of people wanting contacts, local events and issues and information on where to purchase supplies. Also info on regular meetings.

* Pagan Awareness Network

The Pagan Awareness Network is a pro-active educational network dedicated to not only correcting the misinformation about Witches and Pagans but to educate the General public, with the goal of bringing the Pagan community together and religious freedom for all without the fear of persecution.

P.A.N supports any God and Goddess Nature based religion governed by the three fold law and following the Rede, An ye harm none Do as you will.

* National Pagans at the Pub Listings

The National Pagans at the Pub Network presents this information and links without bias and in good faith. They are provided as contacts only and are not necessarily associated with National Pagans at the Pub Network.

* Sgiath an Fhithich (Gaelic Druid Order of the Southern Cross)

"Sgiath an Fhithich" is a Seed Group of "The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids" which traces itís origins to 1717 [although itís roots go right back into pre-history] . This Seed Group now has 7 members and is run by two Ovates, Richard and Kerrie Alcorn in Armadale, Western Australia.

* The Coven of Lothlorien

This homepage is the cyber home of a Brisbane-based coven. There is ritual and majick information as well as meditations. (This site takes A LONG time to load - Laren).

* CAW Australia

The homepage of the Church of All Worlds in Australia. Includes contact information, a history of the Church and upcoming events.

* Applegrove

Applegrove is an eclectic group of pagans based in Sydney, Australia. We are a teaching grove with a Celtic and Wiccan base. We have no leaders as such, we all teach each other and contribute to the circle. Applegrove presents two public pagan gatherings per year as well as running workshops at other gatherings in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

* Australian Pagan Information Centre

The Australian Pagan Information Centre was established in 1983 to provide an authoritative reference point on all aspects of the Paganism , both of belief structures (witchcraft and magic) and of the phenomena and practises (herbalism, altered states etc.). With an extensive library of texts and notes, video and audio recordings, the Centre can provide information on, or into, most areas of occult learning. Contacts Australia wide and overseas provide supporting information. APIC now publishes a formost magical digest of the best of articles from around the world.

* Wyrd Spyders Creating

This group is based in Melbourne. Many activities are aimed to women only groups.

* Alternative Spiritualities Homepage

This is the home of the Alternative Spiritualities Club based at Monash University. Has pages and links dealing with Astaru, OTO, a page of events,

* Rune Guild

A homepage dedicated to the study of the Runes, including the history of the Germanic peoples who orginated their use.

* Assembly of Elder Troth

The Assembly of the Elder Troth (A.E.T.) is a coalition of religious and spiritual groups dedicated to the worship (in the pre-Christian sense of praise, admiration, veneration and great respect; from Old English - weorthscipe.) and/or the understanding of the function (as Archetypes) of the Ancient Gods / Goddesses and Ancestral Spirits (Wights ) of Northern Europe, as described in the writings known as the Eddas and Sagas. These Ancient Gods are called the Aesir and/or the Vanir. This worship is generally called Asatru ie. True to the Gods. We acknowledge Asatru as a spiritual path for Personal and Social evolution. A plain page with basic contact information.

* The Asatru Kindred of Australasia Incorporated

"Asatru" is an Icelandic word used to describe those who follow the ancient pre-christian Pagan Spirituality of Northern Europe. It means "True to the Gods". Sometimes this "Way" is called the "Elder Troth" or one of a number of other names. It was the principal Pagan spirituality in a range of countries, from England and Iceland, Holland, Germany and Scandinavia to Prussia, the Baltic States and the Steppes of Russia. Asatru was even found in Constantinople. Of course, in ancient times , many of these areas had different names. A National Organisation for Pagans and Heathens in Australasia.

* The Wiccan Guild of Queensland

The Wiccan Guild of Queensland is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting, preserving, and practicing Wicca, as well as uniting the Queensland Wiccan community within a single body.

* Pagan Postcards

A great, free service that allows Pagans to send Pagan themed electronic postcards at any time, but especially useful near the Sabbats. (Site now situated in the USA).

* Panpipes

An excellent page from Canberra based Witch, Shedea. Some essay's on being a Witch in the Southern Hemisphere and a great section called, Lines for Circles - Wiccan Mystical Verse.

* The Seance of the Sable Witch

Personal homepage with one solitary Witches' journey on the Pagan Path.

* The Witches' Workshop

Lilitu Babalon's home on the web. Information on a wide variety of topics including, The Chakras, Reiki Healing, Crystals, Goddesses including a Temple to Lilith and much more.

* Arias NightMoon's Wiccan Realm

Dedicated to dispelling some of the common misconceptions about modern Witchcraft this site provides information on the various facets of one of the worlds oldest religions, Wicca. This site, influenced by the "Southern Hemisphere" ways, features an explanation of the Sabbats, Moon Phases, Craft Tools, and much more.

* The Offical Fiona Horne Website

This is the offical website for Fione Horne, Australian author, witch and performing artist. The site has articles written by Fiona on her experiences of witchcraft as well as music and links to other resources.

* Moonshae and Stargazer's Covenstead

Personal homepage of two Sydney Wiccans. Tarot, Sabbats, Runes and links page.

* WycheWoman's Way

Personal homepage with a Pagan/Wiccan Walk (info on Sabbats etc), also poetry and herbal information.

* OzWiccan

Personal web site with info about Wicca in Australia.

* OzPagan

Has some event announcements and some great graphics.

* The Neo Pagan Times

A Neo Pagan E-zine with original articles by Australian authors. A large variety of content including poetry and music.

* be-witched

This is not a Pagan page as such but a site developed by a Communication Arts student at Macquarie Uni. Has some good stuff about Witchcraft in Sydney.

Commerical Services
* WebWrite Consultants

A Pagan friendly web site design firm. We can offer limited hosting for your web site (ie no FTP access) with a short URL. Feel free to email us to talk about your needs.

* The Esoteric Bookshop - Melbourne

Homepage of the Esoteric Bookshop, based in Hawthorn, Victoria. The Esoteric Bookshop offers a wide range of Pagan and Wicca related material including books, tools, herbs and other useful items. They offer a great mail and internet order system, based on an extremly comphrensive catalogue. (This shop is much better than the Sydney Esoteric Bookshop in fulfilling the material working needs of Witches and Pagans - IMHO).

* RuneMaster

RuneMaster offer a wide range of high-quality Nordic and Celtic pendants.

* Wiccaworld

Wiccaworld has a great range of all the tools and supplies needed by Pagans. All the basics, athames, cauldrons, chalices, robes etc as well as herbs, oils, candles and much more. Prices are very affordable. Check this site out, its great.

* The Realm of White Magic

White Magic have a comprehensive range of products for the magically inclined. A wide range of incense, spell kits, calendars, jewellery, and other accessories. Online ordering available. They are also stockists of WitchCraft Magazine.

* Goddess House

Goddess House offers a wonderful range of handsculpted Goddess figurines and plaques. They are lovely works, that come in a variety of colours and finishes. Help support a great Australian business.

* Stella Australis Bookstore

The Stella Australis bookstore offers both an Academic Isle (that deals with the study of the Witchcraft Craze in Early Modern Europe) and also a Pagan Isle, that lists some of the classics and new works that may be of interest to modern Australian Pagans.

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