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Draconis Blackthorne's Shadowmantium


Year XL Anno Satanas



Infernal Salutations,

As the hellfires rage this night, and the icy grip of Winter spreads across the land, so may we recall the festivals of flesh from time immemoriam, which the children of darkness throughout the ages have celebrated. Amidst demonic laughter, may this night be spent in indulgent feast and drink, as the amber demoness in invoked in all of her forms, so The Gates are cast open!

And from frozen stalactite-laden wombs of the black earth, the beasts call up from the abyss, arising in sulphurous plumes, warming the flesh with the black flame of Satan! Come forth, this Solstice night, brothers and sisters from Hell, as the words are spoken and the names are called! Covering the heavens in tenebrious countenance, Lucifer casts His cloak across the expanse thereof, with darkness piercing through flesh and bone!

The Black Earth sleeps and shall rise again, in all resplendant beauty, bringing forth myriad forms of life to grace Belial again! And through this enchanting fog, the glow of the moon casts ghostly shadows, wonderful to behold. And so Father Winter, we welcome thee, that your presence may be prolonged! As we enjoy thine bountiful manifestations!

Rege Satanas!

In the Name of Satan,
Draconis Blackthorne
Warlock, Church of Satan.
Winter Solstice, XL Anno Satanas.

  • Black Heart Poetry:

    Satan Claus
    by Draconis Blackthorne

    On the longest night of the year
    Filled with joy and Solstice cheer
    Hellflames aglow in the fireplace pit
    Casts dancing spectres and faces and wit
    Sights and sounds of evocative bane
    Visions of devils and demons to stay

    The rain and the snow, and the sleet and the hail
    Wishes are whispered upon the ice gails
    A Presence draws nearer, a lingering friend
    A shadow reflection, through gates I did send

    Eyes in wide wonder at the flickering light
    When what to behold, what is in sight?
    But a puff in the air which flashes midnight
    There he stands proudly, in black and in red
    Is Satan Claus smiling with horns, hooves, and fangs
    A shiny black beard, He twirls with delight
    With eyes of black coal, burning with might!

    And what by The Baphomet’s throne does he lay?
    But carnal confections and philtres, what may
    Gifts wrapped in opal, and ruby, and gem
    To bring forth indulgence, and pleasure, and play

    He uplifts the Cornu, echoing forth
    With a ”Hail Satan!” and ”Happy Yuletide!”
    Old Nick swirls his cloak into a Nine
    In darkness He goes until the next time!

  • Infernal Empire News: Solstice Message from the Magestri, Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse, Magus Gilmore essay update, stuporstition thwarted, and notable multimedia resources are cited.
  • Spechtreum: Santa Claus.
  • Decibel Interview with Magus Gilmore. Links provided by Draconis Blackthorne.
  • The Infernal Names: A collection of archetypal images to accompany descriptions from The Satanic Bible.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Pentagram of Infernal Power.
  • Spechtreum: Sleepy Hollow, 13th Child: Legend of The Jersey Devil.
  • Anton Szandor LaVey Tribute Gallery: Java-enhanced Slideshow now available!
    ”warlockblackthorne’s More of warlockblackthorne’s photos
  • Infernal Empire News!: Thanksgiving message from Magus Gilmore, Rev. Ygraine on an upcoming broadcast, Lust Magazine, an interview with Warlock Hernandez, music and literature sources.
  • Fangsgiving: ”To rip with talons & claws, to tear with beaks & jaws. Such is the order of the Natural Law.” Epinox II: XIII. The Humanimal-Beast rips and tears into the flesh of other beasts, stabbing with forks and knives, as delicious life ebbs its essence, covered in spices and granting strength.

    XI/XXI\XL: Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse
  • Now that it has been unleashed on Magister Paradise’s website, it can be announced that LeRue Delashay’s rendition of Magus LaVey’s ”Battle Hymn of The Apocalypse / Hymn of The Satanic Empire” composition is complete. This well-kept secret was worth the wait, and does honor to Our Founder. Hail The Infernal Empire! Hail Satan!
  • My review of ”Traci, I Love You” has been added to ’The Locked Drawer’ section in Lust Magazine. My regards to Warlock Malebranche. There’s also a compelling interview with Reverend Leyba and a few other salacious inclusions for your carnal consideration. HS!
  • Click or Treat!: The Shadowmantium is mentioned with a favorable review on page 80 in this entertaining and informative book by Rich Gray, wherein a plethora of links, commentary, recommendations, and descriptions are provided in this ultimate source of Horror and Halloween-related websites. HS!
  • The Shadow Gallery / Deviant Art: Die Elektrischen Vorspiele.
  • The Devil’s Web / Satanimation: Coffin Rust. I was delighted to receive a complimentary Halloween print in the Hell-Post recenty, rendered by our very own Citizen Daniel Byrd, and it is already framed within The Blackthorne Productions office. And since every day is Halloween, it makes for a splendid addition. Reminds Me of My very own Nero.

  • New Interview with Draconis Blackthorne: Graveland: The Devil’s Notebook. Hail Satan!

    As spooks flood the streets and The Presence of Samhain lingers heavy on this night, and all those archetypal images pour forth from the darkness of the subconcious, materializing from the imagination into the third dimension, so let the candles burn bright in your Noctuary Chambres, and gatherings be blessed with Lucifer’s infernal light. The Names are spoken and the pleasures of the flesh are indulged amidst Baphomet’s sight.

    Daemons dance with creatures from darkened fane
    Donned in vestments of evocative bane
    The world catches but a glimpse of Hell
    As robed phantoms utter omnipotent words of spell

    Nightmares come alive in joy and in dread
    We remain amused at the teeming masses as dusk enfolds the land
    The Gates creek open with echoing voices
    Rising up from The Abyss only we understand

    Our tenebrious creations come to be!
    In spectral visions again set free
    So hear the tolling of the bell
    The Sabbath is here, I wish you well!

    Hail Halloween! Hail Satan!
  • Samhain: ”The Spirit of Halloween” is now featured within Coast to Coast’s Halloween Gallery. Description: ”Samhain appears to conjure the Magic and Charm for this season, which remains a constant to the Satanist. Let the joyous celebrations begin!” ~ DB.
  • Essay: Halloween, the herd, and The Satanist.
  • Church of Satan News featuring superb publications, events of note, and malefik media releases. Hail Satan!
  • Loki’s Laughter! Bearded Ian Gallery III. For listeners of Coast to Coast AM. Manipulated Ian Punnett’s photo into the stereotypical Halloween vampire, a-la Bela Lugosi. Puts the ’fun’ in ’funeral! Amusing. Click here to view an additional image and the story.
  • Halloween Compendiam. A collection of commentaries relating to Halloween.
  • Exorcism & Possession essay updated.
  • Game review: Left Hand: The Satanic Dice Game.

  • The Black Earth: Scareplex.
  • Spechtreum: Valmont.
    Satan’s Scroll: The Trident 19.
    X/VII\XL: Halloween Special!
  • Blackthorne Productions: $5.00 of all books by Draconis Blackthorne. Offer good until November 1st, XL.
    ”The X/I\XL: The Devil’s Diary VIII
  • The deadline has been met - thank you to all who contributed. Issue 8 is complete. We are now accepting submissions for Issue 9: Essays, fiction, interviews, adventures, art, photography, poetry, multimedia reviews, Lesser and Greater Magical experiments are now being accepted. Please send submissions and orders to the Editor-In-Chief.
    * Deadline for Issue 9 is April 11 XLI.
  • The Devil’s Web / Personal: Wolfshart.
  • The Black Earth: Necrocomicon.
  • Malefik Musick review: Jan Not Jackson.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Blackthorne Crest.

    IX/XXII\XL: Autumn Equinox
    Infernal Salutations:

    Demon winds blow in from the South bringing the tempest in its wake. Breath in deeply the essence of Life. Satan arises from the black pits of the earth and spreads His cloak above, framed by the stars. The lightmare has ended - The blissful changing of the seasons has brought the beauty of Autumn once again...

    Fires grow into the shadows of the night, as perked flesh writhes in serpantine bliss, by moon and candle’s glow. Droplets cascade along darkened bark and ornament the spiderwebs as a veritable Halloween tribute to the wonders of Nature and the scinitillating mysteries lain hidden within the labyrinthine mind; An Occult treasure to discover and intigrate, propagating daemonic evolution and infernal growth.

    Haunted cantibles float as so many phantoms in the air, where dancing spechtres still reside. By Lucifer’s myriad forms, the earth has been purged and re-purified, making way for the worthy to possess the land. Children of Darkness - the wonders of the world are plenty... go forth and partake of its bounty!

    Hail Satan!
    In Nomine Satanas,
    Warlock Draconis Blackthorne.
    Haunted Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
    22 September, XL Anno Satanas.
  • Black Heart Poetry: Perfection. An ode to Autumn and the changing of the seasons.
  • Spechtreum: The Amityville Horror, Dracula: Dead & Loving It.
  • The Black Earth: Tutenkhamun & The Golden Age of The Pharaohs.

  • The Shadow Gallery: The two are as one, and from the black flame which burns in the heart of The Satanist, strikes the lightning bolt of Power, through The Pentagram Gateway from the aether of will and imagination unto dynamic realization... ”As Above, So Below.”

  • The Shadow Gallery: Satan’s Ouija / The ’Evil Eye’.

    IX/XIII\XL: Suspend disbelief ye who enter here...
  • The Black Book of Shadows: Blackouts, Ouija Boards, & Demons...

  • The Shadow Gallery: Deviant Art: Ziggurat of Ur. The trapezoidal Hekal Tiamat beckons with the Presence of Those Who Have Risen, from the mists of timelessness to be as one. Inspired by The Temple of The Vampire. [* Added the Winged Skull of Ur emblem to the image].
  • The Devil’s Web / Personal Sites: HHG Productions. Features an interview with Adept Nemo!

  • Westgate Relief: Due to Hurricane Katrina, The Museum of Death has experienced some topical damage. Ms. Wendell is safe and The Museum shall resurrect as circumstances allow. To donate funds to this magnificently morbid establishment and show support for Azrael’s tradition, click the link above.
  • Museum of Talking Boards: Satan’s Ouija by Blackthorne Productions is now listed within this informational resource on these intriguing devices. Hail Satan!

  • Malefik Musick: Winter’s Knight.
  • Spechtreum: Garfield.

  • Malefik Musick: Nox Arcana: Necronomicon.

  • The Shadow Gallery: Satan 9.

  • Malefik Musick: Nox Arcana: Darklore Manor.

    ”Tiamat” VIII/XV\XL
  • The Black Book of Shadows: Ritual Confirmation.

  • Malefik Musick: Midnight Syndicate: The 13th Hour.
  • The Devil’s Allies: Creative Oddities.

    VIII/XII\XL: The Devil’s Diary VIII
  • The deadline for submissions for The Devil’s Diary VIII is September 21st XL. We are accepting Satanosophical essays, fiction, multimedia reviews, interviews, adventures, art, photography, poetry, and original articles on Lesser and Greater Magic. The cover will feature the art of Michael K. Silva - still accepting submissions for back cover art. Please send all contributions to:

    * Editor-In-Chief: Draconis Blackthorne. Thank you, and Hail Satan!

    ”By VIII/X\XL: Archival reviews.
  • Satan’s Scroll: Dark Somewhere 1.
  • Spechtreum: By Satan Possessed, In The Name of Satan, First Family of Satanism.

  • Spechtreum: Dr. Phibes Rises Again!

    VIII/V\XL: Greater Magic / Satan-Mammon.
  • The Shadow Gallery: Sigil of Mammon. It is recommended that Satanists draw this image for themselves upon a piece of paper, and carry it with them in one’s wallet, for fortune in finances. Utter an improvised incantation unto Satan-Mammon for consecration, and expect great fortune. It is ideally used in conjunction with The Mammon Rite in Dracomeroth. From experience, this symbol enhances monetary acquisition when accompanied by some well-applied Lesser Magic as well. The coloration is green and gold, to symbolize money and riches. The eternity symbol passes through the angles to create a cycling energy which mutiplies itself.

    VIII/II\XL: D e v i l u t i o n
  • Attention! ’DBlackthorne@yahoo.com’ is closed. There shall be no longer be correspondence from that address. Please direct your communications to WarlockBlackthorne@yahoo.com. Thank you. Hail Satan!
  • The Order of The Black Dragon Discussion Forum has been moved to this incarnation in order to ”clean house” and retain our integrity. The former group address has been modified to this one, so please update your bookmarks.
  • The Devil’s Web / Satanimation: Art On You. Where the flesh is the Temple of Satan and a portal to Hell. View the living nightmares...

  • The Black Book of Shadows: Phantom Hooves.

    ”Draconis VII/XXIV\XL: The Devil’s Viewing Room & Chambers of Darkness
  • A Draconian Tribute from Keith Shillingberg, with arrangements by Jan666. Shall be included in his forthcoming magazine entitled ”Chambers of Darkness”. Hail Satan!
    [Click image to the right for larger view.]
  • Spechtreum: They Live, Sleepwalkers, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Batman Begins, Wendigo, Hackers, Kill Bill.
  • The Devil’s Web I / Personal sites: Enchantress will be your guide through her own infernal dimension. Feel the rapture of her dark muses; Treasure Hiding Discover the wonderful secrets lain hidden within!

    VII/IV\XL: Lucifer Day!
  • Tonight, as the scent of burning flesh permeates the air, and the sky blazes like the morning star with splenderous color, igniting like a cosmic black opal above, keep in mind the archetype of the first prideful rebel, who carries the infernal torch of undefiled wisdom, inspiring evolution unto the higher, and like those who left the constraints and broke the chains of perfidious oppression, to create their own Shamballah, so may you feel the glorious liberation in the purity of being. Hail Lucifer! Hail Satan! ~ Draconis Blackthorne.
  • United Satanic America. Take a look at what some of Our Founding Devil-Fathers stated about blindlight religion. Hail The Hellfire Club! HAIL SATAN.

  • Satan’s Scroll: The Trident 18.

    VI/XXIII\XL: Aesthetic manifestation, Church of Satan Multi-Media resources
  • The Shadow Gallery: Sigils of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell.
  • Amazon Listmania Church of Satan Sources: Created several lists of Church of Satan multimedia sources from The Official Site, Magistra Barton’s book ”The Church of Satan”, concerning Satanic musical referrals, as well as personal recommendations.
  • The Devil’s Web I / Personal sites: Satanya. A most impressive website from this Mistress of Hell containing flash navigation displaying sound effects of an impressive manner... whips and snakes - some deviliciously salacious photos of the hostess, upcoming events, and information listing some of her fetishistic specialities. Feel the rush of the kundalini’s flame increase within you... Lilith has arisen... 5/5 Serpents.

    V/XXIII\XL: Shadowmantium URL notice!
  • shadowmantium.cjb.net: Set your bookmarks! In order to simplify the rememberance of accessing The Shadowmantium URL, a redirecting agent via cjb.net has been employed for easier access. I had formally also registered one at ”n2v.net”, which has been defunct for awhile now.

    V/XXI\XL: Infernal Progeny
  • Infernal Progeny: Introducing Satanic Parents Marilyn Mansfield & Zoth Ommog, and infernal progeny, Damien Draconis Gonzalez!

    V/XVII\XL: The Devil’s Diary announcement!
  • The Devil’s Diary is evolving to a yearly format, and will be released for either Halloween/Winter Solstice or Walpurgisnacht from now on. Notification will be announced herein. Feel free to submit essays, Magical rites, fiction and non-fiction stories, multi-media reviews, interviews, art, photography, adventures, total environments, and poetry. Submissions are continually considered. HS!

    * Ordering & Submission Information: CONTACT

    V/VI\XL: Malefick Media!
  • You may wish to set your Tivo’s and VCR’s for ”Pact With The Devil”, which will be on The Learning Channel May 11 2005 @ 10:00 PM & May 12 2005 @ 01:00 AM {make sure you figure your particular regional time}; features an interview with Magistra Blanche Barton and a ritual conducted by Myself. LINK Set a reminder at the site!

    * Description from the site: ”Is satanic human sacrifice a growing epidemic or a tabloid fantasy? An ex-FBI agent, ritual crime expert and satanic ritual abuse survivor all swear that it is a real and horrific. However the Church of Satan says it goes against their basic principals.”
  • Satan’s Scroll: The Black Flame 16.
  • Spechtreum: Hellboy, Hulk, Van Helsing.
  • The Devil’s Web / Supplies: Heavy Red Couture Noir.

    IV/XXX\XL: Walpurgisnacht XL

    On this Sabbath’s Night, so The Children of Darkness gather in their Lairs with revery and Power, conjuring forth the Daemons within to cast The Will upon The Black Earth. By the tolling of The Bell, The Gates of Hell are flung wide open, and The Forces of Darkness arise through The Flesh, as candles burn with fury and Might! The black flame rages within and without, as Spells are cast by Zam Zam’s tide. The Great Abyss dwells agape - arise! And speak The Names! May the celebration begin! Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Draconis Blackthorne
    Warlock, Church of Satan.


    The fires burn bright in the dark of the night
    Hell’s Flames awakened on black candle’s wick
    And Baphomet, benevolent
    Gazes down upon the rites
    Incense curls and passion swirls...
    Upon Walpurgis Night.

    The Altar of Satan is prepared
    With regal and Magic delight
    The Western Gate doth dwell agape
    Opened with the Key of the Mind
    The oil of Zam-Zam is poured, aloft The Sword...
    Upon Walpurgis Night.

    Wishes brought forth
    Alight unto Ether
    The Blessing of Lucifer ascends
    Winds doth blow and We know
    The Presence of The Dark Force well...
    Upon Walpurgis Night.

    The Festival of Flesh
    Kundalini’s Dance
    As life springs forth
    From earthen crevasse to Daemon Seed
    Echoes on the Nocturne Tide...
    Upon Walpurgis Night.

    Secret deeds as devils leap
    The infernal font of the mind
    Diabolical manifestations
    Conjured forth this Sabbath’s Night
    Gathered here, among us now...
    As We proudly Hail Victory and Might!

    ...Upon this Walpurgis Night!

    * Upon this Walpurgisnacht Sabbath’s Night, we keep the anniversary of the formation of The Church of Satan by Our Founder Anton Szandor LaVey, in mind, that night of nights, Year One Anno Satanas, revelling in this Nefarious Cabal, this infernal brainchild was born, issued forth from the fertile womb of both enchantment and reason in their perfect balances. We have grown, thrived, and continue to garner both influence and increasing Strength in this Age of Fire. My Our Wills enforced upon Evolution bear great fruition, and may our celebrations yield secret desires realized, as we feast and indulge in the pleasures of Satan’s Black Earth with wisdom and delight! Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

  • Infernal Empire Updates!: A splendid holiday message from High Priestess Nadramia, a Lust Magazine evilution, some intriguing bibliography, and an enhanced explanation on the heritage of The Baphomet Sigil. HS!
  • Black Book of Shadows: ”Talisman of Power” entry updated.

    IV/XXIV\XL: SinemÔř?rotica!

  • Lust Magazine: Sexual Magic.
  • The Devil’s Web / Satanimation: Bolt of The Goat. The Satanic Art of Michael K. Silva.

    IV/XVII\XL: Blackthorne Productions Update!

  • For all those who have purchased Satan’s Ouija, Blackthorne Productions now has an enhanced ”Evil Eye” oracle available! Inquire for details.
  • The resident daemons in The Devil’s Workshop are now offering a new infernal service: As an adjunct to custom spells cast upon your target, you now have the option to send in certain relics of your quarry to be arranged into a unique effigy for your diabolical purposes. The personal effects of the accursed, or belusted, or loved one to be healed will be realistically placed upon the doll and mailed back to you for that perfect ritual; or utilized at The Noctuary for you in a Draconian Ritual. Inquire for details.
  • The Blackthorne Chronicles is now also on My Space!

    ”The IV/XI\XL: Anton Szandor LaVey Nativity Tribute XL

    On this Day of Observation, The Anniversary of The Nativity of The Black Pope, Magus Anton Szandor LaVey, The Infernal Empire remains unmatched, this daemonic manifestation spawned from the blazing Trapezohedron - we step through The Gates of Hell and possess The Black Earth as our own - from the second dimensions of the imagination realized into the third, and thus imprinted in the fourth, We remember The Immortal Legend, living vibrantly in the hearts and minds of those whom his works have inspired and motivated towards our own select greatness, our muses, our pleasures, the daemonic genius within, conjured forth by The Power of The Will.

    Hail Anton Szandor LaVey! Hail The Citizens of The Infernal Empire! Hail SATAN!

  • A selection from OBD:

    ”Magus Gilmore related that Dr. LaVey had a quirk, in which he would actually drop an ice cube into a glass of wine while dining at The Olive Garden. I propose that perhaps Satanists may wish to feast that night or day there, and do the same, along with a toast in his name. Later, at one’s Lair, Satanists may share readings from The Black Flame and The Cloven Hoof memorial issues {as well as selections from The Secret Life of A Satanist}, and view Speak of The Devil and Satanis to celebrate his life and achievements.”

  • Infernal Empire Updates!: A splendid commentary from Magus Gilmore on Our Founder, new creations from Arkham Studios; Reverend Thorn, The Sinister Screen, RFS, a Seconds Magazine collection, Satanic publications of interest, a Lovecraftian role-playing game {be your own ’evil god’!}, a new Satanic resource shop, and some blasphemous artistry... take a look at this plethora of creativity in the News Section. HS!
  • The Devil’s Diary is featured in Citizen Listheret’s Prospectus Diabolicus, which contains her review of Acheron’s Friday the 13th performance. HS!

  • Spechtreum: Edward Scissorhands.
  • Radio Free Satan Press Release! April 5, 2005
    Hell Unleashed: New Radio Free Satan Premieres

    ”The re-launch of Radio Free Satan, appropriately descending on the weekend of the Pope’s death, is back in action, and with plenty of surprises.

    The world’s evilest internet radio station returns with a whole new look, new management, and plenty of new programming!

    Tune in at http://www.radiofreesatan.com for a fresh stream of around-the-clock programming, professionally produced shows, and the wickedest personalities on the planet. Best of all, anyone with an internet connection can hear Radio Free Satan for free without buying extra hardware or paying for expensive subscriptions.

    Hell ain’t a bad place to be when you’re listening to Radio Free Satan! Stay tuned for the best music from every genre and every era -- vintage metal, rockabilly, gothic, swing/big band, punk rock, classical, industrial -- plus classic comedy, old-time radio serials, and mind blowing talk and perspectives from the most outspoken minds of the carnal world.

    Visit the new website at www.radiofreesatan.com for information on our DJs, shows, message board, e-list, and more. Plus, new and exciting plans for the future of RFS, including contests, podcasting, and other ways to enjoy your Radio Free Satan.”

    For more info, check out--
    Email: shane@evilnow.com
    Phone: 219-931-9300

  • Read My review of Caligula on The Sinister Screen! A two-horned salute to Magister Paradise! Hail Satan!
  • Black Heart Poetry: Sir Asmodeus and Shea Bil’e. May the darkness embrace you...
  • Bitches of Christ: New victim added.

    III/XXI\XL: Be sure to bookmark these sites!
  • deviant ART: Incrementally moving Shadow Gallery files into the interactive deviant ART Gallery, so if you want to peruse and leave a comment, the option is now available. Several new descriptions have been added which was lacking in the Shadow Gallery, but shall eventually be added thereon as well.
  • Post Poems: Added several poems to the Post Poems Portfolio which are also on several pages in Satanic Serenades. These of course do not substitute for the multimedia experience on Shadowmantium, but it does allow for direct commentary and quicker bandwidth. Please feel free to sign The Guestbook and ’critique’. Be sure to read The Introduction first for clarification on some points.

    III/XX\XL: Spring Equinox
  • The Shadow Gallery: Infernal Progeny. ”Satanists are born, not made.” - Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey.
  • Anton LaVey Tribute Gallery: New image added! Dr. LaVey with Jayne Mansfield at her Mansion on walkway.
  • Spechtreum: The Devil’s Child.
  • The Infernal Alignment: L’Alignement Infernal French translation by Jeltar Adep.
  • The Draconian Sins: Les Dix PÔř?chÔř?s Draconiens. French translation by Jeltar Adep.
  • Impersonation Alert!: It has come to My attention that there is an individual who has been using the name ”Draconis Blackthorne” from a so-called ”Vampire Freaks” site. Now, it is not clear if this person is attempting to purposefully impersonate Me, or if he thought up the name himself, but I thought it prudent to mention it here, lest there be any misunderstanding. Imitation is flattering when given to and from a worthy source, but blatant impersonation is just pathetic. So if anyone receives a message from anyone with an address other than WarlockBlackthorne@yahoo.com claiming My identity, be wary. HS!

  • French Translation of The Ten Draconian Dictums added: Les Onze Dictons Draconiens. My Infernal Thanks to Jeltar Adep for this original translation. Hail Satan! - DB.
  • ”The Devil’s Rain” film review has been added to The Sinister Screen. Infernal Salute to Magister Paradise! Hail Satan!
  • Black Heart Poetry: Lucifer’s Lightning.
  • Evilutions I: Draclinghood: ”The Demon of The River”.
  • Link Banners: Created new Blackthorne Productions and The Devil’s Diary banners. If you wish to use this anywhere on your site, please contact Me where it can be found. HS!

  • Satan’s Scroll: The Trident 17.


  • ”THE SINISTER SCREEN is the new project made possible by Purging Talon and members of the Church of Satan Special Interest Groups exploring Satanic philosophy and aesthetics in both film and video via reviews, essays, books, links, and more. If wanting to submit work for consideration, do remember that such is limited to Church of Satan members only.” My infernal thanks to Magister Paradise for the inclusion of My reviews on this multimedia source. Hail Satan!

  • Spechtreum IX: TLC’s Pact With The Devil.
  • Black Heart Poetry: ”Angel Lust”.

  • The Shadow Gallery: Has again extended its blackened gleaming tentacles into cyberspace, and has brought forth another nefarious manifestation: Deviant Art: DBlackthorne. Decided to place some of the monsterpieces on Deviant Art, with descriptions. More will be added periodically. Feel free to leave your commentary. HS!

  • Church of Satan updates with news on a superb statue of Our Founder, the Mighty Anton Szandor LaVey, forged at Arkham Studios, an Art Exhibition by Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba, and Rik Garrett, a photography display of some microscopic parasitic creatures, and a Satanic publication. Hail Satan!
  • The Devil’s Web / Satanism, Personal sites, Satanimation, Radio: Evil Mecca, Rampant Boingophrenia, Joel Peter Wilkin, ”Theistic Satanism and Magick”.

  • The Devil’s Web I / Personal Sites: Rhoades D’Ablo & The Devil’s Right Hand.



  • Infernal Empire Evilutions: Church of Satan updates with news on two superior Satanic publications, Art Shows featuring Satanic Apache Priest Stephen Johnson Leyba and Stephen Kasner, media spots with Myself and Warlock Malebranche, and a new text of interest. HS!
  • I Am pleased to announce that Blackthorne Productions has been added to the V6Vus Bazaar. Hail Mammon! Hail Satan!
  • Satan’s Scroll: Not Like Most 15.

  • Spechtreum: Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • Black Heart Poetry: ”Vual” by Lord Enauckoon.

    I/I\XL: New Year XL Anno Satanas
    Infernal Salutations,

    The new year is upon us, and there is much to look forward to. Now that the Shadow Forces of Nature have quite literally washed away much of the clutter on the earth and in the ether, we can enter into Year XL Anno Satanas refreshed, and with the black flames of Hell burning fiercely in our eyes, which purify and bestow infernal enlightenment. The weak perish, and the Strong survive and thrive. And so thanks be unto Lucifer for infernal blessings of past, present, and future, as all is one. Every year belongs to The Satanist, and let this one be the most fortuitous yet!

    Hail Satan!

    In Nomine Satanas,
    Draconis Blackthorne
    Warlock, Church of Satan.

  • Sent out another batch of Devil’s Diaries.

    Contents include: Unholy Matrimony by Satan’s Angel, Descent of The Incubi by Donald Swain, What Makes Satanism So Different? by Paul Hill, The Infernal Orchestra by DB, Freedom of Choice by Kyle Whittaker, Hot Seat with Wally George, A Eulogy by DB; Is Little Caesar’s Satanic? by Loki, Jesus Christ Must Be The Devil by Paul Hill, Black Heart Poetry by DB, Lianna Diabolique, Draconis Nosferatus, and Kali Sekhmet; Cover image {”Lovecraftian Orgy”} features artwork by Tim Bishop, back cover features art by K. Nosifer {”Precious Lifeforce”}. Plus Noctuarium Multi-Media reviews: The Black Earth, Satan’s Scroll, Spechtreum, and Malefik Musick.

    * Subscriptions / Submissions: Essays, Fiction, Polemic, Art, Photography, Discography, Bibliography, Videography reviews, Poetry.
    * $6.00 for single Issue + $1.00 S/H; $12.00 one year + $2.00 S/H. Unleashed for Walpurgisnacht & Halloween/Winter Solstice.
    * Note: Submissions demonstrating anti-CoS sentiment will not be included.
    * Contact The Editor-In-Chief: WarlockBlackthorne@yahoo.com for ordering information and submissions.
    * We are currently taking submissions for The Devil’s Diary #VIII: Walpurgisnacht XL A.S. Deadline is April 21st.

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