"It is the goal to reach out to everyone, and provide as much information and support so that we may educate, understand and alleviate the isolation experienced with Behcet's."

Behcet's is a multi-system vascular disease that can attack any part of the body where there is blood supply. It is a life long condition that has no cause and no cure to date.

Diagnosing Behcet's Disease is very difficult because there is no specific test to confirm it. It is diagnosed by specific criteria & patterns of symptoms and repeated outbreaks of them. Although incurable at the present, it does not mean untreatable. Treatment is aimed at individual symptoms as they occur.

Symptoms of Behcet's Disease include recurrent mouth & genital ulcers, eye & skin lesions, gastro-intestinal lesions, headaches, fatigue, vasculitis and central nervous system involvement. Behcet's is a very painful disease. Pain is caused by ulcers and inflammation as they come and go. Behcet's affects each person differently. Some people may only have mild symptoms while others have more severe debilitating symptoms.
My Name is Cindy, I am a women that suffer's from this rare and chronic disease. After trying to find answers to a lot of my questions and doing much research on Behcet's I finally found other's who share in this disease. It was on a Behcet's internet message board that I met my first real contact.  I had someone to talk to who could understand what was going on. After many emails and phone calls we finally met. We didn't realize how many issues we had in common. We had both dealt with the chronic pain of Behcet's not to mention the frustration and isolation.
It was just after this meeting I knew then there must be more like us and so my journey started.
Since then Behcet's has become a big part of my life. I have experienced the loneliness, confusion and isolation that goes along with this disease. This is why I have dedicated this site to all other people affected by Behcet's and their families. People who live near or far who may need some support, compassion and understanding of this devastating illness. I have committed my time to reach out and help others like us, so that together we may find a way to cope with our ever changing future and eventually find a cure.

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Finally you're not alone!
Keep strong, hopeful & healthy!
Cindy ,
Behcet's Patient & Breast Cancer Survivor
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Saturday June 27, 2009 from 11 am to 4 pm

Behcet's Canada and the Vasculitis Foundation Canada  will be holding our Summer picnic on
June 27, 2009 from 11 am to 4 pm at Riverside Park, 147 King St West, Cambridge, ON Canada. This will be a family BBQ and get together. Auntie Dot the clown and a moose mascot will be there to entertain the kids. We will have events for the whole family to enjoy. So come out and meet other's like you who can truly understand what you are going through.

You must register in advance as space is limited. The cost for this event is $10  per family and includes a hamburger and drinks for up to 5 people. Plus information packs and many prizes.

To reserve your seats please call our toll free number 1-877-572-9474 or email or visit our sister site at

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