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CHARGE stands for: 
Christian Homeschoolers Advancing Rhetoric for Greater Effectiveness.
CHARGE is the Chicago area speech and debate club for the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA). We learn the skills of public speaking in order to become effective communicators for the Lord. CHARGE participates in speech and debate tournaments throughout America. Some locations include: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and California. CHARGE exists to assist Chicago area homeschool speakers and debaters become the best communicators they can be!   
     Chicago CHARGE also coordinates outreach efforts to develop homeschool forensics throughout the region. We have helped to establish clubs in Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois and would be glad to help you develop your program.

Brief History:
Chicago CHARGE has its roots in a group of students who competed in the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) debate organization in the western suburbs beginning in 1998.  In 2000, only 6 students were competing.  The 2000-2001 season saw the students who formed CHARGE send two debate teams to nationals.  After that nationals, a decision was made to officially form Chicago CHARGE.  The acronym was created, leaders were selected, and the club officially began competing for the 2001-2002 season.
     Rather than remaining small, Chicago CHARGE grew rapidly that season with over 30 students joining the club.  CHARGE expanded to include speech and Lincoln-Douglas debate.  The first CHARGE Novice Tournament was held that season to provide competitive experience for new debaters as well as judging experience for the veterans.  That season brought success competitively as well including three national qualifying debate teams and three speech event qualifications.  CHARGE had a duo interpretation and a debate team in the final round at nationals.
     CHARGE did not remain satisfied with the success of 2002.  The club has continued to grow since its founding.  Chicago CHARGE has established a reputation as a very strong club with excellence defining our students.  This excellence is seen in the many awards we have won, but it is also seen in the team emphasis the students and families maintain.  As the club continues to mature, the competitive success is sustained, but the team attitude and excellent work of our club is the capstone. 
     As a result of the many hours of work the students, staff, and families of Chicago CHARGE have spent to make CHARGE the best it can be, Chicago CHARGE is able to reach out and assist other clubs and organizations.  Chicago CHARGE students have been able to share their talents with the Naperville Rotary Club and other local organizations.  Students have made presentations in their churches, and have used their skills to speak to numerous individuals in their daily interactions.  CHARGE students and coaches have assisted in establishing speech and debate clubs in other areas of the Chicago-metro area.  

To see a sampling of our accomplishment, click on "Awards"

Our Prayer:
     "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." Psalms 19:14 

Our Debate Team Goal:
     Our goal is taken from an excerpt of a quotation by Representative George Minot in the early years of our nation. Representative Minot was a representative from Massachusetts. He did not like James Madison very much, in fact they had many debates against each other. Nevertheless, Minot had this to say about Madison: 
"He was admirable for a sound judgment, which perceives truth with great clearness and can trace it through mazes of debate without losing it; a studious man, devoted to public business, and a thorough master of almost every public question that can arise" 

It is our goal to develop students who themselves will have these qualities.

Chicago CHARGE meets Tuesday evenings from 5-9 p.m.  At the weekly meetings, students participate in extemporaneous speaking, individual events (speech), and policy debate.  Our experienced coaching staff includes national award-winning competitors as well as coaches with many years of experience.  In addition, CHARGE focuses on the family as the central hub for learning the skills of communication.  As such, parents serve as additional resources and the students gain from the insights of the various life experiences they represent.

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