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Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium

Hauntings From The Past & Present

Malefick Musick Some musick is so exceptional, it becomes timeless. The three elements are present:

1. Musick.
2. Lyricks.
3. Aesthetics.

Throughout the ages, it is this impressive combination that makes for a truly exceptional work &/or live performance. A spectacle. Whatever musickal style it may be. The composers may be disbanded or deceased, but this is certainly no reason why the musick created & recorded could not be appreciated forever.

Some of you may still be wondering why I have chosen to add a "k" to the words musick & lyrick. It is to differentiate between the "popular" travesties passed as "music" these days, & the OTHER Musick, Art, Literature, Movies, which are remarkable, but often become hidden & forgotten, because the creators retained their integrity, instead of bending to the stasis-quo.

Some of the best musick, literature, art, & films that have ever been, were not "popular" in their time of release.

The Musick, Literature, & Motion Pictures that shall be reviewed throughout Malefick Musick, Satan's Scroll, & Spechtreum could have been released from as short as last week, to as far as centuries ago, & not limited to a specific genre. Some will be readily available, while others, you may have to hunt for.

These sources are absorbed, reviewed, and re-experienced to more fully appreciate the presentation with an enriched perspective.

[Anton Szandor LaVey] | [Peter H. Gilmore] | [ Lustmord ] | [The Black House: A Tribute To Anton S. LaVey] | [Acheron] | [King Diamond/Mercyful Fate] | [Danzig] | [Manowar] | [Iced Earth] | [Acherontas / Stutthof] | [London After Midnight] | [Leaetherstrip] | [Diamanda Galas] | [Type O Negative] | [Marilyn Manson] | [Issa Joon] | [Hanzel Und Gretyl] | [Boingo] | [Lucifer] | [The Quintessentials] | [Timescape Zero] | [Bathory] | [Venom] | [Celtic Frost] | [ Electric Hellfire Club] | [Candlemass] | [Cradle of Filth] | [Tenacious D] | [ Le'Rue Delashay] | [Shadow Project] | [Midnight Syndicate] | [ Nox Arcana] | [Aphrodite's Child: 666] | [Aleister Crowley: Satanic Verses] | [Compendium of reviews] | [ Draconis Blackthorne Multi-Media reviews on

The Haunted Noctuary

The Devil's Jukebox: Malefik Musick Samples

Selections from King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Danzig, Boingo, plus movie scores from Edward Scissorhands, Addams Family Values, & The Forbidden Zone. Section still evolving - second page to be added soon!

Satan's Scroll, Malefick Musick, & Spechtreum Recommendations

Anton Szandor LaVey Magus [Peter H. Gilmore: Threnody For Humanity Lustmord Rising Black House Tribute Acheron King Diamond Mercyful Fate Manowar Iced Earth Danzig Acherontas London After Midnight Leaetherstrip Diamanda Galas Type O Negative Marilyn Manson Hanzel Und Gretyl Boingo Lucifer The Quintessentials Timescape Zero Venom Bathory Celtic Frost The Electric Hellfire Club Candlemass Cradle of Filth Tenacious D Le'Rue Delashay Shadow Project Midnight Syndicate Nox Arcana Aphrodite's Child / Vangelis Aleister Crowley: Satanic Verses