Bouldering in the Shawangunks, NY.

Bouldering at the Sleeping Giant, Hamden CT.

  Other Places
1. West Rock State Park, New Haven/Hamden

  • Sweet Smearing
  • Sweet Smearing -wide angle
  • Fun Overhang
  • Next to 'Maybe Not'
  • Next to 'Maybe Not'
  • Another View From Road

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    At the top of West Rock, Three Judges Cave, where my ancestor Judge Whalley hid from English persecution, is really just a few boulders piled up mysteriously. There are problems I have climbed on this rock. Due to bad landings, a crashpad is desirable here. Please respect the rock's historical value and use chalk minimally or brush off chalk. Tick marks not only put access in jeopardy here, but have upset the rangers, some of whom are long-time climbers.

    Also, keep an eye out for shady types roaming around here - there are a few crazies in the area.

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