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LUCIFER Lucifer is an admittedly campy and evocative devilish band with a twist of humour necromancing the past orthodox, now considered unorthodox by the less attuned, thus becoming re-innovative, harking unto the Satanic roots of original Metal, particularly in the guitar riffs, basslines and classicly legendary melodies, while remaining completely true in their own right, retaining integrity, as it comes from the black heart. A Satanic band who has successfully travelled from the past through the "star" gate to the present, and still manages to blast away many of the current bands nowadays. Because of their style, I would consider this to be a timeless band, spanning all eras of Black Metal. Ladies and Gentlemen, from the deepest depths of Hell...

I. It's Lucifer! begins as a powerful introduction, incorperating pipe organ, heavy guitars, rib-felt bass, pounding thundering drums, and a distinctive voice which somewhat reminds Me of King Diamond's - quite unforgettable, high-pitched and clear.

II. "Crush The Enemy" is another strong piece which is also an inspirational tune about the indulgent practice of destroying the rotten under crushing cloven hooves.

III. One of this Warlock's absolute favorites on this CD Is certainly "Destination Death" , with multiple uses of various sound effects which accentuate a delightful gloomy embiance, such as a throbbing heart, a bell, and a gong, sets a solemn atmosphere, in what would be this opus' 'ballad' offering. Nice. Reminds Me of the Francis Ford Coppola version of Dracula's monicker "Love Never Dies". After the ponderous strains of gentle strings, a literal explosion launches us into the Abyss of emotional turmoil.

IV. "Nightmare" has somewhat of a King Diamond / Hammer films / Macabre Metal feel to it. Evocative.

V. "Living In Pain In Hell {Slay You}" is actually quite a 'rocker', and will have your tail wagging. Somewhat reminiscent of Judas Priest {no pun intended}.

VI. "On Your Mark" sounds a bit of what Motley Crue would have done circa "Shout At The Devil" but never had the complete guts to do. I really enjoyed the empowering demonic voice uttering "This is the age of SATAN! Hail Satan!" Also includes the blasting of Hellish cannons and witch-like cackles from David "Nightmare" Powers.

VII. Just Another Minute To Paradise" is actually a romantic tune about someone who is just about to meet their love - also a 'rocker'.

VIII. "Gather Brethren" starts off with a classical Spanish guitar, which then launches into another ripper with a subtly Middle-Eastern bent to the solo and chorus strings. Nice Touch of evil.

Underlying vocals from The Gentleman Downstairs permeates each song, coalescing in an infernal duo with David 'Nightmare' Powers. This band makes you want to throw open the drapes and howl at the moon. LUCIFER

The cover art by Jerry Field, features a brilliant compendium of sinister images thuroughly baptized in hellfire. An inverted cross is athrust as Lucifer's sword to pierce the heavens with a horned skull at its base - its blackened steel emits bolts of lightning energy, which also displays the dreaded number of the beast forth. And the full moon with bats is another great touch adding that certain macabre element which is ever so pleasant and archetypal of Halloween. This is one of those pieces which hides many little secrets within its darkened fetters. And of course, the undulating nymphs fan the flames with their very lust. This piece would make a nice framed poster.

And on the back, the perfect sigil to seal this opus - a red Baphomet makes it whole. A veritable musickal Book of Shadows.

Highly entertaining and a fun listen, and as we know, part of The Devil's realm is that of show business.

Hail Lucifer. HAIL SATAN.


Instrumental from the forthcoming album:

Opvs Imperivm Bellvm II


"LUCIFER and Church of Satan member David Powers wins first prize at talent show for 'Hump Day' celebration during Mediterranean Deployment. As representative of the Legions of Darkness, Powers performed mostly LUCIFER material for nearly a half an hour (plugged and unplugged) to the ecstatic crew.

Powers currently serves in the United States Navy on board a Guided Missile Destroyer in the Harry S. Truman Carrier Battle Group."

OBD's Minister of Musick & Knight of The Infernal Empire, Mr. Powers is also currently composing music for the next LUCIFER unleashing.

The Order of The Black Dragon congratulates Mr. Powers in this accomplishment, and we look forward to his safe and victorious return. Hail United Satanic America! HAIL SATAN.

The Devil's Diary IV

[ Interview with David 'Nightmare' Powers' in The Devil's Diary IV ]

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