Local Crags

In Meriden (roadmap!) ,
Cathole Pass is a nice traprock climbing area near the Meriden Square Mall with climbs ranging from from beginner/intermediate to advanced in difficulty. It's next to a busy road, so the noise is annoying, but that's okay because you don't have to hike far!

1. Boudering under "Cat-O-Nine-Tails", 5.9.
2. Bouldering low on "Golden Book", 5.6.
3. Taking the hard route up "Pegasus", 5.8.
4. ZOOM-IN on #3, "Pegasus"
5. Pumped On "Pegasus".
6. Wrestling the "Imperial Wizard", 5.11c.
7. Trying "Danzig", 5.12.
8.Blake on "Pegasus", 5.8. NEW
9.Blake on "Golden Book", 5.6. NEW

In Meriden/Southington (roadmap!),
East Peak/Castle Craig is a beautiful traprock (cathole) climbing and bouldering area with a fantastic view of Meriden's Merimere Lake at Hubbard Park. The crags are great with some nice cracks and face climbs, and bouldering is good, but off the beaten path.

In Hamden (roadmap!),
Sleeping Giant State Park 'Chin'(topo) can be a fun place to spend the day.  Some of the climbs are very nice with great views. On a normal day you can easily make out all of New Haven Harbor, the Sound, and Long Island. But for the views, you gotta hike! Overall, a swell place to go when you can't drive farther. A convenient thing about the Park is the location of the bouldering.

View trail map.
View Chin cliff-side.
View Warehouse Run 5.7 info.
1."Macrothingy" 5.10 NEW
2."Macrothingy" 5.10
3."Macrothingy" 5.10
4."Macrothingy" "Weissner's Rib" in background.
5."Macrothingy" 5.10
6.Between "Macrothingy" and "Micron"
7."Weissner's Rib" 5.6
8.Below Bolted's Rap Station
9."Bolted" 5.9
10."Bolted" 5.9
11."Bolted" 5.9
12."Micron" 5.10+
13."Scorcher" 5.11
14."Frenchman's Cap" 5.11
15."Micron" 5.10b
16."Micron" 5.10b

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