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Holiday Greetings From the Editor!
     Happy Festivus, everyone!  In this season of cheer and good will toward men, don't forget the purpose of Festivus: to air all accumulated grievances and annoyances toward everyone you know! 
     On a somewhat realated note, thanks to all who have kept tabs on Spivey's World and monitored its lack of progress.  SW finally seems to be rotating correctly again, so expect more frequent updates as in the past. (None of this quarterly stuff....)

Bush Conducts First Foreign Policy Foray
     Concord, New Hampshire (SPI)-- Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush siezed an opportunity to catapult himself into international politics today.  He chose a restaurant in New Hampshire to unveil some ideas.
     "We need to welcome new nations, new democracies into the fold," Bush said.  "Its important  that in these booming economic times we make valuable inroads to future trading partners."
     The stunned donut shop crowd appeared to politely accept Bush's message, though the general mood of the crowd could best be summed up by employee Conchita Gustav: "What the hell is he talking about?  And is his staff gonna buy anything or just block the display shelves?"
     Bush cleared up the confusion, though, by stating that his first order of business as President would be to establish diplomatic relations with New Hampshire and sever ties with the old, less democratic and economically inferior "Hampshire".  Despite the efforts of his staff to gag and supress further comments from the candidate, Bush continued.
     "While passing through your nation's rolling hills and thick forests, I was reminded of my own country.  In the United States we have very similar land features: trees, hills, roads, even those little signs that tell you how far the next town is.  I couldn't help but think: are our countries really THAT different?  To borrow a phrase from your country's language... 'No way, Jose!'"
     Though three towns away, fellow Republican Presidential candidate John McCain could be heard laughing hysterically.

Candidate Unveils "Buchanan Youth" Program
     Munich (SPI)-- Reform Party Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan returned to the "most hallowed and revered" nation he knew to announce his most ambitious plan to date.
     Borrowing an idea from "one of  (Germany's) most innovative but misunderstood leaders", Buchanan briefly outlined his plan to create a league of dedicated children who wanted to see their country become the leader it was "just a few short decades ago".  The young people, he said, would rally around this idea of superiority "both physical and mental" to help foster nationalistic pride and furvor.   Speaking to the audience (mostly in German), he cited their history of unity.
     "If there is one thing you people have shown it is the ability to hold grand, showy events of precision and excitement.  That is what we will try to capture in the U.S."
     After the short speech, Buchanen was presented with a child that was "the most perfect specimen of a Buchanan Youth" that he could imagine.  "Just look at those eyes!  Blue as the ocean!  And that pristine blond hair, too!  Wow!" 

Photographic Special- Held Over!!
See pictures of the Queen and Princess of SW, Maggie and Anna. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image.

Maggie protects her synthetic (but very dead) mouse.
Maggie surveys the back yard for evening intruders.
Anna relaxes at the breakfast room table.

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